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How To Cash In On Billions In Green Home Improvement Tax Credits And Rebates

While the credits for buyers of electric vehicles (both new and used) have grabbed much of the attention, their cost pales in comparison to the tens of billions in tax credits and rebates for homeowners investing in everything from solar panels to heat pumps to new windows to electric stoves.

Where Housing Costs Are Falling Fastest

Western cities like Seattle, Las Vegas and San Jose are feeling the sting of economic headwinds and experiencing house price and volume drops.

Rethinking Road Expansions

While many transportation agencies continue to expand highways, some major cities are shifting away from building more roads, bucking decades of car-centric planning. As Jared Brey reports in Governing, a few isolated cases are raising hopes that highway expansion will no longer be the status quo.

Rent prices hit all-time high, but reports signal a coming cool down

Prices are up more than eleven percent compared to 2021. The average one-bedroom costs $1,503 per month, while the average two-bedroom costs $1,845.

‘Girls Who Code’ book series temporarily banned in Pennsylvania school district

One among many titles in peril across classrooms in America.

Why tackling climate change means a stronger economy — according to Janet Yellen

If we were more dependent on the wind and the sun for electric power, we would be much less vulnerable to the kind of geopolitical shocks that we’re experiencing with Russia and Ukraine and, of course, other parts of the world where there are issues that can lead to skyrocketing oil prices.

Recyclable turbine blades now available for onshore wind energy projects

The company reports that, although around 85% of a wind turbines can be fully recycled at the end of their working lives, many of their huge blades end up in landfill. The RecyclableBlades project was created to change that.

Radically Rural: How Investing in Branding Is Helping Rural Communities Come Out on Top

The pandemic expanded opportunities for workers to have more choice about where they live. Rural places could benefit.

How will downtowns across America change in the next decade? Public invited to Missoula Midtown Association planning open house – 9/27 – YMCA

“Downtowns are going to have to readjust and reimagine what they want to be and I see them as becoming more mixed-used,”

The pandemic child care crisis is still here

Nearly 90,000 fewer people are working in the child care industry today compared to February 2020.