Developing an Angel Network in Montana

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Demystifying the Friends and Family Round – The Angel Next Door

Have you ever wondered how difficult it is for startups to find early money? In this short episode of The Angel Next Door Podcast, host Marcia Dawood demystifies the friends and family round, shedding light on the challenges and potential solutions for entrepreneurs seeking funding at the very beginning stages of their journey.

Access to Finance in Montana – A Study of the Funding Landscape for Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses – Part 1: Survey of Funders 2023

This report provides quantitative information, views of specialists across the state of Montana, and
recommendations that state and federal policymakers, lenders, investors, and economic
development organizations can use to shape small business programs.

Fitbits for cows: Precision agriculture in crops, livestock systems big topic at MSU conference

Montana State University professors highlighted upcoming technology for agricultural crops and livestock at the annual Agricultural Economics conference in Bozeman last Friday.

The VC Market Has Never Been Worse. That Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Get Startup Funding

The VC market is running historically dry, but this downturn could give way to another market boom.

How AI will revolutionize venture funding

Startup founders will also need less money, as AI will handle “sales, customer service, a lot of the product design and coding, bookkeeping, and legal contracts,”

Why venture capitalists should invest in nonprofits the same way we support tech startups

Peter Levine, a general partner at a16z, is leveraging his VC experience to support grassroots climate nonprofits with the Levine Impact Lab.

Corporate Good vs. Social Good: Can Investors Have Both?

In an episode of the “All Else Equal” podcast series from Stanford Graduate School of Business, Wharton’s Jules van Binsbergen and Stanford’s Jonathan Berk discuss the strategies available to the social-minded investor, and why they are not clear-cut.

REGISTER NOW: MidYear Bureau of Business and Economic Research Economic Update – Coming to 7 Montana Cities This Summer!

This year’s program will have a special focus on the supply chain disruptions that have impacted just about every business in the state. We’ll be joined by University of Montana Wilson Logistics Faculty Fellow Dr. Simona Stan who will present her assessment of how, and how much longer, these disruptions came about.

Why founders need to think hard about where their money is coming from

Founders need to recognize that not all dollars come in the same shades of green, and should act accordingly.

Michigan’s local investment tax credit gains traction

Based on a similar law in New Brunswick, Canada, the Michigan law would provide local investors with a 50% state tax credit on local investments (up to $3,000).