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Warren Buffett Says This Is the Single Greatest Skill to Boost Your Career and Improve Your Worth By 50%

It’s an ‘asset that will last you 50 or 60 years,’ according to Buffett.

Fear: Self-limiting your potential – By Will Price Will Price Partner at Next Frontier Capital

Often the limitations we face in life are not externally imposed. Too often, we self-sabotage with firmly held beliefs that we are not good at x, not worthy of being considered by y, and the potential to achieve is still born.

What would it take for generosity to go viral?

“Be brave. Give what you can, and then be absolutely amazed at what happens next,”

You should have more friends of all ages

Intergenerational friendships make your life richer. Here’s how to cultivate them.

Five innovations helping charities

From an NFT marketplace for good causes, to an app that connects donors to the homeless, discover innovations that are helping charities and non-profits to thrive

Ronald Reagan – The Importance of Stories

Telling a story, he made me understand, helps make your case in a way that no abstraction can: A story builds an emotional bond, and emotional bonds build trust.

Tell Us Something December 2020 newsletter – What 80 Innovation Leaders Say About The Power Of Storytelling

A big part of the pandemic has been the feeling of isolation that many of us feel as we are staying home to stay safe. Sharing our stories can help with feelings of depression and anxiety. And it can help connect us with each other and ourselves. Sharing stories is essential to human nature.

Kids gain courage and confidence through Missoula Children’s Theater program endorsing the performing arts

As MCT nears its 50th anniversary, the Missoula community is reminded of the positive impact the performing arts can have on kids.

Disney’s Newsies – The Broadway Musical opens on the MCT Center for the Performing Arts stage in just one week!

Take a glimpse at the cast’s incredible hard work and see some of the beautiful costumes and sets coming together.

5 Entrepreneurial Skills I Learned From Acting in Theater Productions – Opportunities in Montana with Missoula Children’s Theatre

Theater can help young people build empathy, resilience, and other skills they’ll need to be successful entrepreneurs.