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Big Sky Commerce is an integrated provider of merchant credit card transaction processing services, check processing services, Internet payment gateways, related software application products and value-added services.

When traveling abroad, follow these three credit card rules

Using credit cards while traveling abroad doesn’t have to be a hassle. Here are three credit card rules that’ll make your trip a little easier.

Big Sky Commerce Celebrating 13 Years With These Great Clients

Big Sky Commerce is excited to be celebrating 13 years of doing business in the payment processing space, and we’d like to thank some of our clients for their support:

Big Sky Commerce – Make sure your Merchant Service Provider has a positive track record

"Square Inc (NYSE:SQ) is in the spotlight today after a report published on Barron’s suggested that the California-based payment company’s stock is set to decline to new lows as the struggling company faces problems with its business model and profitability dynamics."

Happy Birthday to Big Sky Commerce

For our lucky #13 anniversary, we’ll be showcasing one client each May weekday

"We couldn’t run our business without the reliable support of Big Sky Commerce!"

We can always count on Big Sky Commerce!

Chips are down: Smart credit cards could save billions

The prospect of shouldering greater responsibility for $8.6 billion in credit card fraud losses each year is a powerful motivator for merchants and banks to adopt EMV card technology, yet the Oct. 15 deadline has already passed and a large percentage of them are still noncompliant.

SBA News: Small firms should adopt chip card technology

"Businesses that have not integrated EMV technology to process chip cards will become financially responsible for fraudulent transactions previously covered by the cardholder’s issuing bank."

Merchants That Ignore EMV Will ‘Inherit’ Fraud

Investing in new payment terminals could save merchants large sums of money in the future.

Missoula banks, businesses prep for new microchipped credit cards

Local merchants are also getting prepared for the switch to avoid being liable if fraud is detected in their store.

With new chip credit cards on way here’s what consumers (and merchants especially) need to know

Beginning Oct. 1, merchants that have not updated point-of-sale devices to recognize chips will be held liable if there is fraud at the register in the store if the bank has issued cards with chips. Whoever has the older technology is liable for fraud. If both the bank and the retailer have updated their technology, the liability falls back to the bank.