Come Home South Dakota

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Come Home – Making a small town home

“Being able to see the fruits of my labor gave me purpose. Being in a small town, I feel like you can create greater change, and you see it faster,” she said.

The Simple Privilege of Resettling to a Small Town

A big city journalist follows through on a “crazy” idea of moving to a place where adults are satisfied, children have support, and people look out for each other.

Technology and the Talent Shortage – How staffing agencies are adapting to the supply and demand gap.

“Employers need to embrace greater inclusivity when recruiting and hiring and give qualified individuals a second chance at success in life — particularly when the U.S. labor market is the tightest in history.”

Something Special Is Happening in Rural America

There is a “brain gain” afoot that suggests a national homecoming to less bustling spaces.

North and South Dakota Career Opportunities – Economic Development Representative DEU

This position requires the incumbent to have experience in grants management, developing economic development stategies for regions or communities and analyze socio-economic trends within regions or communities.

Mitchell, South Dakota — Home of the Brain Gain

Traditionally known for its Corn Palace, the South Dakota city has invested in high-tech infrastructure and created a new identity based on old strengths of community.

South Dakota Companies Lose Money Amid Labor Shortage

At 4.3 percent South Dakota’s unemployment rate was about half the national average of 8.3 percent in February and the nation’s third lowest.

In South Dakota, plenty of jobs, not enough workers

While governors in almost every other state are focused on bringing businesses to their states to help put millions of unemployed residents back to work, Governor Daugaard faces the opposite problem: not enough workers for the jobs that do exist.

Students create plans to revive Mobridge, South Dakota

The hope is that Mobridge’s 3,500 residents can see the possibilities for their town – at no cost – while students gain valuable planning experience in a real-world setting.

Wyoming Company Seeks 200 Teachers In South Dakota Expansion

The company trains teachers to use its platform and curriculum, and then lets them set their own hours and teach the English classes from home or from an Eleutian center.