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They turned a one-car garage into a stunning ADU to house their parents. You can too

It became a priority to have somewhere for our family to come and stay with us for comfortable amounts of time without being in a hotel. The ADU seemed like the perfect solution.”

Sodium acetate acts as a potential fountain of youth for aging bones

The newly published study demonstrates how certain changes compromise the performance of these stem cells as they age, but also shows how sodium acetate can be used to reinstate their ability to drive the development of new bone material.

How to Call Customer Service and Actually Get What You Want

These tips are your best shot when trying to resolve issues swiftly with minimal stress. 

Anti-aging drugs preserve spinal discs to target age-related back pain

Scientists have shown how so-called senolytic drugs that remove destructive senescent cells can prevent age-related deterioration of spinal discs, raising the prospect of a new opioid-free treatment for back pain in humans.

Ig Nobel Prize winners include scientists who cleared blocked noses with sex

Other winners suspended rhinos upside down in the air, and analysed bacteria in chewed gum.

Before you die, decide who gets access to your online accounts and digital files

Have you given any thought as to what you want to happen to your accounts, files, photos, and the rest of your online life once you’re gone?

Jeff Bezos Is Funding a Lab to Extend His Life

Can science cheat death?

Getting frustrated about your accuracy before hunting season? – Watch this: The Armless Archer on CBS Sunday Morning

One of the top-ranked archers in the country is 38-year-old Matt Stutzman of Fairfield, Iowa, who has medaled in a sport that many would have thought beyond his reach: he was born without arms.

“Are you around the campfire or high up on the mountain?” – Our Own Worst Enemy

If the answers to a rural community’s questions aren’t coming from around the rural campfire, then they’re not the answers.

Our Own Worst Enemy: The Assault from within on Modern Democracy by Tom Nichols

Over the past three decades, citizens of democracies who claim to value freedom, tolerance, and the rule of law have increasingly embraced illiberal politicians and platforms. Democracy is in trouble–but who is really to blame?