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‘Austin of the Northwest’?: New $100 Million events center epitomizes Missoula’s rapid growth

“It’s an amazing project all the way around, and it’s going to make a huge economic difference to Missoula. This elevates us to another level.”

Golf is too slow and sometimes a little boring – Ride a Finn and make it more fun!

“One of the coolest rides I’ve ever been on!” Matt Ginella Golf Channel

Wing’s delivery drones take flight for the first time in Virginia

The Google offshoot says it’s the first commercial drone service in the US

‘Exercise prescriptions’ benefit cancer patients

Doctors should give “exercise prescriptions” to people living with and beyond cancer in the same way they prescribe medications, researchers leading a new initiative argue.

Slinky-like patch may boost physical therapy after joint injury

A new sensor patch could bring the assessment of human joints into the 21st century, researchers report.

San Francisco approves plans for a car-free Market Street

“I urge your approval of this project so we can transform Market Street to be safer, more reliable for transit, and more inviting for anyone enjoying our city.” Mayor London Breed

Self-Driving Cars Will Completely Change How Vehicles Look in the Future

“When you don’t have ownership of the car and you don’t have operation of the car, you don’t have a person driving the car, it’s going to look completely different.”

This firefighter monitoring device is designed to protect first responders as wildfires spread

Prometeo, which tracks firefighter’s health and exposure to smoke and toxins in real time, is the winner of IBM’s 2019 Call for Code challenge.

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a car: Porsche, Boeing pair up to work on flying vehicles

Boeing says that it is already laying the foundation for next-generation mobility in which “autonomous and piloted vehicles can safely coexist.”

Navy scientist develops safe, eco-friendly paint ready for commercialization

Micaela Whalen, senior technology manager at TechLink, recently interviewed Iezzi so she can brief interested companies on the details of the technology, including use-cases and steps to commercialization.


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