C-Pace - Property Assessed Commercial Energy Enhancement program.

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Introducing C-PACE: What You Need To Know Time: May 6, 2022 12:00 PM MST

You are invited to attend MEDA’s C-PACE training to be held on May 6th from 12-1pm via Zoom. Please join Adam Gill and Seth Lutter as they provide an overview about C-PACE in Montana, what you need to know, how you can benefit, and how to identify potential programs for C-PACE lenders. Please reach out with any questions you may have and we look forward to seeing you there. 

Editorial: Incentivizing investment in energy efficiency By the Bozeman Chronicle Editorial Board

In a very forward-thinking move, Gallatin County commissioners opted to designate the county as a Commercial Property Assessed Capital Enhancement district as part of a statewide program designed to incentivize commercial property owners and farmers to invest in alternative energy and energy efficiency improvements to their businesses.

There’s a climate solution hiding in our walls

Commercial buildings waste 30 percent of the energy they consume, while 90 percent of American homes are under-insulated

C-PACE – Gallatin County OKs program to help businesses upgrade buildings with renewable energy

Gallatin County has enacted a program that could make upgrading commercial properties with renewable energy sources more affordable.

This prefab ‘second skin’ makes outdated buildings net zero

One of the great challenges of transitioning to a net-zero world: a supply of outdated, inefficient buildings, which are a major source of global climate emissions.

Cascade County, Montana approves financing program for energy related projects – CPace – What is your county doing?

The program was established during the 2021 Legislature and allows local governments to “designate an area of the territory of the local government as a district within which an authorized local government official and the record owners of a privately owned commercial or industrial facility, covered multifamily housing accommodation…or agricultural property may enter into written contracts to impose assessments on the property to repay the financing by the owners of energy conservation projects,” as defined under state law.

Public hearing for PACE energy-efficient financing program in Cascade County set for March 22

County Commissioner Joe Briggs explained during the work session that organizations can get loans for energy-efficiency projects and expansions that include energy efficiency. He said that the debt is paid through the Montana Facilities Finance Authority and that the county would collect it through property taxes.

Commerce Announces Montana’s First Commercial Property Assessed Capital Enhancement Districts (C-PACE)

“This is the first step for businesses to perform energy efficiency and water consumption upgrades to existing buildings or for new construction,” Commerce Director Scott Osterman said. “It’s a great step for Montana businesses, counties, and the state as a whole,” Osterman added.

C-Pace – What is the potential impact on Montana’s economy and climate impact if just 15% of commercial facilities participate?

$2 Billion – Total Market Size

Missoula County approves green energy financing plan. Steps to take and people to consult with.

“This is a super positive step forward,” Strohmaier said. “It’s been something that has been in the works for many years… It’s great to see Missoula County out on the tip of the spear here getting it implemented in the state of Montana.”

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