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This city has a plan to stop homelessness by the end of the year

In 2018, the city became the first in the country to reach a goal of “functional zero” for veteran homelessness, meaning that at any given time, while a veteran may become homeless, it’s rare, and they quickly find housing.

States Invest in the Outdoor Recreation by Opening Offices Dedicated to the Sector’s Growth

“Outdoor recreation represents over 5 percent of our economy and $70 billion in annual consumer spending in Montana, and creates more than 71,000 jobs.” Rachel VandeVoort, director of the Montana Office of Outdoor Recreation

A $100 Million Bet That Vacationland Can Be a Tech Hub, Too

If the effort succeeds, it could provide a template for the many American cities struggling to share in the nation’s prosperity.

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Economic Development Marketing but Were Afraid to Ask – 2/27

Top off your place marketing skills with this practical look at social media, site selection data, analytics and more.

Massachusetts Pursues Its Own Route to Broadband Expansion

Since 2016, more than a dozen rural communities in Massachusetts have gained high-speed Internet with state support. Mount Washington and Montgomery, with populations under 1,000, have unique stories to tell.

California governor wants to expand preschool and create new early child development department

“We don’t want to go slow here. We just want to do this right. It’s high-quality access to affordable preschool and child care. Let us not make the mistake of getting ahead of ourselves. Let’s do this right and thoughtfully,” Newsom said.

Zero bikers or pedestrians were killed by cars in Oslo last year: What can the U.S. learn from its success?

“In most of our U.S. cities and our nation, we don’t prioritize human life.”

California’s new gig worker law is disrupting the music industry and threatening all performing arts

California has overreached in its effort to address the challenges in today’s tech platform gig-work economy.

What California (and other states) Can Learn from Paris, France About Tackling a Housing Crisis

Though Paris and its suburbs house less than one-third the population of California, the region produced more new homes last year than the entire Golden State.

Denser Housing Is Gaining Traction on America’s East Coast

Maryland joins Virginia with a new proposal to tackle the affordable housing crisis. And it’s sweeping in its ambition.