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Montana 10 pushes up retention at University of Montana

Regents pledge to expand pilot program

This FDA-approved necklace is designed to prevent brain injuries in athletes

In the future, all athletes may wear neck bands.

America’s ‘unworkable’ childcare system is crippling our economy, Treasury says

Years of market failures have made decent childcare unobtainable for many families.

Consider the value of your public school in your Montana community

I learned that the politics surrounding the anger in our country, mostly focused on COVID-19 and its harsh impact on our lives, has been staged in Montana and with propaganda driven by entities outside of Montana and social media.

Universal Pre-K and free college part of massive spending bill By: Ariana Figueroa

“The high cost of child care is failing families’ budgets and pushing millions of Americans out of the workforce—the majority of those are women,” Committee Chairman Bobby Scott, D-Virginia, said in his opening statement.

Education expert shares how to increase literacy rates in school and at home

If words carry weight, then the inability to read them is a burden holding our children back.

Montana Career Opportunity – Provost and Executive Vice President, University of Montana

The University of Montana-Missoula (UM), a flagship public doctoral research institution, invites nominations and applications for the position of Provost and Executive Vice President (PEVP) from interested individuals with diverse perspectives and backgrounds.    …

5 questions emotionally intelligent leaders ask themselves every day

Emotionally intelligent leaders helm more motivated, happier workforces. And they do it by asking themselves these questions.

The inside story of how UC Berkeley became the incubator for red-hot enterprise startups Databricks, SiFive, and Anyscale

They all emerged from UC Berkeley labs, which focus on innovative open source software.

Future doctors in multi-state cooperative program plan to practice medicine in Montana

Washington, Wyoming, Alaska, Montana and Idaho: five states under a cooperative program with the University of Washington School of Medicine. Each year, 30 students join a cohort to learn, grow, and immerse themselves in Montana medicine.