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Minnesota Broadband: Land of 10,000 Connectivity Solutions

The majority of the fastest, most affordable networks in Minnesota have come from locally-rooted companies and a commitment to local communities rather than distant shareholders.

National parks are so crowded that Congress is getting involved – Are Tourists Loving Montana Too Much?

Reservations, staffing, and car limits are pitched as solutions during testimony in a Senate subcommittee hearing

California Congressman Mark Takano Introduces Legislation For A Four-Day Workweek – Working 9-To-5 Is An Antiquated Relic

“A shorter workweek would benefit both employers and employees alike.” He pointed out, “Pilot programs run by governments and businesses across the globe have shown promising results, as productivity climbed and workers reported better work-life balance, less need to take sick days, heightened morale and lower childcare expenses because they had more time with their family and children.”

There’s a Rough Technology Sunset Coming for Rural Communities

Retiring old communication technology standards could have an outsized negative influence on rural communities with limited providers and competition in the field of broadband internet and wireless services.

This should be the remote workers’ ‘Bill of Rights’

The executive director of Tulsa Remote asks (and answers): “What is the remote worker owed? And, to what extent, if at all, are remote workers different from their office-bound counterparts?”

Salt Lake City Bookkeeping

Maximize Profitability by Doing Less Work

Increasing profitability in a business can be a lot of work. But there are ways to have a large impact on the bottom line. Find out how to maximize the profitability of your business simply.

Bring back corner stores to create a connected, equitable city – Missoula County looking to completely change its zoning code

A call for zoning reforms that legalize commercial buildings in residential neighborhoods in Seattle—a building type and land use that has fallen out of favor all over the United States.

WEBINAR – Virtual and Augmented Reality Training Technologies – 8/19 – 12:00PM – Zoom

Attend this webinar to explore how advanced visualization training, like virtual and augmented reality, is taking safety training to a new level in the industry.

As more workers fall ill, restaurateurs weigh a dramatic step: banning the unvaccinated

“It’s hard to turn down money. But is your health worth more than money?” one chef asks.

More U.S. employers are saying get a shot or get another job

“There’s a longstanding precedent to set workplace rules,” said Dorit Reiss, a professor who studies vaccine policy at the University of California Hastings College of the Law. “A safe workplace is important not just for the employer, but also for the employees and for the consumers.”