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Rail Enthusiasts Dream of a Trans Europe Express Revival

The celebrated international train service of the 1960s and ’70s could get a contemporary reboot as an alternative to short-haul air travel. 

Advanced reactors could bring next nuclear era in Wyoming

As Wyoming continues to carve out a niche in the next-generation nuclear industry, researchers are following along.

Big Sky, Big Data: Mont. Area Pilots AI for Wildfire Defense

The Big Sky Fire Department, located in the community of Big Sky, Mont., is testing out Pano’s AI wildfire detection technology to help increase fire visibility and improve response efforts.

Why Drones Are the Future of Outdoor Search and Rescue

If you get lost or injured in the woods these days, aid might come from above—in the form of small-propeller drones that are revolutionizing SAR and saving lives

Growing Crops Under Solar Panels? Now There’s a Bright Idea

In the new scientific (and literal) field of agrivoltaics, researchers are showing how panels can increase yields and reduce water use on a warming planet.

Lyft plans to bring Motional’s robotaxis to U.S. cities in 2023

Lyft’s driverless experience will start and end with the app, as it does with traditional rides today, offering people a feeling of familiarity, said Lyft’s Ms. Kelman. “And what we found was that those touches of familiarity have been critical in helping people,” she said.

Today’s TED Talk – The billion-dollar campaign to electrify transport

And she shares some exciting news: a breakthrough funding commitment from the Audacious Project that puts the project well on its way to realizing a billion-dollar plan to supercharge the transition to electric vehicles over the next five years.

Bozeman considers expanding citywide compost service

Currently, the city offers limited composting for lawn clippings during the summer. It’s considering taking on more organic material with an automated organics collection service.

Study: Restoring North Coast Hiawatha Rail System would generate $270M across 7 states

According to the report’s findings, restoring the route would bring service to roughly 47 stops across seven states ranging from Washington to Illinois. The benefits to the counties served by the stops would aggregate to around $70 million annually and generate nearly $5 million in visitor spending.

How Cities Can Plan For the Rise of Autonomous Vehicles

When cars first started proliferating on American roads, it led to increased sprawl and flight from central cities. What can we do now to prevent the same problem as AVs become more widespread?