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App Designed to Turn Lights Green for Cyclists Goes National

The app, called GiveMeGreen!, has been undergoing tests in California and Indiana with positive feedback. By telling traffic lights when a cyclist is coming, it aims to make rides smoother and keep hands off buttons.

7 Technology Startups Using Science to Create Healthy Meat Alternatives

These lab-grown meats could help us reduce the amount of livestock in the world.

About ready to roll: American high-speed rail

Total non-stop L.A.-S.F. and S.F.-L.A. trip time must not exceed 2 hours, 40 minutes, meaning an average speed of 195 mph must be maintained.

Facebook’s embrace of remote work could reshape Bay Area economy

The company will create office hubs in Denver, Dallas and Atlanta, where real estate costs are a fraction of those in the Bay Area.

MAPS (Media Arts in the Public Schools) Media Institute goes online

MAPS Media Institute will shift exclusively to an online format for its summer 2020 courses, a natural move for an organization that teaches media arts.

Computer models may make lab-grown meat cheaper

The use of computer models may break down barriers to making lab-grown meat more economical on a larger scale, according to a new review.

Mark Zuckerberg on taking his massive Facebook workforce remote – “We’re unlocking remote hiring.”

A bunch of the people who leave the company, who are good people who we would want to keep — the reason that they leave is because they want to move somewhere that we don’t support.

Cities Are Inching Toward Fully Electric Police Vehicles

Tacoma, Wash., is taking a step forward with its fleet electrification, investing in 34 hybrid-electric police vehicles.

The shift to remote working could improve the likelihood of female founders receiving venture funding, as well as lead to more female investors

And beyond recruiting women, the move toward remote working means firms may be more open to hiring people based in different states. “I think we will see lots of positive improvements,” Ms. Jones added.

Newly Rebuilt Sperry Chalet in Glacier National Park on Track to Open in July

Despite uncertainty surrounding summer in Glacier, concessioner said no one has canceled reservation to stay at the chalet.           For more information, visit By Justin Franz