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Montana Business and Govt. Agency Collaboration Success

Governor Bullock Announces Job Creation, Training Grant Awards

Funds will support 47 new jobs at growing businesses in Missoula, Ravalli Counties


Missoula Businesses Awarded $450K In Grants From The Big Sky Economic Development Trust Fund (BSTF) To Create High Wage Jobs

"Consumer Direct and LumenAd are both great examples of best-fit companies who serve our community by creating high wage job opportunities for Missoulians, and we’re thrilled that these grant awards will help them grow and thrive," said Grant Kier, Executive Director of Missoula Economic Partnership.


Big Sky Economic Development Trust Fund program created 123 Missoula jobs at 8 companies

Over the past year, concerns have risen that the program administered by the Montana Department of Commerce may be targeted by the 2019 Legislature as a potential area to cut.


USDA to offer funding for rural, low-income families and many other grant programs

Financing is available via the USDA’s Direct Home Loan Program to applicants that fit the above qualification that are unable to qualify for traditional financing.


Montana Precision Products continues vision for growth with $210,800 trust fund grant

Montana Precision Products — located west of Butte on Rick Jones Way, where it manufactures industrial parts and parts that end up in jet engines — hasn’t been shy about discussing its plans for growth in recent years.


Tech, manufacturing companies in Missoula adding 49 new jobs under state program

The Big Sky Economic Development Trust Fund provides state grants to qualified businesses to promote stable economic growth, including job creation and planning. The program is managed locally by MEP and Missoula County, which are currently managing around $1.8 million to help 13 local companies create 252 new jobs.


Planned Praxis Center in Butte, Montana gets $200,000 in county funds

The project is expected to create 70 new jobs, bring 3,000 to 4,000 doctors, nurses, EMTs and others here each year to receive training, and deliver a big economic boost to Butte and its Uptown.


Hamilton receives $450K grant for Ravalli Early Head Start facilities

Eight towns, cities, and counties across Montana will receive funds through the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG), a federally-funded program Commerce administers for Montana.


New Markets Tax Credits (NMTC) – The current tax bill has omitted this program entirely. Urge Congress to keep program that boosts Montana economy

New Markets Tax Credits are a powerful tool that allows us to redirect federal tax dollars back into our Montana communities — generating jobs, financing businesses and community facilities and boosting local economies. This repeal is a serious misstep that would be felt by communities across our state.


Missoula home manufacturing firm, film studio land job creation grants

The latest round of grants, announced Tuesday and awarded through the Montana Department of Commerce’s Big Sky Economic Development Trust Fund, brings to nearly 175 the number of local jobs created through the program over the past 18 months.


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