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The state with the best education wins!

Workforce Development

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Review of 81 Studies: Experience Is Useless for Predicting a New Hire’s Performance (Here’s What to Look for Instead)

Looking at whether a candidate has previous experience is easy. Unfortunately, it’s also useless.

The world’s top economists just made the case for why we still need English majors

English majors are down 25.5 percent since the Great Recession, just as world’s top economists say we need more ‘storytellers’

State of Idaho, Idaho National Laboratory celebrate opening of new computing and cybersecurity buildings 

The C3 and CIC buildings represent an endeavor by the state and INL to expand collaboration and employment opportunities for Idaho university students.

Lessons from Centralia: Washington coal town shows how Montana’s coal country might endure

“I want to help create a future for high-wage jobs in this area because they are few and far between,” Guenther said.

Guenther sees the same potential for Montana.

The future of work in Idaho By: Gov. Brad Little

More and more, our education system is focusing on soft skills and total wellbeing – physical, mental, and social – while at the same time pairing students with job prospects and teaching them nuts-and-bolts skills they can use in jobs every day.

MSU receives funding for five-year project to educate teachers to fill jobs in rural Montana

“Our common goal is to ensure that every student, from Broadus to Lolo, and from Scobey to Troy, has access to highly effective educators,”

Here’s Why Every Entrepreneur Should Find A Mentor

One of the best resources an entrepreneur can have is a mentor.

Montana Workforce Development Survey

This survey is intended to assess the extent of workforce difficulties faced by Montana businesses and we would like to request your opinions about what we can do to positively impact Montana’s workforce.

This program helped children in poverty increase their chances of becoming high earners by 50%

Early interventions can have big effects on a child’s future.

Schools must cultivate skills that translate to work

Education must include practical opportunities to fail and take risks, and to gain real-world experience that develops the skills typically absent from syllabi.


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