Opportunity Zones

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“The donut effect” is reshaping America’s cities

The most pronounced dynamic shaping U.S. cities heading into 2024 is “the donut effect” — a hollowing of the urban core as people, jobs and retailers flee to the suburbs and exurbs.

City of Missoula seeks volunteers for downtown improvement working group

Volunteers will participate in up to 12 meetings per year over a three-year period to learn about and provide feedback on SAM projects, including updating Higgins Avenue from Brooks to Broadway, converting Front and Main streets from one-way back to two-way traffic, improving the riverfront trails between Ryman and Kiwanis Park, and optimizing downtown traffic signals between Orange and Van Buren streets. 

15 ideas to revitalize ‘lifeless’ downtowns (or make good ones even better) in the work-from-home era

Readers around the world — from teenagers to retirees — have called, emailed and spoken to us offering their best ideas. The resounding takeaway is most people want fewer cars and more public spaces, parks and events to bring them together.

What’s Ahead for U.S. Real Estate? A Midyear Update

Wharton’s Susan Wachter predicts a rise in home prices but sees dim days ahead for commercial real estate.

Five Years Later: What Have Opportunity Zones Accomplished?

Two recent studies are among the first to attempt a comprehensive account of the effects of the Investing in Opportunity Program, one of the signature place-based policies of the Trump era.

This Ponzi Scheme Might END Suburban Prosperity

The Growth Ponzi Scheme is not nefarious; there is not a specific individual or group that has created it for their own benefit. It has emerged from a broad cultural consensus about economic growth, development patterns, and debt. So what can you do?

A New Playbook Looks To Help Rural Communities Utilize Opportunity Zones

The blueprint provides a six-step process to attract capital to rural communities.

Some Bozeman landlords (no kidding) putting community before raising rents

With the rental marketing tightening, a handful of landlords are forging higher prices in hopes of preserving small-town culture.

REGISTER NOW: MidYear Bureau of Business and Economic Research Economic Update – Coming to 7 Montana Cities This Summer!

This year’s program will have a special focus on the supply chain disruptions that have impacted just about every business in the state. We’ll be joined by University of Montana Wilson Logistics Faculty Fellow Dr. Simona Stan who will present her assessment of how, and how much longer, these disruptions came about.

Tax break for the rich: How investors exploit opportunity zones

Opportunity zones were supposed to encourage investment in low-income communities. But billionaires are building luxury hotels and high-rises, instead.