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Texas Welding Shop Specializing in Custom BBQ Smokers Staffed Entirely High School Students

What an incredible program.

New York City Passes Sweeping Climate Legislation

The nation’s largest and most economically influential city passed a historic bill Thursday capping climate-changing pollution from big buildings and mandating unprecedented cuts to greenhouse gases.

Why Did Arkansas Change Its Mind on Municipal Broadband?

Eight years after banning cities and towns from building high-speed internet networks, state lawmakers unanimously reversed course. Will more red states follow?

Car-free Sundays are the norm in Colombia’s capital city, Bogotá

Imagine your city without cars

Boston’s path to universal preschool offers lessons for other cities

Studies have shown that kids in preschool programs have a higher chance of graduating from high school, obtaining a college degree, and getting a job.

Colorado Tried a New Way to Vote: Make People Pay—Quadratically

The state reps could have just voted, of course, but each of those 41 Democrats in the House was probably the sponsor of at least one of those bills.

Vermont Utility Green Mountain Power Commits to 100% Renewables by 2030

Utility will “dramatically” boost its in-state renewables portfolio and increasingly lean on storage, expanding on its existing hydropower base.

Colorado CIO Brings a Private-Sector Mindset to Government

“it’s OK to fail” philosophy

TECSBA Regional Innovation Cluster awardees revealed including MonTEC in Missoula, Montana

Seven regional innovation cluster (RIC) initiatives have each been awarded $500,000 from the U.S. Small Business Administration.

Rather Than Banning Cars, Amsterdam Reduces On-Street Parking

On-street parking spaces will gradually be replaced, starting July 1, with bike lanes, sidewalks, and trees.

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