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There’s dinosaurs in them there hills: Prehistoric lizards and homesteaders mingle at the Carter County, Montana Museum

There’s not much better than a small town museum. You know the ones. They’re usually off the main drag, but not too far, because they need the traffic. Usually they’re free, but sometimes it’s a couple bucks. But you happily fork it over.

The Key to Fundraising for Startups Is Alumni Networks. Here’s the Surprise.

Investors are more likely to fund founders who attended the same university. But it’s not all about elite degrees in Silicon Valley.

Rocky Vista Montana College receives approval to recruit, accept students

“Montana needs more physicians,” said Steve Arveschoug, executive director of Big Sky Economic Development. “We need more in primary care. We need to be able to refer more doctors to rural, underserved parts of our state, so everybody got the need.”

Missoula Public Library Named World’s Best in 2022 – Great Video

“… Missoula Public Library has it all. The building stands out for its beautiful architecture that pays homage to the surrounding landscape, while functioning as a library with a wealth of offers and possibilities that also serves as a meeting place for the local community. The library, therefore, scores highly against all the award’s criteria. It’s a library that you would relish having in your own local area. It’s a library built for the future,” said Jury chair Jakob Guillois Lærkes at the July, 2022 World Library event, hosted in Dublin.

The 15 best tech podcasts you need to listen to right now

Here are our favorite podcasts on tech news, gadgets, crypto, Web3, startups, Apple, and more.

Code Girls United incorporating summer programs

Code Girls United is a statewide after-school program that teaches girls in fourth through eighth grade all about coding, the terms, and how to create their own apps.

FCC calls 25 Mbps ‘broadband’ speed. The push is on to up it to 100.

The FCC has been using the same, dated definition since 2015.

Beyond books: The 21st century public library – CBS Sunday Morning

No shushing here! The modern library is more than just a repository of books. Correspondent Conor Knighton checks out how today’s libraries are public spaces designed to foster connections while keeping pace with technology and the needs of the community.

Biden administration urges Montana Governor Greg Gianforte to push broadband assistance program

Vice President Kamala Harris wrote a letter to Gov. Greg Gianforte this week saying as many as 151,000 Montana households are still eligible for discounted internet service.

The Human Resource Development Council of District IX, Inc. (HRDC) Head Start enrollment filling fast, offering child care scholarship to Bozeman families

The program, funded through the Head Start grant, is free education for preschool children aged 3-5 years old for qualifying families.