Opportunity Zones

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Tax break for the rich: How investors exploit opportunity zones

Opportunity zones were supposed to encourage investment in low-income communities. But billionaires are building luxury hotels and high-rises, instead.

Great Falls Development Authority study highlights industries most impacted by coronavirus

Labor market consultant company Chmura put together an analysis of the local economy over the last two years and found that the industries most disproportionately impacted depended on the frequency of in-person interaction, like hospitality, food service and healthcare. 

Urban Villages: The Key to Sustainable Community Economic Development

Compact, walkable urban villages support sustainable economic development by reducing transportation costs, leaving residents with more money to spend on local goods, and by creating more efficient and attractive commercial districts.

How Opportunity Zones Launched a ‘Gold Rush’ for Wealthy Investors

The place-based tax break program launched in 2017 as a means of revitalizing impoverished local economies. That’s not what happened, says author David Wessel. 

The Montana Investment Portal on the Opportunity Exchange

The Montana Investment Portal connects business, land and commercial real-estate projects throughout Montana to a network of over 1,800 potential investors. Contact the Montana Department of Commerce at 406.841.2032 if you have a project to include.

MEDA October News

Here are a few highlights of what is in the newsletter:

Business Events in Great Falls, Montana You Should Know About

Whether you’re just getting started, looking for new customers, wanting to grow sales through e-commerce, or focusing on workforce.
We’re here to help.

Great Falls Development Authority is working on a new regional economic development strategy

The first step in the process is to hear from the people who live and work in Great Falls.

A listening session will be held on September 15th to discuss strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to the Great Falls economy.

SBA Awards Montana Community Development Corporation $198,000 in PRIME Grants to Help Emerging Micro-entrepreneurs Gain Access to Capital

MOFI’s mission is to help individuals, businesses, and nonprofits with financing and consulting services that strengthen communities and transform lives. MOFI serves disadvantaged entrepreneurs in the Rocky Mountain region including Montana, Idaho and Wyoming. Headquarters are based in Missoula, Montana.

MATR Launches The Montana Community Map. Would you like to be the “Keeper” of your community?

What’s great about each Montana community and what’s happening to make it a truly wonderful place to live or visit like career and real estate opportunities, housing and broadband availability, child care facilities, social activities etc.