Opportunity Zones

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Getting Creative with Opportunity Zones

…getting creative when pulling together an economic development deal.

MEP explores creative funding models for housing, retail in Missoula’s opportunity zone

MEP’s top executives recently toured Portland, Redmond, Bend and Hood River to explore how they’re applying regulations adopted by the Trump administration to bring investment to underserved areas

Opportunity Zone Tax Break Eligibility Finalized by Treasury

The regulations released by the department on Thursday lay out what property and businesses will qualify for the tax breaks as well as the potential penalties for running afoul of the rules.

The Outrageous Black Comedy of ‘Opportunity Zones’

A federal tax break intended to draw investment to lower-income areas has become one more way for the rich to avoid paying taxes.

New Interactive Map Encourages Redevelopment in Kalispell, MontanaMaking it easier to visualize where the opportunities are for investment

In the next 12-18 months properties that were once hemmed in by railroad tracks will be opened up to access the Kalispell Trail.

Indian Country Opportunity Zone RFQ Extended Deadline

RFQ for the development of an Opportunity Zone Technical Assistance Program and Qualified Opportunity Zone Fund for Indian Country.

Sustainable impact comes from investing in Opportunity Zones with native communities

“I want people who are thinking about deploying capital to take a closer look at native communities. We know how to navigate the process. We’re sovereigns. We govern ourselves. We’re in the driver’s seat. We can make things happen.”

Opportunity Zone Fund Directory

A directory of multi- project Opportunity Zone funding opportunities compiled by NCSHA

The Missoula Economic Partnership organizing investor showcase to highlight Missoula’s opportunity zone

“It’s hard to get big capital to invest in anything in Missoula because it’s such a tiny market,” said Grant Kier, executive director at MEP.

Idaho Business Review forum: Experts discuss Opportunity Zone investment

For those willing to invest patient capital into projects in areas primed for redevelopment, an Opportunity Zone might be the right option