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Smart Lockers: The Next Breakthrough for Deliveries, the Curbside?

Peachtree Corners, Ga., is partnering with Smartmile, the maker of technology that helps to integrate retailers and delivery services into smart lockers, to streamline parcel deliveries and free up the increasingly crowded curbside.

Google Is Rolling Out Password-Killing Tech to All Accounts

The tech industry’s transition to passkeys gets its first massive boost with the launch of the alternative login scheme for Google’s billions of users.

In Retirement, We Have More Time Than Ever. But We Want to Use It Wisely.

We have fantasized about this moment for decades. The trick is learning how to savor it.

Video – Why Finland has the Best Education

Finland is also the happiest country in the world. The US is definitely missing in a LOT of ways. Over testing, under funding of K-12 public schools continues and politicians continue to believe that teachers are the problem. Make the teacher work harder and then ALL children will do well on standardized tests that measure the income, economic level of their parents. Nothing improves in this country and politicians ‘who have all the answers’ are the problem.

14 Members of Hellgate High’s Business Professionals of America (BPA) Have Qualified and Need Your Support to Compete at the Nationals in Anaheim CA.

BPA challenges students with real world, relevant assessments and allows students the opportunity to extend their learning beyond the walls of the classroom.

Why Business Leaders Must Resist the Anti-ESG Movement

For many companies, it may seem smart to stay out of anyone’s crosshairs. But try as they might, there’s no avoiding taking positions on the big issues of the day — major stakeholders, particularly young customers and employees, expect it.

Video – New Robot Makes Soldiers Obsolete

There’s a new robot in town. You’ll see it in the army soon!

1 in 6 will be unable to conceive a child, new WHO report estimates

“The sheer proportion of people affected shows the need to widen access to fertility care and ensure this issue is no longer sidelined.”

People With High Emotional Intelligence Use 5 Simple Words to Become Exceptionally Persuasive

I think it’s worth the effort of a little bit of simple memorization.

The Montana Dept. of Commerce Needs Your Input: Survey – Can you quickly describe how your community is changing using statistics? Do you have a sense for the quantity and types of housing available in your community?

We need your input to make sure that this tool includes the information and tools you need in a way that you need to access it. We need your help!