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State Education Policy Tracking – State Legislation: by State

Education Commission of the States tracks state education policy on a wide variety of education topics. There are three options available:

How to hire for emotional intelligence—a practical guide in the age of COVID-19… It’s all in how you ask the questions.

Employees are 400% more likely to stay at a company if they have a boss with high EQ.

Google Plan To Replace The Need For College Degrees With Six-month Certificates

The tech giant Google has announced they will begin accepting Google Learning Certificates in place of college degrees, offering six-month courses for prospective employees to train for in-demand jobs in a fraction of the time it…

What 80 Innovation Leaders Say About The Power Of Storytelling

There is increasing interest in innovation storytelling: the art and science of communicating new product developments, systems improvements, and groundbreaking new thinking.

Boise State launches Institute for Pervasive Cybersecurity

“From healthcare, to the economy, to local and federal government, to the individual holding a cell phone, there is no facet of our world and our lives that isn’t impacted by cybersecurity,” said Boise State President, Dr. Marlene Tromp.

How to cultivate a sense of unconditional self-worth – Hug Yourself….

Unconditional self-worth is distinct from our abilities and accomplishments. It’s not about comparing ourselves to others; it’s not something that we can have more or less of. Unconditional self-worth is the sense that you deserve to be alive, to be loved and cared for. To take up space.

6 Business Practices That Will Verify You As A Leader

Some people are convinced that leadership is a character trait that you must be born with, but I see it more as a mindset and a set of skills that you can develop and learn from experiences and relationships in business, both positive and negative.

Brain Coach Jim Kwik on How to Learn Any Skill or Subject Quickly

You can learn to supercharge your brain to remember and master new information–fast.

TED – How reverse mentorship can help create better leaders

Try a “reverse mentorship” program, which sets up junior team members to guide senior staff.

CAN DO Podcast: The Future of Work

A great conversation on the future of work with Stacy Malone, UM Alumna and Director of Change Management at the GAP Inc, and Dr. Beth Humberd, Professor, researcher and Professor at UMass, with a focus on Worker Identity and organizational dynamics.  Well worth a listen.