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‘You start to feel stupid’: Tech workers can’t leave San Francisco fast enough – How Working From Home Is Changing Where We Live

Some cities have set up recruiting programs to lure them to new homes. Miami’s mayor has been inviting tech people to move there in his Twitter posts.

Paris is turning its iconic street into pedestrian gardens

The Champs-Élysées is getting a major renovation—one that will remove most of the cars.

Champs-Élysées Makeover Inspires U.S. Advocates To Push for Better City Arterials

As Parisians celebrate a new plan to pedestrianize the Champs-Élysées and cut car traffic in half, Americans street safety advocates demand redesigns for their own cities’ dangerous downtown arteries.

Small Towns Provide Fertile Ground for Smart Urbanism

That emphasis on connecting residential with commercial has paid off.

‘Housing Choice’ Approved in Massachusetts

The Housing Choice initiative, one of the country’s most sweeping planning and development reforms to date, was included in a large economic development package approved by the Massachusetts Legislature earlier this week.

Sweden’s ‘One-Minute City’ Reimagines the Street at a Hyper-Local Level

The ultimate goal is hugely ambitious: a rethink and makeover of every street in the country over this decade, so that “every street in Sweden is healthy, sustainable and vibrant by 2030.”

The 25 coolest towns in America to visit in 2021 – Big Sky, Montana

When we peek through the magnifying glass, it’s that resilience that looms largest.

Make Way for the ‘One-Minute City’

While the “15-minute city” model promotes neighborhood-level urban planning, Sweden is pursuing a hyper-local twist: a scheme to redesign every street in the nation.  

Smart Growth C’est Bon! Compact infill development can create affordable, inclusive and attractive cities, like Montreal, “plus belle ville au monde.”

This video, titled Push, i argues that housing problems are caused by “fiscalization,” and should be solved by declaring housing a human right.

Supermarket parking lots transformed into urban farms

A company specializing in plant walls has started setting up vertical fields in supermarkets, allowing customers to buy food grown just feet away