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Disconnected – Electricity transformed rural America nearly a century ago. Now, millions of people on farms and in small towns desperately need broadband.

The true scope of the broadband access problem is unknown because federal data is widely known to underestimate coverage gaps.

Labor Shortage Draws Attention of U.S. Lawmakers

Congressional lawmakers from both parties are considering incentives such as providing federal funding to pay for hiring bonuses for workers and expanded tax credits for employers. A handful of states are moving to implement such programs on their own, without waiting for action from Washington.

Is your idea ready for ideamensch? It’s ready for you.

IdeaMensch is an interview platform for entrepreneurs, makers, and doers. Our goal is to make it easy for entrepreneurs to get some publicity for their idea.

These Startups are Remodeling the Doctor’s Office

In the typical medical practice, smart design is DOA. The pandemic has given patient-centric architecture a shot in the arm.

To Accelerate Our Economic Recovery, Look to the Arts

The research is clear: The creative and cultural sectors are a powerful force for helping communities large and small turn the corner on the pandemic’s economic shocks.

An Overlooked Economic Powerhouse for Small Cities

Attracting a major employer or a tech company is not the only economic development strategy that deserves attention and investment.

Startup Bludot Business Retention and Expansion Platform Tackles Community Economic Development Amid COVID-19

The Bludot Business Retention and Expansion platform is designed to further the work of small economic development departments by bringing together various sources of data and enabling what Zheng called “concierge-like” services to local merchants and other stakeholders.

15 smart questions to ask yourself before seeking funding for your business

Seeking capital to fund growth can come with strings attached, so it’s important to ask yourself and your investors the right questions.

Becoming a B Corp – Multiple Perspectives – 6/3 – 11AM – Online

These leaders represent companies who have received B Corp certification in recent months and those who have been core leaders in the B Corp community for years.

Eruption: How Human Development Is Degrading The American Serengeti – Please support The American Prairie Reserve

Big blowups: Stunning visuals from Google Earth show how private land development and resource extraction on public lands are harming wildlife in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem