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Montana Education/Business Partnerships

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“University of Montana Food Pantry Seeks Support for Crowdfunding Campaign”

The UM Food Pantry is raising funds through Thursday, Oct. 17, to participate in the national #RealCollege survey, which asks students to share their stories about basic needs insecurity.

National laboratories visit Montana Tech — to collaborate, and to recruit

“Montana Tech is intriguing because few places still offer geological engineering. One project I’m working on now is large-scale energy storage, and that applied geosciences knowledge is useful.”

The Montana Learning Center to host NASA’s ROADS on Mars Student Challenge for Montana.

The Montana Learning Center to host NASA\’s ROADS on Mars Student Challenge for Montana. Registration now open.

Montana State University researcher works to transform plant material into useful products

“We increasingly need alternative sources of raw materials for our fuels, plastics and other products.”

University of Montana: $730K consultation grant kicks in for rural Montana startups

A five-year, $730,000 grant will aid distressed rural and tribal communities and help them develop sustainable high-growth “entrepreneurial ecosystems,”

Payne Family Donates $5M for Montana Museum of Art and Culture

The proposed Montana Heritage Pavilion will allow the museum to transfer thousands of compelling works of art from campus storage to display.

Montana Universities Join Forces to Launch MUS Health Care Institute, New Programs

The new institute will serve as a resource and training center for MUS health profession students, faculty and health care sites and serve as a conduit between statewide health care sites and MUS health care programs.

Chair of the Federal Reserve of Minneapolis takes questions from community at MSUB gathering

At one point, Kashkari was asked if he believed home ownership was still the American dream. 

Missoula’s Brightways Learning offers customized ‘web of support’ to schools, students

Initially a software design and data company, Brightways Learning has since branched out to offer its Brightways Global Academy, which includes a comprehensive, personalized education that meets each child’s unique learning needs and an online student management system that helps others stay on track for academic and bounce-back success.

University of Montana Family Medicine Program Top Rural Doctor Producer in Nation

Montana suffers from a shortage of primary care physicians, which is predicted to grow to almost 200 new doctors needed by 2030.


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