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‘Virtual biopsy’ device detects skin tumors in 15 minutes

The first-of-its-kind experimental procedure, called vibrational optical coherence tomography (VOCT), creates a 3D map of the lesion’s width and depth under the skin with a tiny laser diode.

Electromagnetic induction to improve taste and shelf life of beer and other beverages

According to IFS, the new process is not only scalable and easy to install, but also provides 600 percent more precise temperature control, is three to five times more energy efficient, heats 24 times faster,...

Who are you calling chicken? Tyson Foods is getting into the business of plant-based meat.

They intend to release nuggets to retailers this summer, with a blended burger product to follow in the fall.

Enzymes That Convert ‘A’ Blood Type to Universal ‘O’ Type Discovered

This will increase the supply of blood for transfusions greatly, saving many lives.

Beyond Meat Founder Ethan Brown Quotes Steve Jobs Idol Edwin Land at Company’s First Earnings Call

Both men idolized the same iconic inventor.

Amazon is creating detailed 3D models of suburbia to train its new delivery robots

‘Eventually, we’ll be delivering around the world.’

The Rise of ‘Zero-Waste’ Grocery Stores

A growing number of supermarkets sell food without packaging in an effort to reduce the toll of plastic on the environment

Amazon’s latest package delivery drone will fly itself

The drone, Wilke said, would be able to make deliveries of up to five pounds at a range of 15 miles.

Poland Unveils Glow-In-The-Dark Bicycle Path That Is Charged By The Sun

Bicycle enthusiasts will definitely love trailing along this beautifully illuminated bike path in Poland, which unveils its mesmerizing bright blue glow at night.

Tesla Pickup Truck Will Cost Less Than $50k According to Elon Musk

The goal is for the truck to be better than a Ford F-150 and a better sports car than a Porsche 911.

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