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How to Build Tech Hubs in the American Heartland

Regions in the US interior are well-positioned to revive their manufacturing industries with new technology.

Meta AI unveils free ‘Seamless’ translator for real-time communication across languages

SeamlessStreaming enables near real-time translation with only about two seconds of latency. The researchers say it is the “first massively multilingual model” to deliver such fast translation speeds across nearly 100 spoken and written languages.

Montana State part of new regional tech hub focused on critical technologies for U.S. national security

The program is designed to drive regional growth by strengthening the region’s capacity to manufacture, commercialize and deploy critical technologies, according to the program’s website.

Better To Build A Culture Of Collaboration Than Insist On Return To Office

Why Do Bosses Try To Get Workers Back To The Office? They Don’t Know How To Build A Culture Of Remote Collaboration

The Internet Is Ruined. The Metaverse Can Still Be Saved

In this nascent stage, there are opportunities for virtual worlds to avoid the mistakes of the past.

Harvard Business School – How One City Used Citizen Input to Pilot a Government-Run Metaverse

“Possibility Government,”

We’re already living in the Metaverse.

Why have mere users when you can have residents?

Why the industrial metaverse will eclipse the consumer one

There may be far more money to be made in the industrial metaverse, a side that most consumers will never directly see.

How deep learning will ignite the metaverse in 2023 and beyond

Gartner recently listed the metaverse as one of the top strategic technology trends for 2023, and predicts that by 2026, 25% of the population will spend at least one hour a day there for work, shopping, education, social activities and/or entertainment.

Facebook Parent Meta Lays Off 11,000: What CIOs Should Know

Facebook’s parent company Meta is laying off 13% of its workforce, a week after another social media giant, Twitter, laid off half of its employees. What do these moves say about tech trends going forward and the tech labor market in 2023?