2024 Montana Legislature and Politics

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Long-distance rail route through southern Montana garners another nod from feds

The Federal Railroad Administration identified 15 routes, including the North Coast Hiawatha, for new or restored passenger rail service.

Missoula County, Montana contract to provide guidance on converting sheds to housing

Some see the conversion of sheds into tiny houses, or accessory dwelling units, as a possible way to combat housing affordability. If done right, experts say the results can be budget friendly “and incredibly charming.”

Governor’s Housing Task Force – Meeting Notice March 8, 2024 – Zoom and Helena

The purpose of this meeting is to review and discuss Assignment #2: Analysis that focused on housing development case study examples and other information with an emphasis on finding Common Themes and Key Factors.

‘It Just Happens Here:’ In a Perfect Storm of Risk Factors, Montanans Grapple with Barriers to Mental Health Care

According to the National Alliance for Mental Illness, around half of the 47,000 Montana adults who needed, but didn’t receive, mental health care in 2020 weren’t able to access it because of costs.

Career-building resource for low-income people in jeopardy with recent changes at state level

“I knew the trade-off—but me and my four children left my ex-husband for safety, and I knew what the trade-off would be, which is poverty,” says Rep. Mary Caferro.

Gianforte says statewide sales tax off the table as his property tax task force gears up

An analysis by Montana Free Press found that property taxes rose on median by 21% on residential properties this year, driven partly by historic home value growth that has transferred tax burden onto residences from other types of properties. That analysis also found that tax bills decreased this year for many industrial properties owned by large businesses.

Can Funding Counties Directly Help Them Overcome Their Biggest Problems?

Thousands of county officials came to Washington, D.C., to make the case with Congress that funding counties directly is the best way to improve lives across the country’s diverse rural and urban communities.

Missoula Co. Public Schools superintendent email to staff warns of cuts

Missoula County Public Schools is facing a budget crisis, and it could lead to a decrease in school budgets, cut programs and layoffs.

The U.S. needs homes. But first, it needs the workers to build them.

Montana becomes a model for an apprentice training program