Montana Governor Greg Gianforte

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Career-building resource for low-income people in jeopardy with recent changes at state level

“I knew the trade-off—but me and my four children left my ex-husband for safety, and I knew what the trade-off would be, which is poverty,” says Rep. Mary Caferro.

Gianforte says statewide sales tax off the table as his property tax task force gears up

An analysis by Montana Free Press found that property taxes rose on median by 21% on residential properties this year, driven partly by historic home value growth that has transferred tax burden onto residences from other types of properties. That analysis also found that tax bills decreased this year for many industrial properties owned by large businesses.

Montana’s Governor Gianforte among GOP governors pushing back against electric cars

According to a December 2023 fact sheet released by the White House, under Biden “EV sales have tripled and the number of publicly available charging ports has grown by nearly 70%.”

If Montana were run like a business, this wouldn’t happen.

If Montana government were truly run like a business, someone should be getting fired for this mess.

Montana DOJ puts Virginia-based law firm Consovoy McCarthy PLLC on $500,000 retainer to defend TikTok ban in court

Department of Justice spokesperson said the Virginia based firm is billing $525 an hour.

Missoula County Commissioner Josh Slotnick shut out of Governor Gianforte’s property tax task force, but City Council gets seat

Slotnick said counties across the state “now feel this problem acutely” and added that the “appetite for fixing the system has never been greater.”

States (Montana) increasingly join the land use reform rodeo

For a long time housing-related land use issues have been primarily dealt with at the local level, but that’s changing as a case in Montana shows.

City Club Missoula Video – Treasure State Taxes: Shedding Light on Montana’s Tax System (Best way to understand our current situation)

City Club Missoula’s August forum dove deep into Montana’s Taxation System. The forum featured current and former members of local and state government. The expert panel provided an overview of Montana’s multifaceted system, including tax codes and rates, collections, rebates, and burdens.

Governor Gianforte Launches Property Tax Task Force – City Club Missoula Video – Treasure State Taxes: Shedding Light on Montana’s Tax System (Best way to understand our current situation)

Governor charges task force with providing recommendations to reform the property tax system and reduce the burden on property taxpayers

Governor Gianforte Appoints Director of Commerce

A veteran of the U.S. Navy, Green brings extensive leadership experience from the private and public sectors. Green has a strong background in economic development, serving as executive director of Two Rivers Economic Development Authority and as a leader with the Montana Economic Developers Association.