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We’re already living in the Metaverse.

Why have mere users when you can have residents?

A new platform is helping to democratise investing by making it easy for retail investors to support impact projects – New software tools support ESG investment

Enter fintech startup GoParity, and its platform that brings together social and environmental impact projects looking for funding with people who want to invest in sustainability. 

Duke Energy’s Idaho Project Is Part Of A Much Bigger National Expansion Through Clean Energy

Through a 20-year power purchase agreement with Idaho Power, this 120 megawatt capacity plant will have enough electricity generation annually to meet all essential energy needs for an estimated 24,000 households.

The Hidden High Costs of Rocky Mountain Living

Many towns from Colorado to Wyoming to Montana are playgrounds for wealthy individuals, but year-round living comes with a lot of additional expenses and inconveniences

Where is child care most expensive? New labor department data breaks down costs by county.

The data show childcare costs range from 8% to 19% of a median family’s income per child. That’s anywhere from $5,357 to $17,171 per year when adjusted for inflation.

Idaho National Laboratory opens application period for 2023 K-12 education grants

INL’s K-12 STEM program cultivates Idaho’s education landscape by leveraging partnerships and resources to grow science, technology, engineering and math opportunities for all. The program seeks to align future workforce needs with STEM education in Idaho. Over the past decade, INL has awarded nearly $5 million to support STEM education in Idaho.

The Once-in-a-Generation Opportunity to Remake Downtown

Urban cores around the country were transforming into live, work, and play destinations before the pandemic. The pandemic was a setback for this transformation, but it could also be a rare opportunity. It’s up to city leadership to seize it.

USDA Offers Grants for Programs to Create High-Wage Jobs and New Businesses in Underserved Rural Communities

The Rural Innovation Stronger Economy (RISE) program provides grants for job accelerator partnerships that will serve people in low-income and underserved rural communities.

Fear the deer: Crash data illuminates America’s deadliest animal

Behold the deer, the deadliest beast in North America.

There Are Currently 5 Gangs That Are Trying To Take Over Idaho

There are five major threats that one could argue are more dangerous than all of the aforementioned monsters combined.