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The environmental cost of beef vs. chicken? Tuna vs. salmon? Compare dozens of foods here.

Knowing what to eat to minimize impact on the planet can feel like an impossible task: Eat locally? Skip meat? Opt for organic, free range, humanely raised?

Missoula now Montana’s 2nd busiest airport; service to New York, anyone?

Missoula saw 425,000 passengers board a plane in 2022

Is broadband available near you? This updated FCC map can tell you. Maybe.

A completely accurate map, however, could still leave a reader dismayed because it correctly conveys an unpleasant truth: At too many U.S. addresses, broadband either remains out of reach or is only available from one company.

Big Sky Passenger Rail Authority Inaugural Newsletter January 2023

Today, more than 2,000 miles from the Great Lake to the Pacific and 800 miles from Great Falls to Denver no longer have access to passenger rail service. It’s time to provide passenger rail service to all of America.

America’s Best New Bike Lanes

PeopleForBikes highlights some of the most exciting new bike infrastructure projects completed in 2022.

What The Least Populated Part of the United States (parts of Montana, Wyoming and the Dakotas) Can Teach Us About Climate Change

Today’s information society should make the areas suitable for more population, right? There’s another problem with this arid area that has kept most people out until fairly recently: wild temperature fluctuations. Arctic air and hot air can both spread pretty easily in the region, making it just not a very pleasant place for people to settle.

Montana Senator Jon Tester’s Bipartisan Bill Aims to Protect American Farmland from Foreign Entities

In addition to protecting American agricultural land from foreign entities, the Promoting Agriculture Safeguards and Security (PASS) Act would add the Secretary of Agriculture as a standing member of the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) to consider agriculture needs when making determinations affecting national security, and require a report to Congress from USDA on the risks posed by foreign takeovers of U.S. businesses engaged in agriculture.

Bakken Energy’s plans for North Dakota hydrogen hub fizzle

Plans to convert a synthetic gas facility in Beulah, North Dakota, into one of the nation’s largest hydrogen-production facilities and to make it a significant piece in a regional hub of hydrogen production have fallen through.

This Robot Electric Cargo Plane Could Be The Start Of A Wave That Transforms Shipping

The company says the electric plane’s low operating costs — expected to be $15 a flight hour due to lower energy and maintenance costs — and its ability to take off and land in just 500 feet on rough dirt or grass airstrips will enable it to serve remote communities that currently depend on boats or ground transportation for necessities.

A new platform is helping to democratise investing by making it easy for retail investors to support impact projects – New software tools support ESG investment

Enter fintech startup GoParity, and its platform that brings together social and environmental impact projects looking for funding with people who want to invest in sustainability.