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Missoula’s Reserve Street targeted for future study – Reserve Street Public Working Group (Zoom meetings every Tuesday at 9) & Missoula City and County Transportation Committee Meeting Times

Concerned citizens like Kevin Davis with the Reserve Street Public Working Group (Zoom meetings every Tuesday at 9) have been advocating for such a study for years. Davis would also like to see improvements such as designated crosswalks and protected bike lanes on the popular roadway maintained by MDT.

Bozeman Landed Hyundai’s New Horizons Studio R&D Center. Now Montana Is On The Hunt For More Manufacturing

Now a consortium of government, academic and business leaders in the state, including the Montana Manufacturing Association under the Montana Chamber of Commerce, has been working for the past few years on a collection of other attractions to draw one specific kind of newcomer to Big Sky Country: manufacturers.

Postponed to April, 2023 – Walking Audit Planned for Missoula’s North Reserve Street Pedestrian Safety –

Due to slick conditions, this has been postponed until April 2023.

Opening of Missoula’s Chick-fil-A prompts traffic concerns for North Reserve Street – Please Join A Walking Audit to Missoula’s Chick-fil-A on Reserve Street – 11/22 – Big Sky Commerce

If you have been to a Chick-Fil-A restaurant, you know the lines are long and the Missoula location will probably be no different.

Last Saturday for Missoula’s Clark Fork Market

Big Sky Commerce encourages you to stop by the last Clark Fork Market this Saturday before they retire for winter! We are proud to say we have worked with the Clark Fork River Market for twelve years to provide secure transactions between vendors and customers. Thanks for a great season!

Volunteers wrap up after removing 40 tons of trash under Missoula’s Reserve St. Bridge – Missoula ‘s Reserve St. Public Working Group Meets Every Tuesday at 9:00

“We thought we might come down for a day and clean up this area like we have in years past, but it was more than we thought,” said Kevin Davis, organizer of the cleanups and head of the Reserve Street Public Working Group.

Missoula ‘s Reserve St. Public Working Group Meets Every Tuesday at 9:00

Mission Statement: To improve functionality and livability in Missoula’s busiest corridor for all citizens with a focus on traffic safety, mobility options, and chronic homelessness.

Earth Day 2022 ‘It’s overwhelming’: Volunteers clean up Reserve Street Bridge encampment “Let’s Improve Missoula’s Reserve Street”

“It’s overwhelming how much trash there is,” said Kevin Davis, who helped organize this year’s effort. “I’d say there’s more trash this year than what we’ve had the last couple of years.”

Big Sky Commerce – Client Spotlight: Morgenroth Music

We’re excited to highlight yet another incredible, local Big Sky Commerce client—Morgenroth Music. If you or someone close to you is a musician, chances are you’ve paid them a visit.

Volunteers clean Missoula’s Reserve Street homeless camp as officials eye extending temporary shelter site

Kevin Davis, Founder of Big Sky Commerce,  is one of the organizers of the volunteer group that hauled over 50 garbage bags of trash from the Reserve Street site on Friday. There are still many people living on the land, which is mostly owned by the Montana Department of Transportation and is surrounded by private property.