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Why Business Needs “Ignition Schools”

Ignition Schools stoke innovation and mint founders.

Key findings from 2023 Montana STEM Summit to be presented online Dec. 12

The Dec. 12 presentation will include STEM data for Montana and the nation; challenges and opportunities as identified by summit participants; and suggestions for advancing STEM in Montana. Attendees, especially those who were unable to attend the April summit, can also contribute ideas and feedback.

You should have more friends of all ages

Intergenerational friendships make your life richer. Here’s how to cultivate them.

University of Montana receives $12.3M National Institutes of Health contract for work on TB vaccine

Last month, the Missoula flagship announced UM and its research partners were awarded a five-year contract to develop a new “adjuvant” to be used with the TB vaccine.

UM to Recognize Montana Constitutional Delegate Mae Nan Ellingson with Honorary Doctorate

Ellingson, a two-time UM graduate, was the youngest delegate to the 1972 Constitutional Convention and one of 19 women out of 100 delegates to serve.

Montana’s educational leaders gather to review new laws, initiatives 

Officials discuss teacher retention, charter schools and university enrollment, among other topics.

Montana to launch language, educational exchange programs with Taiwan

The first group of Montana Tech students studied abroad in Taiwan this summer thanks to 2022 MOU between the university and Minghsin University of Science and Technology in Hsinchu, Taiwan.

Bad grammar cause real physical stress, study finds

A new study has shown, for the first time, what many of us have long felt: that observing grammar mistakes can trigger negative physical reactions, including one that stems from the part of our sympathetic nervous system that initiates the fight or flight response.

Montana Bioscience Cluster Initiative – October 2023 Newsletter

In case you haven’t had a chance to check out the lineup at the Scaling MT Summit, we will be featuring some of the all-star lineup of speakers over the next few days. Starting with Emily Leproust of Twist Bioscience:

Missoula, Bozeman to spearhead new Montana ‘Tech Hub’

Montana Senator Jon Tester led a panel discussion in Missoula earlier this year where participants began planning their approach to compete for one of the 30 new Tech Hubs. The effort panned out and Montana was selected from a field of 200 applicants.