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Meta AI unveils free ‘Seamless’ translator for real-time communication across languages

SeamlessStreaming enables near real-time translation with only about two seconds of latency. The researchers say it is the “first massively multilingual model” to deliver such fast translation speeds across nearly 100 spoken and written languages.

Detroit becomes first city to install wireless-charging roadway in the US

The basic idea behind the technology is, rather than drivers of electric vehicles having to factor in stops to top up batteries, inductive coils embedded under roads could wirelessly send power over a short air gap to receivers mounted under EVs and juice up the cells when vehicles are parked up or moving along.

Registration Now Open: 2024 NADO & DDAA Washington Conference – 3/11-13 – Washington, D.C.

Join the National Association of Development Organizations (NADO) and the Development District Association of Appalachia (DDAA) for sessions focused on regional development, the federal landscape, and the programs and policies that matter most to Regional Development Organizations and their stakeholders. 

Creating Healthy Neighborhoods from the Ground Up

For years, a conservation-focused legal foundation and a nonprofit housing financier have partnered with local governments, investors, researchers and developers to lay the foundation for healthy neighborhoods.

New Biden Rule Requires States To Track CO2 Emissions

Is a mandated reporting rule a step too far, or do we need to know exactly where each of these states stand in terms of their contribution to global greenhouse emissions?

Here Are Three Reasons Why Electric Cars Will Soon Be Less Expensive

The EV revolution is barely 12 years old. It started in earnest in 2011 when the Tesla Model S first went on sale.

You should have more friends of all ages

Intergenerational friendships make your life richer. Here’s how to cultivate them.

The Morality of Having Kids in a Burning, Drowning World

“It seems increasingly clear,” Crist continues, “that we are living in a time of radical destabilisation of life on Earth which complicates the act of bearing children in ways that society has yet to grapple with.”

States Should Reform Fast E-Bike Regulations To Reduce Emissions

We’ve got to be looking at other EVs that basically everyone can afford.

Gas-Powered Vehicle Scrappage Exchange Programs Inspire More EV Sales

With scrappage programs, pollution-spewing vehicles become capital for the purchase of a clean car. What are some of the nuances involved, as outlined by the IEA?