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Next Generation Broadband in Montana

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Why Did Arkansas Change Its Mind on Municipal Broadband?

Eight years after banning cities and towns from building high-speed internet networks, state lawmakers unanimously reversed course. Will more red states follow?

Bozeman declares broadband as essential infrastructure

“The future belongs to the connected and the internet is both the workplace and the marketplace of tomorrow,” Mayor Cyndy Andrus said.

Startup Debuts Tractor for Gluing Fiber to the Ground

The machine uses a protective substance to glue fiber to the ground at 500 feet per hour, hoping to cut install time and costs.

FCC to hold big 5G auction, spend $20B for rural internet

5G will mean faster wireless speeds and has implications for technologies like self-driving cars and augmented reality.

Are State Legislatures Wising Up about Broadband Co-ops?

Co-ops offer several advantages for rural communities attempting to improve broadband connectivity.

The anti-competitive forces that foil speedy, affordable broadband

Muncipal broadband and multiple ISP options are great ideas–unless you’re a giant telecommunications company with an entrenched monopoly.

USDA Announces Opening Date for Rural e-Connectivity Pilot Program Applications

Funds will be awarded to projects that have financially sustainable business models that will bring high-speed broadband to rural homes, businesses, farms, ranches and community facilities such as first responders, health care sites and schools.

Virginia electric utilities wiring rural areas for broadband

Virginia lawmakers have taken steps to address geographic disparities in broadband coverage by passing a bill that will give the state’s two largest electric utilities, Dominion Energy and Appalachian Power, the green light to provide...

Unlocking the Digital Potential of Rural America

Despite some improvement in the adoption of digital tools by rural businesses over the past decade, this new research shows how increased use of digital technology in rural America could help drive faster growth in...

Is the FCC understating the scope of the rural broadband gap in Montana?

“Please download the app and use it not just at your home and office, but also as you travel throughout the county to your favorite fishing hole, camping spot or where ever you are headed,”

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