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Montana State University students serve on local nonprofit boards

Eight Montana State University students are serving on the boards of local nonprofit organizations this year through the MSU Leadership Institute’s Boardroom Bobcats mentorship program, which is now in its fifth year.

Montana Learning Center looking to give young scientists a great summer with camp opportunities

“It’s huge. I mean just the social and emotional aspect of it alone is huge,” said Hanahoe. “This year it’s just as important because some kids are going to school one day a week or two days a week. Most of them are online and the camps are an important opportunity because they get to be outside spending time with their peers while still being safe.”

Business Leaders Say These Issues Are Top Of Mind For 2021

The convergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, social and political unrest and worsening environmental challenges not only upended global markets in 2020, it also changed many business leaders’ perceptions about how various societal issues may affect their organizations. And it’s driven them to act.

Select group of Missoula City Council members to embark on search for housing trust appointees

The Affordable Housing Citizens Oversight Committee will include four City Council appointments, three of which will have voting powers. The mayor also will make three appointments to the committee and Missoula County will make one.

Montana Career Opportunities – Development Manager, Membership and Marketing Manager – Montana Free Press

Montana Free Press is an independent, nonprofit, nonpartisan news organization dedicated to explaining the politics, policy, economy and diversity of the country’s fourth-largest state. We are committed to producing in-depth original and collaborative journalism across…

‘Making Money Moral’: How New Collaborations Are Changing Capitalism

Making money moral happens when the world of financial markets meets the world of impact.

Amtrak’s Proposed ‘Corridor’ Expansion, Explained

Even while dealing with the economic fallout of the pandemic, Amtrak is forging forward with plans to expand intercity rail passenger service around the country.

Whitney Williams launches Snowbird fund to support families search for missing Indigenous people

Though Native Americans comprise 6.7% of Montana’s population, they account for, on average, 26% of the state’s active missing persons cases. 

Arts Missoula Speaker Series ZOOM Talk Recording: Meet Our Neighbor, The NEW Missoula Public Library with Honore Bray.

If you would like to watch again, or missed any part of today’s talk, you can watch

5 Reasons To Enlist Outside Advisors For Your Startup

Here are some key reasons why I believe every entrepreneur should create a formal Advisory Board or Board of Directors before they ask for funding, or even build their business plan: