The Telecommuting and Gig Workforce in Montana

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I’ve worked remotely from 14 countries. Here’s what I learned.

Consider my lessons your beginner’s guide to being a digital nomad

As countries (and states) try to attract digital nomads, locals say ‘not so fast’

Digital nomad culture is clashing with local culture.

‘Brutal’ housing prices hit America’s Zoom towns – markets once flourishing in the pandemic

After two years of bidding wars, above-asking and no contingency offers, many of the Zoom towns are now seeing a massive slowdown.

Zoom towns transforming small rural towns

As remote jobs took hold during the COVID-19 pandemic, a flux of remote workers left big cities for rural towns creating so-called Zoom towns.

Are in-migrating Montanans making their relocation decisions based on political identity?

The answer?

SURVEY: You Can Help Close the Digital Divide in Montana – Please Complete This Survey

An internet connection is crucial for residents for school, work, and staying in touch with friends and family. As such, the Montana Department of Administration’s ConnectMT broadband effort is conducting research to increase broadband access and quality across the state. To meet the needs of as many Montana residents as possible, it is important that officials understand the experiences and opinions of both individuals and community groups.

Montana State University Community Development Remote Work Certificate Program News and Updates

Participants of the ROI course come away feeling like they are equipped to find a remote job according to results of a survey of participants after they have completed the course.  Here are some additional tidbits from the Utah State University Extension evaluation:

The remote work revolution is already reshaping America

While the fine women and men at U.S. statistical agencies are still grappling with how to measure this astonishing transformation, a host of academics and other experts have rushed to fill the data gap.

Ronan, Montana explores remote worker possibilities

Mission West Community Development Partners, along with remote work program Trepademics, has conducted a feasibility study for creating a coworking space and more remote worker opportunities in the tri-county area.

Tulsa Retools Itself for the Remote Work Revolution

Tulsa Remote is the most successful of the dozens of relocation incentive programs around the country, having brought 1,800 people to town so far. According to an EIG study of the early arrivers, 88 percent of them were college graduates, with an average income of $105,000. “People who can work remotely, by definition their skills are augmented by technology and they are highly paid,” Fikri says.