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Psilocybin ‘trips’ combined with therapy reduce alcohol use, study finds

The psychedelic compound psilocybin, commonly known as “shrooms” or magic mushrooms, may help people who struggle with alcohol dependence better manage their drinking, a new study found.

The Swedish philosophy of lagom: how “just enough” is all you need – Be more like Goldilocks.

So, how are we to apply the Swedish principle of lagom to our lives?

It Now Costs $300,000 to Raise a Child

The cost of raising a child through high school has gone up, thanks to inflation.

Montana – Things to Do – Places to Go – Where to Stay – Plan Your Trip and more….

Montana is the kind of place that, just at the mention of it, sparks curiosity and fuels adventure. They say it will stay with you forever. Discover miles of inspiration here, and find out for yourself.

One week left to apply for Reimagining Rural Montana

Participation is free.  We provide you with all of the promotional materials you need.  The application can be completed in minutes.  Consider helping a town in your area apply for Reimagining Rural.

We all need a laugh

A few good ones….

Spokane Prepares To Disband the State’s Largest Community of Unhoused People

With $24 million in state funding directed to Spokane’s efforts to reduce homelessness, city officials plan to relocate the over 600 residents of Camp Hope. But will services follow?

Beyond books: The 21st century public library – CBS Sunday Morning

No shushing here! The modern library is more than just a repository of books. Correspondent Conor Knighton checks out how today’s libraries are public spaces designed to foster connections while keeping pace with technology and the needs of the community.

7 reasons why emotional leaders are the future

Emotional, sensitive, intuitive leaders will be vital to any organization that hopes to achieve success in the next decade.

Inner Peace — Be Cool, Calm, and Collected

If you’re yearning for peace of mind, give these 15 guideposts some serious thought: