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Montana Career Opportunity – Payroll-Benefits Supervisor – U of M/Western

The Payroll/Benefits Supervisor is responsible for all biweekly payroll processing and adjustments using Banner software. This position is also responsible for new employee data input into Banner, payroll time entry, insurance enrollment, maintenance of records,…

MSU team receives $776K grant to develop new, complementary COVID-19 testing method

A new grant from the state of Montana will support Montana State University researchers as they explore a faster and less costly method for COVID-19 testing which, when used in conjunction with existing testing methods, could ultimately improve the access to and the speed of testing.

Helena Public Schools adopt data-based model for changing phases of operations

“What the board really approved on Tuesday was a commitment that we would use data – and particularly local data – as an indicator in informing decisions that we need to make,” he said.

State-backed seed capital fund hits the ground running

A new capital fund seeded with state money got off to a quick start and has made investments in a half dozen young technology companies since launching two months ago.

A little rainy day inspiration from Kurt Vonnegut.

“Seriously! I mean starting right now, do art and do it for the rest of your lives.”

University of Montana, City of Missoula consider merging resources, services (It’s about time!)

“Why don’t we merge resources? We’re in budget constraints, why don’t we merge libraries, why don’t we merge police departments?”

“We can’t be seen as this little enclave across the Clark Fork (River). We actually have to be integrated with the community,” said Reed Humphrey, acting UM provost.

STEM careers require the same kind of creative thinking as the arts, says new research

Surprisingly, creativity is general in nature, according to a new study that has big implications for education.

Teleworking in a parking lot. School on a flash drive. The coronavirus prompts new urgency for rural Internet access.

“We’re trying to send people to Mars, but we can’t get our own population connected to the network?” said Gregory Goergen, who has sometimes gone with his children to a Sheetz parking lot to get work done online.

New app Mammalz helps connect people with nature

A new social media application is looking to change the way we interact with nature. It’s a platform that combines the best worlds of Instagram and Twitch.

The Underappreciated Value of America’s Community Colleges – Two-Year Education Providers in Montana

They can play a larger role in rebuilding economies, breathing life into broken communities and enhancing diversity. Providing 14 years of free public education is an idea that deserves a closer look.