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Luxury electric-car manufacturer Tesla plans first Idaho showroom

It would be the first Idaho dealership for the company.

A Rest Stop Where Flying Cars Can Recharge

Beta Technologies’ prototype helipad and base station for electric air taxis could also help route emergency supplies in a crisis. Eric Adams

New Rules Could Finally Clear the Way for Self-Driving Cars

For the first time, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is weighing in on autonomous vehicles with no driver behind the wheel—or no wheel at all.

Old human cells rejuvenated with stem cell technology

The finding may have implications for aging research.

A single contact lens could give your entire life a head-up display

Mojo Vision’s smart contacts put text in my eye and let me see in the dark. The company is aiming for even more than that.

Impossible CEO says it can make a meat ‘unlike anything that you’ve had before’

A recent Nielsen report found that plant-based meat alternative purchases went up 279.8 percent last week after Americans were instructed to stay home during the novel coronavirus pandemic.

High-tech contact lenses can zoom in and out with two blinks of an eye

A first of their kind, these lenses use electrical currents produced by blinking to control focal distance.

UK’s first Electric Avenue charges electric cars from streetlamps

A third of British motorists are planning to buy into an electric future by purchasing a hybrid or full electric vehicle as their next car, with 40 percent saying that they would have jumped in sooner if the charging infrastructure was better.

Helicopter drone is made to drop bombs on forest fires

One of the good things about drones is the fact that they can safely be flown in conditions that would prove hazardous for crewed aircraft.

How Long Do You Want to Live? This Technology Could Potentially Help People Live Forever

The idea of dying may become a thing of the past in the next 40-100 years.