Next Generation Broadband in Montana

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Sen. Jon Tester – Update on available Broadband assistance

The fund would estabish a fund to compensate rural broadband providers for offering free or discounted services to families who are struggling to keep up with their bills due to COVID-19.

In Migrant Worker Camps, Wifi Is a Basic Utility

During the Covid-19 pandemic, an agricultural community comes together to expand wifi access in migrant farmworker camps.

Alphabet’s internet balloons take on first commercial task in Kenya

They are providing thousands of folks with an entirely novel form of internet access.

Chicago Wants to Make Its Student Broadband Program Permanent

The program, dubbed Chicago Connected, will provide more than 100,000 Chicago Public School students with the Internet at home, and officials say the goal is to make sure those students are never without broadband again.

Boosting broadband: Forest Service may change permits, access

State AGs Recommend COVID-19 Broadband Funding – Is Your State Advocating for Better Broadband??

Upcoming School Year Reinforces Broadband Access Concerns

The report also discusses potential short- and long-term solutions: subsidies; hot spots; expanded Wi-Fi in public spaces such as parks, community centers and pedestrian areas; and public-private partnerships to help make sure that high-speed internet access is available to all.

Whatever back to school looks like, it has to serve the kids without internet and tech

There’s a problem with online or hybrid learning. At least 15 million of America’s more than 50 million schoolchildren don’t have either internet access or the right tech for school

Pandemic or not, Montana needs robust broadband

A recent study revealed woefully inadequate or unaffordable broadband in many of our communities.

Bozeman Fiber is a community-owned nonprofit network offering gigabit fiber and a choice of providers and services.

Our current network is capable of providing gigabit service at any point on the fiber in our system. The system is expandable at any time, and within a couple of weeks we could grow from our current 30 gigabit system to a 100 gigabit system! If the demand was there, we have a nearly infinite ability to expand.

Western Governors’ Association report offers ideas for western communities to take advantage of economic opportunities

Address expansion of broadband access in rural communities and tribal lands