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Tester Announces $227,000 for MSU to Support Rural Manufacturing During Pandemic

Funds will be provide services that directly support Montana manufacturers’ ability to respond to the coronavirus

Micro-Internships Provide University of Montana Students Big Resume Building Opportunities

UM is now offering an innovative micro-internship program for students looking to get real-world job experience.

AAON donates $1.25M to Winifred, Montana Public Schools to honor founder Norman Asbjornson

Asbjornson attributes a large part of his success to his hometown, which has a population of less than 200.

Tester to Senate Leadership: Schools Can’t Afford to Lose More Teachers & Workers

He also recently announced that the Montana Governor’s Emergency Education Relief Fund would receive more than $8.7 million in funding to bolster education in the state.

‘LunchPad’ Webinar Series: Entrepreneurs’ Legal FAQs with Dr. Joel Henry – 5/1 = 12 Noon

Dr. Henry specializes in technology, business, and intellectual property law.

“Little Dumps” contractors launch web-based platform; toys with name

“We work with several bulk landscape material vendors here in town to fill customer orders at the time of delivery, after they have been created via our website.”

Vote in favor of Bitterroot Valley Community College initiative

Voting for the Bitterroot Valley Community College initiative in the upcoming May 5 election will create many benefits for Ravalli County students, taxpayers and local communities:

Live session: Pivoting your business and strategies for change – 4/22 – 12:00

Adapting to the longer-term means pivoting your business’s strategy and operations to sustain this environment for an indefinite period of time.

Montana Tech 3D-prints coronavirus masks, face shields for frontline workers

“It really has been a great opportunity to do something useful and good for our community,” Skinner said. “That’s why students go into science and engineering to improve the human condition and solve problems. I’m really proud of the group and how we responded to this need.”

University of Montana Launches Initiative to Aid Businesses Affected by COVID-19

UM President Seth Bodnar welcomed the opportunity for UM to use its expertise and resources to serve the business community.