Oregon Economic Development

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Oregon Economic Development Conference: Resilient Economic RecoveryOct 26 – 28, 2020

Oregon’s statewide economic development community will gather virtually this October to explore all features of effective economic response – and what it will take to bring sustainable, equitable recovery across Oregon. 

Opinion: A chance to rebuild better, if health care, education institutions allow it

Having spent most of my life in public service, I can tell you this won’t be easy—but it is necessary. Who will lead this brave and essential shift in our accounting for justice? Who in education? Who in health care? We must work at this together as though the success of our society depends on it … because it does.

The 10 Dumbest Phrases Used By Economic Developers

(1) “Attract and Retain Business”

Angel-investor leaders applaud SEC’s new ‘accredited investor’ definition – After this change, having sufficient “knowledge and expertise” is all it takes.

Liz Marchi, who now serves as the head of marketing for an interesting new White Fish, Montana-based venture fund named Two Bear Capital, said the decision “embodies Chairman Clayton’s attitude that there shouldn’t be arbitrary thresholds. This will help reach innovators and problem solvers beyond the ecosystem centers.”

America’s Moral Obligation for Universal Broadband

Too little progress has been made to ensure that high-speed Internet is available to all. As the pandemic has demonstrated, far too many still don’t have what they need to function in a virtual world.

New Grant Program Fund Off-Road Pedestrian and Bike Infrastructure in Oregon

There could be around $19.2 million up for grabs between federal and state sources through 2024.

NorthWest Economic Development Course – 8/25-27 – Online

The focus is on practical tips and information you can use now to help your communities and organizations move forward, even in uncertain times.

The ‘Most Pro-Housing Reform in U.S. History’ Approved in Portland

Portland’s city council  set a new bar for North American housing reform by legalizing up to four homes on almost any residential lot.

Western Governors re-energize economies through job training, grants

Best of the West highlights several economic efforts, from job training programs in South Dakota and Wyoming, to ‘strike teams’ tackling unemployment in California.

States Should Target Digital Skills Gaps as Economy Transforms

Jobs that require some college education will tend to demand digital literacy, especially in the aftermath of COVID-19. A report suggests that states can play a bigger role in meeting the growing need for digital skills.