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School privatization schemes are being pushed in Montana

Montanans Organized for Education’s (MOFE) 16,000 members — including parents, students, community members and teachers — stand in opposition to school privatization (sometimes called “school choice” by proponents).

Momentum Continues in University of Montana’s First Year as ‘R1’ Research University

During the past decade, expenditures from research grants have more than doubled at the University. This past fall reported research expenditures were a record $126 million, up $4 million from the year before. UM experienced a 129% increase from the $55 million reported in 2014.

Reading, writing, and paychecks. What’s a teacher worth?

A teacher-turned-congresswoman, Rep. Frederica Wilson, a Democrat from Florida, introduced the American Teacher Act.

Designed as a four-year federal grant program, the bill, set to be reintroduced in Congress on Wednesday, would help states lift their starting teacher salaries to $60,000, boost pay for veteran teachers, and make cost-of-living adjustments tied to inflation.

Montana Governor Gianforte declares January as the Education Month on Jan 27.

WHEREAS, as our students learn, their parents, who are their first and lifetime teachers, deserve to have their voices heard and be a part of their child’s education; and,

The Airplane Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) Free 4-year high school aviation based STEM program needs your support

The aviation industry, including commercial airlines, aircraft manufacturers, and aviation magazines are all projecting over a million job vacancies in the next 10-15 years.  You can help train the pilots of the future.

University of Montana Honors College Joins Network to Train Students for Food, Climate, Ag Careers

“Graduates of the program will enter the workforce with innovative skillsets and mindsets essential for today’s world,” said Tim Nichols, the DCH dean. “As a result of these learning opportunities, our honors graduates will prepare to address the world’s greatest challenges with system approaches that are both informed and compassionate.”

‘It would be a win for everyone’: Missoula, Montana Food Bank and Community Center to explore free school meals

After two years of the nationwide federal free lunch program during the COVID pandemic, the Missoula Food Bank and Community Center is organizing ways to extend that for local students.

Grizzly Promise – If you live in Montana and your family income is $50,000 or less, UM can be tuition-free.

That’s because UM keeps a 130-year old commitment that every Montana student has a light to be kindled. We don’t pride ourselves on whom we keep out. We’re made better by wide open doors to an education, no matter your family income. That’s a Grizzly Promise.

University of Montana to Honor MLK’s Legacy with President’s Lecture Series – Jan. 26 – UM Campus and Zoom

Titled “Becoming King: How a Wavering Teenager Became a Global Icon,” the lecture will serve as UM’s Martin Luther King Jr. Day principal event. The talk at 7:30 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 26, will be held at UM’s Alice Lund Instructional Auditorium and can be viewed live on Zoom by registering in advance. It is free and open to the public.

University of Montana Autism Network (UMAN) – ‘Intentional, autistic space’: new student group creates student-led network for autistic peers

“My goal for creating UMAN was to create an intentional autistic space for other autistic students at UM,” Mebust said. “Talking about our own experiences and identity is something that I tend to do with any autistic person I meet. It’s something integral to myself and others that few can relate to, and UMAN was made to make the most out of that.”