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The Skaggs School of Pharmacy in University of Montana’s College of Health Professions and Biological Sciences Launches The Translational Incubator Core to Enable Increased Tech Transfer of Science and Tech to Market

John Sullivan Jr, MD invites donors to join him in ensuring the Translational Incubator Core will be a success at moving UM science and technology into the Montana marketplace. Donors who invest $5,000 or more will become part of an exclusive group that will be recognized and kept current about research, intellectual property, patents, new companies and investment opportunities.

University of Montana’s Tech Transfer Notes – January 2010

The Office of Technology Transfer is charged with protecting and managing the university’s intellectual
property as part of its service mission to the university community.

University of Montana professor tests meth as stroke treatment – Sinapis Pharma

If Sinapis gets permission from the FDA, clinical tests on volunteers could begin within the next few years.

Damage-Reducing Stroke Drug from University of Montana Spinoff, Sinapis Pharma, Moving To Human Trials

Our whole goal is to try to create startup companies that stay here in Montana,” he said. “This has been fun. I get as excited about the business of science as the science of science. It’s exciting to have the chance to develop something that actually gets into the clinic and changes lives.”

Flower power – Critics question stimulus funds spent on science research at the University of Montana

"The general population I don’t think understands how important university-based basic research is to the economic well-being and the future of this country," Dwyer says.

Ohio University makes a bundle on sale of company School’s share in sale of Diagnostic Hybrids could total $41 million

"This is really a story about Ohio University wanting to assist its faculty in its research and help invest in that research."

University of Montana VISION 2009 – Research, Innovation & Scholarship

Campus research efforts now expend more than $67 million annually.

University of Montana develops software, Global Information Gatherer, designed to aid college students

“Students have so much information to manage and incorporate from many resources. We want to help them integrate technology in the most beneficial way.”

University of Montana Hires New Technology Transfer Director. Dr. Joe Fanguy

“It’s an honor to have been selected for this great leadership opportunity within The University of Montana’s growing research community,” said Fanguy, who earned a doctorate in biophysical chemistry with an emphasis in biotechnology instrumentation from Mississippi State University.

University of Montana Research Could Provide Effective Treatment for Stroke and Traumatic Brain Injury – Sinapis Pharma

“The University of Montana is now at a critical point, where we can really capitalize on this technology and move it into the public domain where people can actually benefit.”