Next Generation Broadband in Montana

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Net Neutrality Is Really A Debate Over Monopoly Power

“They do not want their providers engaging in blocking, throttling, and paid prioritization. And if they have problems they expect the Nation’s expert authority on communications to be able to respond,”

Missoula’s Blackfoot Communications marking 70 years in business

The member-owned company is on track to invest millions of dollars in internet infrastructure in some of our smallest communities.

Montana Economic Developers Association 2024 Spring Conference – 4/23-25 – Red Lodge

We are excited to the host the MEDA Spring Conference in Red Lodge, Montana from April 23rd – 25th.

New Resource Alert: Rising Tide of Municipal Broadband Networks Fact Sheet

As the municipal broadband movement continues to gain momentum, we created a new fact sheet to highlight the dramatic surge in the number of communities building publicly-owned, locally controlled high-speed Internet infrastructure over the last three years.

Using dating apps in the rural West, a.k.a. ‘the void of a sagebrush sea’

The reality, though, is something different, as my Montana friend Nicole knows. Noting that you first need to cull the felons and those with substance abuse, weight or health issues, Nicole says, “It’s like screaming into the void of a sagebrush sea.”

Digital Divide: Bridging the Urban-Rural Connectivity Gap

Addressing the rural-urban education gap should be a priority for today’s policymakers.

Webinar Series: How to Build a Public Broadband Network – 4/16

Moderated by Bill Coleman, author of the AAPB handbook and longtime leader in community broadband, each webinar will provide expert advice for AAPB members, and feature the experiences of community leaders as they navigated establishing, building or running a public broadband network.

2024 Big Sky, Bright Future Summit – 6/19-20 – Bozeman

Seminars will focus on the Montana Chamber’s Envision 2026 pillars: Entrepreneurship, Business Climate, Infrastructure, and Workforce with trades & apprenticeship; housing & childcare; manufacturing; business recruitment; and broadband at the forefront.

New internet ‘nutrition label’ aims to help de-mystify bills – Are you getting your daily minimum amount of “fiber”?

A new Federal Communications Commission rule goes into effect on April 10 that mandates ISPs to provide an easy-to-read breakdown of internet fees. And the new graphic has a familiar look: a nutrition label.

TDS Telecom launches fiber internet service in Missoula with first customer

The company has been busy building its physical network across Missoula, and they have a goal of wiring about 1,700 customers here in the first year.