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The secret to being a successful freelancer – The Way We Work, A TED Original Series

Too often, freelancers are told they have to choose between being creative or making money. Financial advisor Paco de Leon debunks this thinking — and gives practical advice on how you can set yourself apart and get paid what you deserve.

3 steps to stop remote work burnout – The Way We Work, A TED Original Series

Too much screen time, too many video calls and too few boundaries make working from home hard for all of us.

Billings, Montana TEDx – “Inspiration Under the Big Sky: Staying True to our Roots While Developing Our Future.” – 2/27 – 8:30AM – 4PM

Organizers of the event announced that there will be only 100 tickets sold.

Today’s TED Talk – 3 secrets to Netflix’s success

What does it take to cultivate a culture of innovation and reinvention at work?

Today’s TED Talk — How language shapes the way we think with Lera Boroditsky

This talk is for people who like to question the nature of things, understand how others might think, or simply like to be surprised by things we all take for granted.

Today’s TED Talk – PayPal CEO Dan Schulman – The future of capitalism, commerce and cash

He discusses why companies need to cultivate trust to recover and rebuild after the COVID-19 pandemic — and how we can use this defining moment to create a more inclusive, ethical economy.

Today’s TED Talk – How “policing for profit” undermines your rights

Law researcher Dick M. Carpenter II exposes how this practice of civil forfeiture threatens your rights and creates a huge monetary incentive for law enforcement to pocket your possessions — and he lays out a path to end “policing for profit” once and for all.

Today’s TED Talk – How the world could change after the coronavirus pandemic

How we can recover from the economic fallout, why certain countries were able to avoid major outbreaks and what this might mean for the balance of global power.

Bill Gates On COVID-19: ‘Best-Case Scenario Is Six To Ten Weeks Of Total Isolation In U.S.’

“There really is no middle ground”

Today’s TED Talk – How repaying loans with social service transforms communities

What if you could repay loans through volunteering and mentorship instead of money?