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DOT Enhances Its Program for Disadvantaged Business Enterprises

The Department of Transportation on Tuesday announced a final rule that modernizes its Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) program, which aims to give entrepreneurs facing either social or economic disadvantages a fair shot at competing for transportation contracts in the procurement process.

Dirt Cheap Batteries Enable Megawatt-Scale Charging Without Big Grid Upgrades Right Away

Battery prices have continued to plummet, frankly faster than even battery optimists such as myself dreamed of. We’re seeing commercial, scaled, price points that we didn’t expect to see until 2030 or later.


KRTV ran a story about our partnership agreement with Lethbridge Economic Development.

Casting Call Announced for Series on Montana’s Jim Bridger

A television series based on the stories of Jim Bridger is being filmed in Montana this summer. The Montana Film Office announced an open casting call to men and women looking to be a part of the show.

Net Neutrality Is Really A Debate Over Monopoly Power

“They do not want their providers engaging in blocking, throttling, and paid prioritization. And if they have problems they expect the Nation’s expert authority on communications to be able to respond,”

CBS Sunday Morning – California Forever – The plan for a new California city – Starting a conversation about eastern Solano County

A group backed by some of California’s richest has purchased some 60,000 acres of farmland in Northern California, as part of an ambitious plan to build a brand-new, walkable city in the nation’s most car-centric state, for as many as 400,000 residents.

Montana Department of Commerce Announces International Tourism Marketing Strategy Development Initiative

Over the next 12 months, Commerce will collaborate with its marketing agencies of record (AORs) to understand the desired outcomes from Montana’s economic development and tourism industry leaders. Previously focused on trade tourism and seven specific international markets, Commerce will now explore new options, including new markets, direct-to-consumer tactics, rich media marketing campaigns and exclusive Montana-based summits and press tours.

Sweden’s Electric Charging Road: A Pioneering Effort to Decarbonize Transportation

The electric charging road will use inductive charging technology. This technology involves embedding coils in the road surface, and then installing a receiver coil in the bottom of the electric vehicle. As the vehicle drives over the coils, an electric current is generated in the receiver coil, which is then used to charge the vehicle’s battery.

Single-seater electric micro-car takes aim at big city congestion

Big and burly SUVs often have only one occupant so why not just develop a “small, zero-emission vehicle tailor-made for city commuting”?

Parental controls 2.0: AI guides kids onto the internet in a whole new way

As this week’s launches from Google and OpenAI have shown, AI assistants will soon be the chief medium through which many people access the internet.