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Renewable energy can help affordably keep the lights on

Montana is poised to transition to clean electricity during the next 10 to 15 years due to its world-class renewable resources. Recent modeling shows that doing this while also electrifying other sectors of the economy would result in nearly $30 billion in savings by 2050 compared to business as usual.

Wingcopter prepares 12,000 cargo drones for world’s largest deployment

German company Wingcopter has signed a deal to roll out 12,000 of its long-range, triple-drop delivery drones across Africa over the next five years, in what promises to be the largest commercial drone deployment ever attempted.

Jetson CEO takes his eVTOL on a commute to work

Walk out into your back yard, jump into a next-generation electric VTOL flying machine, lift off and soar your way to the office helipad: that’s the dream of personal eVTOL ownership, and Jetson co-founder Tomasz Patan has lived it, in a new video.

Missoula metro planers eye electric vehicle infrastructure, alternative fuel corridors

With Highway 93 and Interstate 90 already recommended as alternative fuel corridors, federally funded charging stations could be placed in much of the city with the exception of Brooks Street. Adding Highway 12 to the state’s plan would cover nearly all of Missoula, bringing the Midtown district into the EV future.

Hellgate Venture Network – C2M Beta Showcase: June 28, 3-4pm (Zoom)

Join to hear each of their pitches, and to find out if you can help, partner, invest, or just enjoy the show! 

Talking Headways Podcast: What Cities Gain by Removing Parking

What can we learn from Portland, OR, and Fayetteville, AR, about the effect of parking lots on urban heat islands?

Milan turned 250,000 square feet of parking into public space

Launched before the pandemic, this program has only become more relevant.

Transforming Missoula’s Brooks Street Corridor

For more than 20 years, the City of Missoula has been considering how to transform Brooks Street from a highway commercial strip that emphasizes vehicular traffic to a multi-modal transportation route that is also friendly to buses, pedestrians, and cyclists.

Micromobility Growing in Smaller Cities

Shared mobility services are proliferating in small towns and cities, despite the regulatory hiccups operators have been experiencing in larger markets.

For Vibrant U.S. Cities, Invest in Multi-Modal Transportation

The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, also known as the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, offers U.S. states and cities the chance to invest in transportation systems that modernize infrastructure, expand access and mobility for all people in a community, improve public health and safety, and boost local economies.

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