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Universal Pre-K and free college part of massive spending bill By: Ariana Figueroa

“The high cost of child care is failing families’ budgets and pushing millions of Americans out of the workforce—the majority of those are women,” Committee Chairman Bobby Scott, D-Virginia, said in his opening statement.

How to Call Customer Service and Actually Get What You Want

These tips are your best shot when trying to resolve issues swiftly with minimal stress. 

AI-powered training platform helps businesses predict future skill gaps

By analyzing the skill set of current employees, the platform is able to map the knowledge, personal attributes and qualifications currently available to the company.   

Can a green economy boom town be built to last?

The electric vehicle boom is something of a microcosm for the larger transition to a low-carbon economy: As governments and investors funnel hundreds of billions of dollars into green industries, there is certain to be an initial jolt. But will it last?

Why Making Entrepreneurship a Community Priority Is Key to America’s Economic Recovery

As the U.S. celebrates Small Business Week, the time is ripe to take a fresh look at the critical role that business owners will play in the post-covid economic recovery–and how best to support and foster entrepreneurship.

Gov. Gianforte Invests $6 Million to Strengthen Montana’s Workforce

“Helping Montanans acquire the in-demand skills needed to fill good-paying jobs is a top priority,” Gov. Gianforte said.

Biotech company Novoron to open Missoula branch in pursuit of cure for spinal injuries

Dr. Travis Stiles, president and CEO of Novoron, described the company as a biotech firm that spun out of the University of California-San Diego. The company is working on ways to regenerate nerves in the spinal cord and treat other disorders in the central nervous system.

Education expert shares how to increase literacy rates in school and at home

If words carry weight, then the inability to read them is a burden holding our children back.

Whitehall, Montana Community Library sets up new business resource center

Thanks to a grant given by Montana Libraries SPARK, the library opened a business resource center to help new and established owners find the information they need as quickly as possible.

The Great Uprooting – Instead of asking more Montanans to come home, we should figure out more ways for them to stay

Some of our best “essential” workers are leaving the area and the ones who remain are likely on the brink. An extraordinarily busy summer exposed an economy falling out of balance with no easy fix. While some have lamented the lack of affordable housing programs, they were rarely used and largely ineffective when they were in place.