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MSU’s vice president of research taking on new role at Cal Poly

MSU will begin a national search for a new vice president of research immediately.

Why University-Industry Partnerships Matter

These relationships are dependent on taking these inventions and turning them into actual commodities.

Bozeman-based Montana State University spin-out company Sustainable Bioproducts raises $33 million in capital

“We’re thrilled to see Sustainable Bioproducts taking fungus from volcanoes to the table,” Juliano said. “And we’re glad to see a local company gaining national attention.”

Montana State University algae research could make biofuel production more economical

“This could transform the algae biofuel industry,” said Gerlach, one of the project’s principal investigators.

University of Montana Calls for Researchers, Innovators for New STEM Program

Researchers and innovators in STEM fields are strongly encouraged to contact the program to explore the potential for broader impacts and commercialization of their research or inventions.

Taking products from R&D to production – 2/20 – Bozeman, MT

This class was created by local photonics industry veterans to introduce quality concepts in a framework that is easily understood by engineers and management—stripped of jargon and put in plain terms. Sign up today and...

Video: Optics & Photonics Research at MSU for Montana Economic Development

Research in this area by Montana State University and the resulting startups are contributing to a rapidly growing unique industry in the state.

Kentucky launches university technology commercialization initiative

C3 will provide resources to all the state’s public universities and colleges.

NSF Grant Awarded to Establish University of Montana I-Corps Site

"The UM I-Corps Site will capitalize on the success of the Blackstone LaunchPad powered by Techstars entrepreneurship program at the University of Montana," said Blackstone LaunchPad Director Paul Gladen, who will serve as one of...

MSU’s biomarker-detecting technology licensed to FYR Diagnostics

Leading a research team, the MSU professors invented a novel, rapid, highly sensitive method to detect biological molecules that can indicate the presence of a particular type of injury or disease within a human body.

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