Next Generation Broadband in Montana

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Massachusetts Pursues Its Own Route to Broadband Expansion

Since 2016, more than a dozen rural communities in Massachusetts have gained high-speed Internet with state support. Mount Washington and Montgomery, with populations under 1,000, have unique stories to tell.

Montana NextGen Project – an analysis of Montana’s economic and community development tools, programs, and funding mechanisms.

Montana needs to do its homework and consider anew what tools and strategies are needed to maximize economic future. Let’s get this work done and then let’s have the conversation about strengthening each of our communities.” Steve Arveschoug, MEDA President and Todd O’Hair, Montana Chamber

Montana Economic Affairs Committee looks at broadband Jan. 15 – Helena and Online

The Economic Affairs Interim Committee of the Legislature will look at the status of broadband in Montana and options for improving access and affordability.

The next generation of the internet is almost here—and it could even transform our farms

The 5G farm of the future will have real-time soil monitoring, connected tractors, remote veterinarian care, and more.

How Gigabit Internet Is Turning Smaller U.S. Cities Into Tech Hot Spots

“The Gig has allowed us to punch above our weight.”

Montana Senator Jon Tester: ‘Folks in rural Montana waited years’ for Wireless Investments that Never Came  

Senator to Federal Communications Commission: “Rural America deserves better, and the divide is growing”

Employment, Education, Health Services Flow through Rural Counties’ Fiber

It is a gamble that has paid off.

The One-Traffic-Light Town with Some of the Fastest Internet in the U.S.

Connecting rural America to broadband is a popular talking point on the campaign trail.

Should the internet be a public utility? Hundreds of cities are saying yes

Local governments can push back against the corporate power of ISPs by building their own broadband networks.

Helena business threatens to sue city for delaying fiber-optic project

“For more than two years, the City refused to provide any standards to TSI&T and interfered with TSI&T’s ability to conduct its business causing significant financial damages,” the complaint states.