Next Generation Broadband in Montana

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Purdue University Launches Broadband Team to Serve All of Indiana

The team will focus heavily on Indiana’s 76 rural counties and expanding their broadband access. 

Montana Legislative committee moves forward with broadband rollout

The state legislature’s Broadband Communications Advisory Commission has been tasked with setting the guidelines for how dollars from the 2021 federal bipartisan infrastructure bill are doled out.

Hoopa Valley Tribe and State of California Embark on Historic Collaboration For High-Speed Internet Infrastructure

With the grant now secure, Hoopa Valley is on the cusp of building out a fiber network and more reliable wireless infrastructure to provide high-speed Internet access to over 1,000 on-reservation homes currently without service.

What happened to the internet without net neutrality?

Today on the show, what happened in the years without it and what happens next.

Measuring Equity in Federal Infrastructure Spending

A new report from the Urban Institute tracks how a year of infrastructure and housing grants align with federal priorities for equitable spending.

Tester Leads Push to Lower Cost of High-Speed Internet in Montana

Senators to Congressional leadership: “Failing to extend funding would be irresponsible”

NTIA Launches BEAD Initial Proposal Progress Dashboard 

For the first time, the public will have insights into each of the 56 eligible states’ and territories’ progress toward submitting their Initial Proposals for the BEAD program by the December 27, 2023 deadline. Initial Proposals are critical plans that show how each state or territory will spend millions – or billions – of funding to expand high-speed Internet service.

New Webinar Series: Tribal Business of Broadband Set to Launch Starting Oct. 30

The session will draw from the diverse experiences of seasoned Tribal Broadband experts, representing both regulated and non-regulated Tribal networks. One of the focuses of the first webinar will be to outline the high-level business considerations that arise when establishing Tribal networks.

Great Falls Development Alliance Quarter Index 2023Q3

Speed of TDS fiber network being constructed door-to-door in Great Falls: 8GB

Getting broadband to rural Montana hits a snag

Taking broadband to rural areas is expensive, and the mixup means an estimated 250 service locations, like households and businesses, are still in limbo depending on whether Tri County decides to move forward.