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Texas Welding Shop Specializing in Custom BBQ Smokers Staffed Entirely High School Students

What an incredible program.

Missoula reports struggles in recruiting, retaining employees

“At some point we have to do anything we can to ensure we are paying people what they are worth.

Sun River, Montana’s RedNeks defending world title in Houston for FIRST robotics championship

The world competition brings together the best 320 of more than 6,000 robotics teams. 

VICE News Tonight 4/14 on HBO – Rural Montana and the rest of America are running out of teachers – Montana State University has a plan.

There is a new program at Montana State University, which sends aspiring teachers on a week-long date with the places that need them the most: rural parts of the state, where districts are running out...

Montana Ambassadors – Interview with Toby O’Rourke – President of Kampgrounds of America

The magic is in Montana people! They are loyal, hardworking, family focused, kind and have strong values. Our quality of life combined with the strength of our people are key ingredients to success for any...

How the NYU School of Medicine is going tuition-free

All told, education borrowers owe $1.5 trillion, more than people owe in credit card debt or car loans.

New on – How does income affect childhood brain development?

“The brain is not destiny,” Noble says. “And if a child’s brain can be changed, then anything is possible.”

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HB405: Dilemma: How to Keep Montana’s Young Workforce Home?

If passed, the bill will provide incentive grants to approved applicants ranging from $5,000 to $15,000, depending on the applicant’s type of work and level of education.

How to Prevent the ‘Robot Apocalypse’ from Ending Labor As We Know It

Rural communities, with overall declining employment, have a big stake in the issue.

5 Entrepreneurial Skills I Learned From Acting in Theater Productions – Opportunities in Montana with Missoula Children’s Theatre

Theater can help young people build empathy, resilience, and other skills they’ll need to be successful entrepreneurs.

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