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Meet the man who wants to electrify every building in America – Montana PSC warns natural gas bills could rise 50% or more

Donnel Baird’s startup, BlocPower, has already electrified 1,200 low-income buildings in New York City—and he’s just getting started.

China says 85% of citizens will use Mandarin by 2025

Critics have sporadically protested changes to the education system and employment requirements that have steadily eroded the role of minority languages, calling it a campaign to eradicate cultures that don’t conform with the dominant Han ethnic group.

Assessing the Success of San Francisco’s Safer Intersections Project

A campaign to improve pedestrian safety at dangerous intersections in San Francisco using traffic calming and driver education led to significant reductions in speed and unsafe left turns, according to a report from SFMTA.

Today’s TED Talk – Dear world leaders, these are our climate demands

Investing in green energy, holding large corporations accountable for their pollution, stopping pipeline and oil extraction initiatives — these are non-negotiable actions to protect the planet, but they are still just the bare minimum, say climate activists Xiye Bastida and Shiv Soin. In conversation with radio researcher Latif Nasser, Bastida and Soin share their list of six crucial climate demands for world leaders — and discuss how we all can get involved.

Is the On-Demand Model Foundational to the Future of Transit?

On-demand transit projects, like Metro Micro in Los Angeles, are proving instructive to how larger fixed-route services can evolve to be more convenient, flexible and equitable forms of mobility.

Mayors Cite Electric Vehicles As Top Climate Tech Priority

A recent survey shows U.S. city leaders are putting net-zero vehicles at the top of their climate agendas, along with public buildings, solar energy and LED lighting. 

Climate change fuels a water rights conflict built on over a century of broken promises

The simple way to think about this crisis: There’s no longer enough water to go around to meet the needs of farmers and Native American populations as well as fish and birds.

66 former Bay Area residents were paid to move to Tulsa. Here’s how one is finding it.

After researching a series of programs, Rollins settled on the ongoing Tulsa Remote, which encourages remote workers to move to the Oklahoma city with a series of incentives, including a $10,000 grant. 

Waymo’s Robotic Semis To Haul Cargo For UPS Amid Tight Freight Demand

Waymo, Alphabet Inc.’s autonomous driving unit, is expanding a partnership with UPS beyond urban delivery vans to include robotic semi-trucks to haul much bigger loads for the global logistics giant

These Americans Are Just Going Around in Circles. It Saves Lives and Helps the Climate.

An Indiana city has the most roundabouts in the country. They’ve saved lives and reduced injuries from crashes — and lowered carbon emissions.