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Today’s TED Talk – The anti-CEO playbook

“This is the difference between profit and true wealth.”

Today’s TED Talk – The next global agricultural revolution

Meat production is destroying the planet and jeopardizing our health, but people aren’t going to eat less meat unless we give them alternatives that cost the same (or less) and that taste the same (or...

TED Talks – How to build your confidence — and spark it in others

“Confidence is the necessary spark before everything that follows,” says educator and activist Brittany Packnett.

TED Talks – Bill Gates looks to the future

Microsoft founder Bill Gates takes us deep into his remarkable history and propels us into the future of technology and philanthropy.

Today’s TED Talk The case for having kids

“For those who can and choose to, may you pass on this beautiful thing called life with kindness, generosity, decency and love,” he says.

Today’s TED Talk – How Twitter needs to change

Can Twitter be saved?

Diverse group of Montanans set to speak at TEDxBozeman, present untapped ideas on 4/13

A saxophonist, socio-cultural psychologist, flight paramedic, and science writer walk into a church.That’s not a joke.

New on – How does income affect childhood brain development?

“The brain is not destiny,” Noble says. “And if a child’s brain can be changed, then anything is possible.”

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Today’s TED Talk – A new class of drug that could prevent depression and PTSD

Learn how these resilience-enhancing drugs could change the way we treat mental illness.

New on – Why working from home is good for business

As the popularity of remote working continues to spread, workers today can collaborate across cities, countries and even multiple time zones.

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