Montana Governor Greg Gianforte

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Gianforte reiterates aggressive strategy for dousing wildfires during annual briefing ( In Spite of Scientific Evidence)

During the 2023 fire season, 96% of fires were limited to 10 acres or less due to aggressive attack and fuel mitigation, Gianforte said. The state also successfully placed 36,000 forested acres under management in 2023, compared to 11,000 acres in 2020, he said.

Governor Gianforte Calls for Collaboration on Forest Management Ahead of Fire Season

Fighting Every Wildfire Makes Big Fires More Extreme – “In Montana, we do not, and will not, have a ‘let it burn’ policy” Gov. Greg Gianforte

Increasing Future Immigration Grows the U.S.’ Competitive Advantage

Without raising immigration levels now, the U.S. will no longer be the world’s largest economy. Expanded immigration will ensure that the U.S. workforce can continue to outperform global competitors.

Montana’s Republican legislature passes unprecedented anti-science law: ‘Our families are already suffering’

Montana’s legislature has passed the nation’s most aggressive anti-science law, prohibiting state agencies from considering the impacts of excess heat-trapping pollution when reviewing permits for large projects like coal mines and power plants.

2024 Montana Fair Housing Survey

The survey, which takes 10 minutes to complete, will help the State assess access to housing, understand barriers to access and mitigate any barriers identified.

TED Talk – How to live with fire

Uncontrolled fire threatens nature — but the right kind of fire can maintain the health and balance of the land.

Quality of life in Montana down, according to survey Montana Public Radio

In the most recent poll, more than 60% of voters reported a decline in their quality of life over the last five years.

Fighting Every Wildfire Makes Big Fires More Extreme – “In Montana, we do not, and will not, have a ‘let it burn’ policy” Gov. Greg Gianforte

It also may harm forests’ ability to adapt to climate change and effect the way plants and animals interact with fire.

Tax debate heats up in Missoula under pinch of inflation – Deadline for Montana residents to apply for property tax relief extended to June 1

Leaders from the city and county of Missoula, along with the University of Montana, said they have few tools available to fight today’s high inflation and the pinch it puts on consumers.

Red states fight growing efforts to give ‘basic income’ cash to residents

Basic income advocates say the concept is an effective way of reducing poverty.