Montana Governor Greg Gianforte

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Montana American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) Program Website and Call Center Launched

The website,, provides information on funding projects and grants under the purview of Montana’s four ARPA commissions: water and sewer, communications, economic stabilization and workforce development, and health and human services. The site also offers information about rental assistance and pandemic-related funding for K-12 education.

Montana’s Gianforte administration preps to distribute more than $1.6B in federal Covid-relief funds

Money for infrastructure, health care, workforce

Report: Montana averages one child care slot for every three kids

“The child care challenges that we’re talking about today have existed for many years; they’ve been highlighted even more as the result of the pandemic,” says Xanna Burg, KIDS COUNT Coordinator.

Wisconsin Gov Pushes for Remote Work, New Citizen Portal – Gianforte orders at least half of Montana’s state workers back to the office

The executive branch wants long-term telework options to boost and diversify state employee recruitment and a new all-in-one digital platform to streamline resident services — though funding is a point of debate.

More than 250 Montana businesses sign letter of opposition to LGBTQ bills

“As businesses and organizations that support equality for all, we’ve done our part to make sure our employees will be protected at work. But these bills would harm our team members and their families as they navigate daily life and utilize services and opportunities that should be available for everyone.”

Montana offering $125K salary to hire a business recruiter – $500,000 budget to recruit biz to state

A University of Montana economist says new tax policies may not lead to businesses moving to Montana. Patrick Barkey says most job growth takes place at existing businesses.

Gov. Gianforte pulls unemployment benefits to help overcome Montana workforce shortage

Starting June 27 Montana will end its participation in federal pandemic-related unemployment benefit programs and return to its pre-pandemic status.

Red States Need to Be Citizen Friendly

Many of them are more interested in pandering to hungry corporations than they are in making investments in their citizens.

Gianforte signs bill greatly increasing education tax credit for private school

Sen. Ellie Hill Smith, D-Missoula, opposed the credit saying, “This is not for students, my friends. This is a tax break for the very wealthy.”

Gianforte signs bills funding $500M in Montana infrastructure projects

The package of nine bills Gianforte signed into law all passed with broad bipartisan support, a departure from recent sessions marked by bitter fights over funding priorities for infrastructure.