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University of Montana Bitterroot College announces 20% enrollment increase

UM officials hosted the roundtable of students, educators and valley business leaders at Bitterroot College to highlight the success of dual enrollment programs and workforce partnerships in the health care, biotech and trades/transportation sectors.

Nonprofits release free tool to detect AI-written student work

It enables teachers (or anyone else) to copy and paste text and within a few seconds receive a determination on whether the work in question was written by ChatGPT.

Yale’s hugely popular happiness course is revamped for teens

The class focuses on things teens can do to feel happier — making social connections, maintaining a sense of free time and being more ‘other’ oriented

MSU Extension – The Remote Work Certificate course (RWC) Exit Survey

As we enter into the third calendar year of offering the Remote Work Certificate course, we thought it would be worth looking back on who has taken the course and why.

Where is child care most expensive? New labor department data breaks down costs by county.

The data show childcare costs range from 8% to 19% of a median family’s income per child. That’s anywhere from $5,357 to $17,171 per year when adjusted for inflation.

Iowa Legislature passes bill to spend hundreds of millions of dollars for families’ private school costs

Opponents in both chambers hammered Republicans over the legislation, arguing it would harm public education while unfairly benefitting private schools that lack accountability and can pick and choose which students they will accept.

Idaho National Laboratory opens application period for 2023 K-12 education grants

INL’s K-12 STEM program cultivates Idaho’s education landscape by leveraging partnerships and resources to grow science, technology, engineering and math opportunities for all. The program seeks to align future workforce needs with STEM education in Idaho. Over the past decade, INL has awarded nearly $5 million to support STEM education in Idaho.

Get Back to Business in 2023 With Prospera!

If you or someone you know has been helped by Prospera, pay it forward by donating to the foundation or joining our membership family.

Fear the deer: Crash data illuminates America’s deadliest animal

Behold the deer, the deadliest beast in North America.

The Great Falls Public Schools board voted unanimously during their Jan. 9 meeting to continue its investment in the Great Falls Development Authority.

The investment is paid from non-tax revenue sources in the revenue enhancement fund, that includes revenue generated from beverage sale receipts and other commercial lease sponsor agreement receipts, according to GFPS staff.