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Attracting Talent Now Requires a Work from Anywhere Program

Global mobility programs have become necessary to attract and retain top tech talent. What lessons have early adopters of ‘work from anywhere’ programs learned?

Killing the economic polar bear

According to two economists from BlackRock, there should be a louder debate about the tradeoffs between fighting inflation and well, killing, economic growth. As the United States Federal Reserve continues to hike interest rates, what will be the ultimate decision?

Amid a massive American clean energy shift, grid operators play catch-up

Thirty states and Washington, D.C., have active renewable or clean energy requirements, and three other states have voluntary renewable energy goals, per the National Conference of State Legislatures. And major corporations — from Amazon, Target and Microsoft to Boeing and Google — are also increasingly becoming major green power consumers.

Rural Electric Co-ops Get a ‘Downpayment’ on the Renewable Future

Included in the sweeping $750 billion Inflation Reduction Act is $9.7 billion to help rural electric cooperatives transition to renewable energy sources. Although this funding makes up just 1.3% of the bill’s total cost, advocates say the investment is historic.

Boise, Salt Lake City partnering to request rail service between cities

This is part of the city’s broader effort alongside other Mountain West partners to reboot the full Pioneer Line stretching Portland to Salt Lake City, which will soon be under study as part of the infrastructure package passed last year. The route ended service in the late 1990s.

Rural Communities Must Take Charge of Their Own Broadband Future

Economic survival in many rural communities today requires tactical collective organization to pursue broadband investment.

New Broadband Maps are Coming. Will Agriculture Be Left Behind Again? 

A new federal broadband map is on the way and is supposed to include a list of all buildings that could benefit from broadband access. But a recent change calls into question whether agricultural structures will be included in that list.   

Rethinking rural economic development – 9/19 – Online

This webinar brings together economic developers from rural regions for a discussion of opportunities, challenges and creative strategies.

Is There A Better Way For Governments To Fund Agribusiness?

To build sustainable food systems, women need to be formally represented in the process. Too often, responses to the global food crisis reinforce an unjust status quo and widen gender inequality.

Zoom towns transforming small rural towns

As remote jobs took hold during the COVID-19 pandemic, a flux of remote workers left big cities for rural towns creating so-called Zoom towns.