City Club Missoula’s August forum dove deep into Montana’s Taxation System – Must Watch Video

City Club Missoula CCM

The forum featured current and former members of local and state government. The expert panel provided an overview of Montana’s multifaceted system, including tax codes and rates, collections, rebates, and burdens.

The forum panel included:

  • Josh Slotnik, Missoula County Commissioner
  • Greg Hertz, MT Senator and Chair of Senate Taxation Committee
  • Dan Bucks, former Director of MT Department of Revenue (2005 – 2013).
  • Justin Angle, UM School of Business, will serve as moderator.


Watch the Video


Montana homeowners see higher property taxes as some big businesses pay less

The median residential properties in Montana saw a 21% higher tax bill following this year’s reappraisal cycle, according to a Montana Free Press analysis, with many homeowners paying hundreds of dollars a year more.

The ‘big lie’ of Montana

Gianforte continues to put the property tax blame everywhere but where it belongs.

Taylor didn’t tell the entire story on Montana’s property taxes

He closed, “It was not caused by our local governments, it was Gov. Gianforte and his Republican supermajority Legislature who stuck it to us.”

Most Montana residents likely to receive second property tax bill following state Supreme Court ruling

Gallatin County is among 49 counties out of the 56 in Montana that decided to charge residents less than what was expected of them, but after a Montana Supreme Court ruling, residents in those 49 counties will now be receiving a second bill.

Governor Gianforte To Launch Property Tax Task Force

“Property taxes are too high. Over this year and next, our $1,350 property tax rebate will provide the average Montana homeowner with relief that more than offsets their property tax increase,” Gov. Gianforte said.

Gov. Greg Gianforte talks property taxes on Montana This Morning

Including incentives to attract veterans to Montana.

Butte chief executive blames state for rising property taxes

“I’m not trying to pick a fight with the governor, but the governor has said that local governments are the cause of the property taxes going up and that’s simply not true,” said Butte Chief Executive J.P. Gallagher.

Why is there no sales tax in Montana?

Montana is one of five states that doesn’t have a statewide sales tax, meaning the state and most local governments collect most of their revenue through income and property taxes.

New episode of ‘Montana PBS Reports: IMPACT’ to air Oct. 12 – Property tax increases and additional passenger rail service

“Montana PBS Reports: IMPACT” is a news and public affairs program that provides in-depth reporting on issues important to Montanans.

About 3/4 of eligible homeowners apply for Montana property tax rebates

The Montana Department of Revenue said it had received 226,600 rebate applications. It previously estimated 292,200 households were eligible.

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