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Here’s How to Get Infrastructure Funds to Smaller Cities

A coalition of nonprofits is starting the Local Infrastructure Hub to help mayors of small and medium-sized U.S. cities compete for $1 trillion in federal funds.

Free Book from the Fed Aims to Highlight Effective Rural Development

Creating prosperity in small towns and rural areas will take renewed investment and changing the kinds of stories we tell about rural America.

Rural Rising: Paper Examines What Makes a Thriving Rural America

Research highlights key themes around economic development opportunities for smaller communities, with an emphasis on work flexibility and a need for reliable broadband.

States Can Now Line Up for Federal Broadband Infrastructure Funds

The BEAD program, which is part of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) that was passed in November 2021, represents the single largest federal investment in broadband expansion in U.S. history.

More angel investors are entering venture capital – Frontier Angels – A unique Montana-based investment network.

According to PitchBook and the National Venture Capital Association, more than 3,000 new angel investors are projected to make their first deal this year, up from 2,725 last year, with the amount of money angels are investing into start-ups reaching $2.1 billion in the first half of this year, compared with $2.6 billion for all of 2020.

A New Municipal Broadband Advocacy Organization is Born

“We were formed by a group of municipal officials in order to advance advocacy efforts for public broadband and to make sure they have a voice in Washington and in all 50 states,” said AAPB board member Bob Knight.

Tuesday’s Headlines Are Sick of Sprawl – 105-acre south Missoula property sold in record-breaking deal

How cities built for car dependence contribute to climate change. Plus, a windfall tax on oil companies’ record profits?

Broadband Communities Summit 2022 – “Fiber: The Lifeblood of the New Economy” – 5/2-5/5 – Houston, Texas

As states and local governments look to leverage the flood of federal funds for the creation of ubiquitous high speed Internet access, an upcoming conference promises to be packed with practical insights from leading broadband experts on how to maximize the moment.

New Federal Broadband Funds Will Come With a Fight

The bipartisan infrastructure bill appears to transform how the federal government subsidizes broadband infrastructure. But evidence suggests that big companies may not allow the status quo to change without a fight.

White House Announces ‘Rural Playbook’ to Help Underserved Rural Communities Gain Access to Federal Stimulus Funding

The “Rural Playbook” provides rural communities with information on the “what, when, where, and how to apply” for infrastructure funds.

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