Montana Governor Greg Gianforte

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Hyundai Wants to Build Terrifying Walking Cars in Montana

In fact, the company is so dedicated that it’s building an entire research and development centre in Montana with one explicit goal: Give cars legs.

Governor Gianforte’s $700,000 ‘Come Home Montana’ push collides with housing angst

“It feels like it’s trying to appeal to white conservatives who might be, quote, unquote, fed up with the crime and diversity in whatever urban areas or suburbs they’re living in now and trying to message that Montana is still a white space for you to come back to,” she said.

Gianforte presses to extinguish all fires in 2022 Montana wildfire briefing – “In Montana, we do not, and will not, have a ‘let it burn’ policy,”

“In Montana, we do not, and will not, have a ‘let it burn’ policy,” Gov. Greg Gianforte told representatives from about a dozen state and federal agencies present at the briefing. “We will respond immediately to fire with one primary goal, and that is to put that fire out as safely and quickly as possible. I appreciate all of your commitment to embrace that strategy along with the state.”

Montana State University students, staff oppose naming building Gianforte Hall

“Naming this building after Gianforte is antithetical to the university’s own expressed values.”

Mansfield Center Dialogue – Gov. Gianforte in Missoula: Democracy is strong, no compromise on core principles

Montana’s governor says bipartisan compromise has no place when it comes to certain core principles.

Gov. Gianforte Urges Streamlining Educator Licensing to Recruit More High-Quality Teachers

Writing in support of reciprocity for out-of-state licenses and adopting prudent national licensure standards where they exist related to licensure, the governor drew special attention to various proposed revisions, including:

Gianforte to Kick off Second 56 County Tour as Governor – Where and When in Each County?

“Meeting with and listening to Montanans is the best way I know to do the job they elected me to do,” Gov. Gianforte said. “I look forward to visiting communities across our state and hearing firsthand from folks about the successes they enjoy and the challenges they face.”

Gov. Gianforte Invites Minnesota Small Businesses Facing Massive Tax Hikes To Move to Montana

“If you value freedom and free enterprise and are looking for a location to do business that has a stable, predictable, business-friendly climate, look no further than Montana.”  Gov. Gianforte 

Town Hall in Ekalaka with Governor Greg Gianforte – 3/24 – 5PM – Carter County Events Center

“Getting out of Helena and into our communities to visit with Montanans is my favorite part of my job, but also the most important part,” Gov. Gianforte said. “As we continue leading the Montana comeback, I’ll keep working in our communities to make Montana an even better place to live, work, and raise a family. I look forward to talking with folks in Ekalaka and learning firsthand about the challenges they face and the successes they enjoy to help me do my job better.”

Montana rejects $36.6 million for food assistance

The Health Department could not be reached for comment via email late Monday afternoon on whether it might reverse course. A spokesperson for the Governor’s Office also could not be reached for comment via an email sent late Monday afternoon.

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