Next Generation Broadband in Montana

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Biden-Harris Administration Announces $502 Million for High-Speed Internet in Rural Communities – Montana’s Project Telephone Company $8,579,820

This network will connect 693 people, 16 businesses, one educational facility, and 23 farms to
high-speed internet in Big Horn and Yellowstone counties in Montana.

Missoula ready to ink cable franchise agreement with TDS; still waiting on Charter

The agreement, long in the making, is expected to be finalized next Monday, giving Missoula residents a choice between Charter and TDS once the company builds out its network.

Yellowstone Fiber turns on service for first round of customers in Bozeman, Montana

The first area includes a neighborhood off Durston Road and Laurel Parkway.

Montana Broadband – Community Leader Virtual Outreach Session – 9/22 – Online

The Montana Department of Administration’s ConnectMT recently completed live outreach sessions with Montana community leaders to understand broadband access and quality issues across the state.  For those leaders who were unable to attend these live sessions, the Broadband Outreach Team is offering virtual sessions via Microsoft Teams. 

Rural Communities Must Take Charge of Their Own Broadband Future

Economic survival in many rural communities today requires tactical collective organization to pursue broadband investment.

New Broadband Maps are Coming. Will Agriculture Be Left Behind Again? 

A new federal broadband map is on the way and is supposed to include a list of all buildings that could benefit from broadband access. But a recent change calls into question whether agricultural structures will be included in that list.   

The nation’s fastest community-wide internet? New 25-gig service launches in Chattanooga, Tennessee – Why Not in Your State?

“By putting the fiber out there, that makes the sort of natural increase in speed that happens as electronics gets faster that much easier,” he said. “I think cities that have abundant fiber, and in the case of homes that get fiber to the home, they’re going to be in a better position.”

Elon Musk Is Bringing Cell Service to the Backcountry

Behold, direct satellite-to-phone connectivity “anywhere you can see the sky”

SURVEY: You Can Help Close the Digital Divide in Montana – Please Complete This Survey

An internet connection is crucial for residents for school, work, and staying in touch with friends and family. As such, the Montana Department of Administration’s ConnectMT broadband effort is conducting research to increase broadband access and quality across the state. To meet the needs of as many Montana residents as possible, it is important that officials understand the experiences and opinions of both individuals and community groups.

Comcast and Charter face a grim new reality: Actual competition

Cheap home internet from T-Mobile and Verizon is here, and it’s already threatening the cable giants.