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Idaho’s Bogus Basin ski resort pledges to use solely renewable energy in 2020

Earlier this year, Bogus Basin announced an agreement with the city of Boise to set up permanent park-and-ride lots at Fort Boise and has added a new public shuttle service from the downtown area.

For-profit California college firm plans 2 Idaho nursing schools, including 1 in Boise

The owners of a private California nursing school see a market opportunity in growing Idaho.

2020 Best Tech Startups in Boise, Idaho

In doing our research, we considered several factors including but not limited to:

Revenue potential
Leadership team
Brand/product traction
Competitive landscape

Idaho lawmakers agree rapid growth has caused problems. Is property tax relief an option?

Since 2000, Idaho’s population has grown from 1.3 million to an estimated 1.8 million.

Radically Rural: Turning the Silver Tsunami into Gold

The life experience of older rural Americans can provide an entrepreneurial edge, says a social innovator.

Oklo Inc. receives permit from the U.S. Department of Energy to build its compact fast nuclear reactor at Idaho National Laboratory

The site use permit is an important step toward commercializing advanced fission technologies, and is the first issued for a non-light water nuclear power reactor.

New Maps Help Communities and Investors Focus on Opportunities in Rural Areas and Opportunity Zones.

The organization that created the maps says the data visualization tools are designed to help policymakers, investors, funders and local economic developers create jobs and development in rural communities.

The 30-Minute One Way Commute is the Standard – But We Enjoy the 2 Song Commute in Montana

Large labor markets require transportation that permits residents to reach the maximum of jobs in a reasonable period of time (such as 30 minutes, which has historical significance).

Interested in a MEDA Community Review?  Applications from Communities in Montana, Idaho and Wyoming Due by February 15th; next is June 15th.

A MEDA Community Review is an excellent three phased tool that will improve your community collaboration, communication, and action. 

The Key to a Greener Planet Could be Right Under Our Tires – Solar Roadways

Streets and roads that can not only turn sunlight into electricity for the grid but also generate their own light and produce heat to melt ice and snow.