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The Telecommuting and Gig Workforce in Montana

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California Assembly passes gig work bill, limiting contractor status

Hundreds of thousands of independent contractors, ranging from Uber and Lyft drivers to manicurists, could become employees under AB5, which codifies a groundbreaking California Supreme Court decision known as Dynamex.

Remote Jobs Taking Hold in Rural Montana

Taking advantage of broadband’s slow-but-steady expansion across the state, rural Montana economic developers and policymakers shared with us, creates the possibility of extra income for families and individuals who need another viable job in the...

Improve profit and productivity with remote workers

“Given growing skills shortages and the low birth rate, leveraging and managing ‘alternative’ workforces will become essential to business growth in the years ahead.” Deloitte

Want to win in the gig economy? Think big, diversify and know your worth

One common mistake I see people in the “gig economy” make is that they think too small.

CBS Sunday Morning Video – Work remotely? Tulsa, Oklahoma wants you (and your laptop) to move

Take your laptop to Tulsa, and they’ll pay you $10,000 to move there.

Gig Economy Protections: Did the EU Get It Right?

The rules define beneficiaries as “workers in casual or short-term employment, on-demand workers, intermittent workers, voucher-based workers, platform workers, as well as paid trainees and apprentices.”

The Challenges of Organizing “Gig” Workers

The workers may be ready, or not, but the spirit and the flesh are weak. We all bemoan the rise of gig workers.

New Regulations Grind Hiring to a Halt for Uber and Lyft

“The move suggests New York City’s new driver pay regulations are having some of their desired effect, by restricting the growth of the driver pool and limiting what many driver advocates characterize as an over-saturated...

Dept of Labor being more expansive in what is Independent Contractor than Obama reg and Calif Supreme Court

“Now, this new opinion letter gives a fair amount of freedom on how to engage workers outside of the normal employee models.

New to remote working? Don’t make these mistakes

It’s easy to get distracted, and it’s up to you to set boundaries.

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