Next Generation Broadband in Montana

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Senate’s internet access plan rests on better broadband maps – More accurate maps could be two years away

The Senate’s bipartisan infrastructure bill makes a $42.5 billion bet that the government will overcome an obstacle that has long plagued efforts to connect most Americans to the internet: notoriously inaccurate maps showing where they can get a signal – and where they can’t.

Missouri Governor Announces $400M Investment Broadband

Gov. Mike Parson has announced a plan to invest $400 million toward efforts to increase broadband access throughout Missouri. The funding for this investment comes from the American Rescue Plan.

How digital twins can help internet providers close the rural broadband gap in Montana and Idaho

Companies with a first-mover advantage in these new markets will gain a long-term competitive edge in this area, Edmond suggested.

CenturyLink to Montana PSC: Reject complaint from Wibaux County Commissioners

“Moreover, the regulation of broadband services does not fall within PSC jurisdiction.”

Jamestown Leads the Charge for Municipal Fiber in Western New York

Since the city would own the infrastructure, it would be able to establish basic network policies to address community-specific needs, such as prohibiting bandwidth caps or providing a service option affordable for low-income residents.

Let’s promote all broadband technologies to speed help to all Americans

Fixed wireless offers competitive option for rural, underserved consumers

National Tribal Broadband Summit – Sept. 17 – 24 and Oct. 1 – Virtually

The annual National Tribal Broadband Summit is part of DOI’s ongoing efforts to close the digital divide and builds on the work of the White House Council for Native American Affairs.

Biden won big on broadband, but allies fear local governments lost out

Some of the measure’s staunchest supporters say they are frustrated by what wasn’t included in the bill: provisions to encourage municipal broadband — Internet service that is partially or fully owned by local governments. 

Pandemic Teaches Government a Lesson on Internet Upload Speeds

A new study rejects the idea that provider networks held up quite well for Americans during the pandemic. This research, as well as state broadband leaders, think upload speeds must be better for America’s future.

What the $65B broadband service plan will do

The Federal Communications Commission says about 14 million Americans don’t have access to broadband at the speeds necessary to work and study online — 25 megabits per second downloads and 3 mbps uploads — but acknowledges that its maps are faulty. Outside groups have made higher estimates.