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Businesses missing out as Flathead County drags heels on Adopting the Commercial Property Assessed Capital Enhancements program, known as C-PACE

The squeaky wheels of Flathead County government grind on. “I want specific business owners to come to me,” Abell demanded. Maybe a few personal phone calls can help grease the way. Emails and phone numbers are included in this post.

Montana Gov. Gianforte shares proposed budget with the Kalispell Chamber of Commerce

The governor’s budget looks to invest, among other priorities, in creating jobs, addressing substance abuse and mental health issues, promoting trades education, and repairing state-run facilities, such as the Montana State Prison and Hospital.

Flathead Valley manufacturers turn out breadth of products while facing range of challenges

Manufacturers are a unique piece of the Flathead Valley economy.

Child Care Options Growing in Kalispell

“Last week was a big week for child care in the Flathead Valley! Two of our initiative supporters and members received word
that they had received their full‐ask grants for ARPA dollars to expand services in the Valley from the Child Care Innovation
and Infrastructure Grant Committee. The Bird’s Nest has received $1 million dollars to expand their capacity as well as
Immanuel Lutheran Communities receiving $869,770 for their child care center,“ shared Lorraine Clarno, President/CEO of the
Kalispell Chamber.

Kalispell Chamber Partners with Local Childcare Providers to Address Care Shortage

New programs are set to open in churches, schools and community centers across the Valley as the struggle to find adequate childcare endures

Retention Strategies are Key as Employers Ply a Market with Few Job Seekers

Workplace culture is among the qualities local experts believe can reduce employee turnover and mitigate costs

The Imbalance of Childcare in Montana

The Kalispell Chamber of Commerce is partnering with local childcare providers and businesses to create more accessibility in the Flathead Valley

Montana’s fastest-growing city last year? It wasn’t Bozeman.

New Census Bureau estimates chart Montana’s population shifts during the first full year of the COVID-19 pandemic. Kalispell led the pack.

Montana businesses look to hire ‘untapped workers’

“It’s no surprise the biggest issue for businesses right now is lack of workforce,” said Laura Gardner, Job Service Kalispell Supervisor, at a Kalispell Chamber of Commerce luncheon on March 15.

More multi-family units will ease Montana housing crisis

Montana’s population between 2010 and 2020 grew by 10%, but only added 7% more housing units during that same time.