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Eye-pressure-sensing contact lens both monitors and manages glaucoma

If people with glaucoma don’t stay on top of their condition, blindness may result.

Gmail creator says ChatGPT-like AI will destroy Google’s business in two years

Will it? Only time will tell.

Great Valentine’s Day Gift Idea – Zoo lets you name a cockroach after an ex and have it fed to an animal.

For the last four years, the San Antonio Zoo has offered a symbolic way to get over a former flame. For a donation, the zoo allows the scorned to name a cockroach, rodent or veggie after an ex. They are then fed to animals on Valentine’s Day.

We’re already living in the Metaverse.

Why have mere users when you can have residents?

45 years old Bryan Johnson spends $2 million a year to be 18 again

His drive to reduce his biological age is much like a full-time job.

Wyoming and Montana Brace for Wild Hog Invasion from Neighboring States and Canada

With feral pigs roaming in Canada, North Dakota, and Utah, the invasion seems inevitable

Migration could prevent a looming population crisis. But there are catches

The problem is not small, he said, and falling birth rates could upend economies.

Amazon just introduced RxPass, a Prime benefit that provides generic medicines for $5 a month

When you sign up for RxPass, you’ll have to get your prescription through Amazon Pharmacy’s service, or transfer an existing prescription to Rx People who use Medicare or Medicaid are not currently eligible for Amazon RxPass. 

A breakthrough system can see through walls by using Wi-Fi routers

Researchers have been working on ways to “see” people without using cameras or expensive LiDAR hardware for years.

Fear the deer: Crash data illuminates America’s deadliest animal

Behold the deer, the deadliest beast in North America.