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Coming to store shelves: cameras that guess your age and sex

These cameras want to get to know you and what you’re buying.

Apple, Google, Tesla, and Uber: 99 Ways Self-Driving Cars Will Totally Change Everything

One way or another, we’re getting truly autonomous vehicles, and soon.

New Tesla Roadster – 0 to 60 in 1.9 seconds…. heads are going to roll…

When first unveiled to the public, Musk promised a car that would include a 200 kWh battery pack, 620-miles of range and a top speed of 402 kph.

These Are The Biggest Innovation Challenges We Must Solve Over The Next Decade

The challenges we face today will be fundamentally different because they won’t be solved by humans alone, but through complex human-machine interactions.

Boston Dynamics celebrates looming commercial sales by towing a truck with 10 robo-dogs

While its humanoid bot Atlas has been shown backflipping and running around the woods, another more nimble wheeled model called Handle, has been jumping up stairs and moving boxes.

Rega air rescue drone can autonomously search for missing persons

The Rega drone is able to scan large areas of terrain for anyone who has got themselves into trouble in the mountains.

Snow-powered nanogenerator works where solar panels don’t

Now a team from the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) has developed a new device that can produce electricity from snow itself.

Startup Debuts Tractor for Gluing Fiber to the Ground

The machine uses a protective substance to glue fiber to the ground at 500 feet per hour, hoping to cut install time and costs.

Fecal transplants result in massive long-term reduction in autism symptoms

One in every 59 children born in the US is diagnosed with autism

Bacteria could prevent potholes caused by road salts

When calcium chloride de-icer is spread on sidewalks or roads, it reacts with the calcium hydroxide in concrete, creating calcium oxychloride. Also known as CAOXY, this substance expands within the concrete, causing it to crack....

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