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Pickleball Anyone? ‘Shoptainment’ will save shopping malls, analyst says: ‘We’re going beyond just retail’

Previously predominately retail-based spaces are incorporating more entertainment options, keying on people’s desire to get out of their homes after COVID-19.

Where to Find Remote Work Now: 250 Million Job Postings Paint a Complex Picture

While many companies let employees work remotely during the height of COVID-19, conditions have since become more nuanced, according to research by Raffaella Sadun and colleagues. What do these shifts mean for talent managers?

Radically Rural: If We Want a Stronger Local Economy, Why Do We Invest in Wall Street?

Several experts are creating tools and sharing expertise to develop an “ecosystem,” in which investing directly in local small businesses becomes a viable alternative to Wall Street.

Rural Main Street Program Says Revitalization Starts at Home

Main Street America is launching an initiative for small towns. One goal is to move from simply recruiting businesses to incubating the business ideas that arise locally.

Solar Power & Farming: A Win–Win–Win–Win

Are the crops and the solar panels not going to compete for sunshine? Well, as you can see from the title above, the answers I’ve found indicate that solar power and agriculture are indeed a match made in heaven. Let’s get into the details.

Video – Why Finland has the Best Education

Finland is also the happiest country in the world. The US is definitely missing in a LOT of ways. Over testing, under funding of K-12 public schools continues and politicians continue to believe that teachers are the problem. Make the teacher work harder and then ALL children will do well on standardized tests that measure the income, economic level of their parents. Nothing improves in this country and politicians ‘who have all the answers’ are the problem.

Emotional Intelligence in the Age of AI – Daniel Goleman

If you are ready to start or deepen your work in emotional intelligence, you can learn more here. 

New Federal Program to Help Cities Plan ‘Thriving Neighborhoods’

The U.S. Department of Transportation announced an award of $21 million for 64 communities to coordinate transit, mobility, and land-use plans and navigate infrastructure funding opportunities.

A fight brewing in Oregon could decide how we heat our homes and cook

In Eugene, the natural gas industry plans to spend millions to defeat the city’s ban on gas in newly built homes. If it succeeds, the industry may take the fight to other U.S. cities and counties.

Why Business Leaders Must Resist the Anti-ESG Movement

For many companies, it may seem smart to stay out of anyone’s crosshairs. But try as they might, there’s no avoiding taking positions on the big issues of the day — major stakeholders, particularly young customers and employees, expect it.