Montana Governor Greg Gianforte

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‘Economic transformation’ Montana commission adopts priorities, seeks public input on how to allocate $150 Million

Lawmakers and Gianforte administration officials tasked with allocating $150 million to bolster Montana’s post-COVID economy name business innovation, value-added ag, worker training and affordable housing as priorities.

Gov. Gianforte Seeks Public Comment on Use of ARPA Economic and Workforce Funds

Beginning yesterday and through August 9, 2021, Montanans may submit their public comment

Who comes out on top of the Montana broadband infrastructure bill?

Your Montana Legislature attempted to address this issue, but the “solution” will turn out to be one of the biggest corporate handouts in our state’s history.

Montana Governor Gianforte puts entire state under fire emergency status

Citing nearly 1,400 wildfires that have burned more than 141,000 acres in the state, Gov. Greg Gianforte on Wednesday issued an executive order declaring a wildland fire emergency across the entire state.

Close the digital divide in rural areas first

It’s our hope that Montana’s congressional delegation stands up for rural communities. It would be a darn shame if Congress were to send critical resources to America’s largest cities while the rural divide grows in places like Montana. Prioritize rural broadband.

Governor Gianforte Withdraws Montana From Multi-State Climate Coalition

In a statement, Brooke Stroyke, spokesperson for Governor Gianforte, said the governor believes the solution to climate change is unleashing American innovation, not overbearing government mandates. She added that the Paris Agreement punishes the U.S., while letting countries like China off the hook.

Millions in federal money meant to boost Montana’s child care capacity

The commission voted to approve a recommendation of up to $31.24 million for the state health department to administer in sub-grants to stabilize and expand child care in Montana.

Montana Department of Commerce Announces Grants to Grow 14 Native American-Owned Small Businesses

“Native-owned and tourism-related businesses were hit especially hard by COVID-19,” Commerce Director Scott Osterman said. “As these businesses look ahead to a brighter future, they will be more prepared with the digital resources and tools they need to reach and serve the modern-day traveler.”

3 Key Components Define Effective State Broadband Programs

3 Key Components Define Effective State Broadband Programs – Dedicated offices, planning and technical assistance, competitive grant programs are essential to expanding high-speed internet access

Montana Governor Greg Gianforte’s Goal: One Year, 10,000 Jobs, 50K Salaries

The Comeback Plan strives to boost the state’s economy, cuts taxes, roll back regulations, expand concealed carry of firearms and restrict access to abortion, among other social and fiscal policies.