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Bozeman looking at reducing speed limits

While presenting to the Transportation Board this week, Ross said a 10% decrease in speed has been found to be associated with up to a 38% decrease in fatalities and a 27% decrease in serious injuries.

TED Talk – How to keep your hometown from becoming a ghost town

From the closure of the iconic Route 66 to the roller-coaster history of Buffalo, New York, Paget reveals the power of sharing your town’s “civic story” to spark local revitalization

Bozeman Landed Hyundai’s New Horizons Studio R&D Center. Now Montana Is On The Hunt For More Manufacturing

Now a consortium of government, academic and business leaders in the state, including the Montana Manufacturing Association under the Montana Chamber of Commerce, has been working for the past few years on a collection of other attractions to draw one specific kind of newcomer to Big Sky Country: manufacturers.

Bozeman mayor’s annual state of the city address highlights some good, some bad

Bozeman’s economy is strong, but its labor force is under pressure.

City to solicit input on what it means to ‘belong in Bozeman’

“Our goal remains to ensure that every resident, visitor, and city of Bozeman employee feels welcomed, valued and like they can thrive regardless of their race, identity, or life circumstance,” said Dani Hess, the city’s community engagement coordinator, during a city commission meeting this week.

Bozeman, Montana wants power to ban single-use plastics

Bozeman city commissioners want the Legislature to give them the power to ban single-use plastic items, adding to a long list of issues the city would like more local control over.

Bozeman, Montana looks at water conservation as population grows

“The closer we get to exhausting our reliable supply, the higher likelihood that we’re going to have to enact water restrictions in order to meet our most essential needs,” said Brian Heaston, senior water resources engineer.

Bozeman looking for public input on safe streets campaign

City spokesperson Takami Clark said they are just kicking off the campaign and have not received much feedback on it. The city plans to get together the key messages and then launch a campaign in the springtime, Clark said.

Bozeman sets 2023 legislative priorities, identifying four as the focus

“The state chose to put six more items on the list of powers denied to self-governing local governments like the city of Bozeman. We want flexibility there. We want to be able to govern people,” says Veselik.

Bozeman planning for groundwater wells to boost water supply

But first, the city will have to do extensive testing and planning to get a permit from the state to pump any groundwater.