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Inside the design of Zoox, Amazon’s quirky, self-driving car

In an exclusive interview, Co.Design sat down with Zoox’s industrial design team to discuss the details shaping its unique rideshare vehicle.

Vertical farms in Jackson, Wyoming: A new form of agriculture – Why not in your community?

In downtown Jackson, Wyoming, a small plot of land, 30 by 150 feet, produces 100,000 pounds of produce a year, thanks to a farm that soars in the air. Correspondent Martha Teichner looks at the growing industry of locally-sourced vertical farms for urban communities.

REPORT: How innovation will change the world in 2022

From recycled building walls that trap and store carbon, to an app that teaches people to trust the news again, this is a report that give us cause for hope.

Californians Are Driving This Colorado College Town’s Luxury Market

The location is sought after, though buyers may have renovations to do depending on their standards, a common occurrence in properties listed under $5 million.

Free Book from the Fed Aims to Highlight Effective Rural Development

Creating prosperity in small towns and rural areas will take renewed investment and changing the kinds of stories we tell about rural America.

Rural Rising: Paper Examines What Makes a Thriving Rural America

Research highlights key themes around economic development opportunities for smaller communities, with an emphasis on work flexibility and a need for reliable broadband.

An Interstate Across America — For Everyone Besides Drivers, That Is — Would Pay For Itself in No Time

According to a new report from the Rails-to-Trails Conservancy, completion of the Great American Rail-Trail — a 3,700-mile shared-use path stretching from the Capitol steps in Washington, D.C. to the coast of Washington State — would generate more than $350 million per year in economic activity in the form of tax revenue, income for workers, and tourism dollars for local communities.

More investors buying mobile home parks, leaving residents behind. How do you define GREED?

Mobile Home Park University is an organization that runs a boot camp to help investors looking to buy these parks.

According to them, “the fact that tenants can’t afford the $5,000 it costs to move a mobile home keeps revenues stable and makes it easy to raise rents without losing any occupancy.”

MUSK SEE: Three Reasons Why Congestion Decreases When Cities ‘Delete’ Road Lanes

A wildly inaccurate comment from Elon Musk about the traffic impacts of deleting lanes for drivers is prompting a conversation about the little-known phenomenon of “reduced demand” — and how advocates can better debunk common congestion myths that powerful, but often ill-informed, people continue to promulgate.

There’s a Cheap Solution to the Electric Vehicle Charging Conundrum

What we actually need is an approach that takes advantage of an EV’s strengths: most notably, its ability to charge anywhere and anytime. And it doesn’t have to be nearly as expensive as you might think.

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