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Go to Boise for its arts scene? Yep! The booming city is undergoing a cultural renaissance

“Boise? What the hell is in Boise?”

Chobani offers to pay Idaho school district’s $85,000 lunch debt

The Twin Falls School District announced Tuesday that the donation would cover the debt acquired by more than 900 students during the last school year.

An Open Source Program Aims to Help Idaho Shore Up Cyberdefenses

The training program is a part of the turnkey solution that we’re offering counties [and cities] saying, ‘Hey don’t reinvent the wheel. Just do this, here’s your training program, here’s your tools, and call us...

Corporate landlords are snatching up entry-level housing in Boise

Those investors are changing traditional residential neighborhoods and aggravating the shortage of homes for beginning homeowners.

Social Media Week – 6/10-12 – Coeur d’Alene!

With over 20 speakers, you’ll walk away with the knowledge you need to create a successful marketing strategy!

Idaho Commerce Announces IGEM Grant Recipients

IGEM funds are awarded to Idaho research universities to partner with industry leaders on research projects geared toward commercialization.

The Brookings Institution Analysis: Boise’s boom may not be sustainable — and Idaho’s education system is part of problem

“The education system in Idaho hasn’t kept up with the human capital demands of local industry, forcing companies to expand elsewhere,”

Boise area has among the fastest-rising home prices in the U.S. Wages aren’t keeping up.

For locals who want to buy their first home, that makes the hunt feel like a race against the clock — or a race whose finish line seems infinitely distant.

Idaho Gov. Signs Executive Order Forming Broadband Task Force

The task force is charged with mapping the state’s existing services and pinpointing gaps in broadband infrastructure to aid in the eventual development of a comprehensive statewide plan.

The mission of the Idaho Technology Council is to help companies in Idaho start, grow, and thrive. 

Through the leadership of this private sector, the ITC brings together industry, education, research, investment, and government throughout the state.

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