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Nvidia moves its metaverse to the cloud. Will other companies follow?

The race for companies to build their own metaverse is going on at full speed.

Leveraging next-generation tech, how K-12 educational institutions can make students future-ready

Metaverse, Web 3.0, gamification, and more – industry experts uncover tools and applications to help amplify learning outcomes while formulating the power of futuristic technology in education.

The metaverse is just an idea, but Adobe says it’s time to prep for it

Though it may be years before metaverse hype gives way to reality, it’s not too early to create 3D content and dip a toe into existing immersive worlds.

Surprise! 78 percent of Americans think Metaverse is just hype

They also feel the same about NFTs and crypto.

Reimagining customer experience in the metaverse

Big brands like Nike, Walmart, Apple, and Ralph Lauren are turning to the augmented reality technology as they develop future marketing strategies

Regulation of facial recognition technology in Montana proving difficult from the onset

An interim legislative committee is studying the topic before the 2023 session

We need to put regulations on the metaverse now. Here’s where to start

VC Bradley Tusk urges everyone to get out ahead of the technology because he says, this is the chance to get it right.

How to Build a Better Metaverse

Second Life creator Philip Rosedale wants to prevent the Facebook-ization of virtual reality.

Why Private Companies and Entrepreneurs Will Dominate the Metaverse

Virtual reality and the metaverse won’t be all about Big Tech.