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“AI won’t take your job. It’s somebody using AI that will take your job.”

“41% of leaders (extremely familiar with AI) expect to redesign business processes from the ground up with AI.”

Drive Electric Montana -7/16 – Bozeman (Looking to start a Missoula chapter if you’re interested)

I think we have enough here on this email to officially start one in Bozeman (the next chapter will likely be in Missoula). That being said, members don’t have to live in Bozeman, nor do they have to be EV drivers. If you are interested in helping or joining our Bozeman Chapter (or even if you’re not), please fill out this SHORT FORM even if you can’t make our first meeting. This way, I can have a list of who is or isn’t interested.

Paid or unpaid, child care is vital to the economy. This program recognizes that

A half dozen women — in their 30s, 40s and 50s — gather in a classroom in Phoenix for a few hours on a weekday morning.

They are all caregivers of young children.

Global Gauntlet – A Trivia Competition of Global Proportions – 9/27- Missoula

This MWAC “signature” fundraiser is a team trivia competition like no other. Modeled after our Academic WorldQuest competition, teams of community supporters vie to test their knowledge on global events. Funds raised from this evening event support the Council’s ongoing efforts to increase global awareness and understanding in Montana’s classrooms and communities and especially supports our Global Education Initiatives.

Welcome to the Montana World Affairs Council

MATR is proud to help support and promote the Montana World Affairs Council and it’s goal of fostering global understanding and awareness in Montana’s communities and classrooms.

International Careers Week 2/5-7 – Montana World Affairs Council – Online

Join the Montana World Affairs Council as we cover a range of different international careers opportunities. Our distinguished guest speakers will discuss with students how they got into their career path, what the career daily life entails, and more! Students will have plenty of time to ask any questions. Programs will be recorded and uploaded to our YouTube. All grade levels are encouraged to participate and are free to join!

the Tell Us Something logo displays with a rainbow behind it

Tell Us Something Evening Storytelling – 7/11 – Bonner Park Bandshell

Join Tell Us Something and the University of Montana for an evening of storytelling featuring 6 graduate students from the Creative Pulse Summer Graduate Program.

Mansfield Dialogues – Security Technologist Bruce Schneier Reimagining Democracy in the Age of AI – 7/18 – Bozeman and Zoom

AI is altering the work of democracy across the globe. Many of these changes could make democracies more responsive to the will of the people and involve citizens more deeply in governance, but only if we prioritize the creation of secure and trusted AI systems. Join internationally renowned security technologist Bruce Schneier for an exploration of these topics.

University of Montana graduate students form new union, one of largest in state

“Graduate employees’ wages, benefits, and working conditions aren’t keeping up with Missoula’s cost of living or honoring our roles in research, teaching, and learning. Everyone realizes we’re a lynchpin for UM, and we look forward to bargaining collectively with UM’s leadership to collaboratively address the challenges GEU members face.”

What’s the story with teacher pay in Montana? Starting teacher pay $9K higher in Montana than national report, state says

“Why is Montana ranked one of the last in the nation for teacher salary, and how might this be changing in the next legislative session?”