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Britain Is Creating a Government Organization Devoted to Biking and Walking

The new push to promote and fund active travel is as much about improving health as it is about curbing pollution.

Maine Becomes First State to Ban Styrofoam Containers and Cups

It never goes away. Like other plastics, scientists estimate it will take between 500 and a million years to break down into tiny pieces, while never fully biodegrading.

Chicago Wants to Make Its Student Broadband Program Permanent To Make Sure They Are Never Without Broadband Again. What Is Your Community Doing?

“What the quarantine and coronavirus did was really elevate how significant an issue this has been for a very long time,” Anello said. “We’ve always thought of the Internet as a luxury, and the truth is coronavirus made us realize it’s a necessity.”

New Office, Leadership Will Drive Future Mobility in Michigan – The Office of Future Mobility and Electrification

The Office of Future Mobility and Electrification is set to become a catalyst of transportation innovation in the state. Trevor Pawl, a former executive at the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, will lead that charge.

Support Grows for Guaranteed Income Among America’s Mayors

More city leaders are committing to explore universal basic income experiments that are grounded in civil rights ideals.

Upcoming School Year Reinforces Broadband Access Concerns

The report also discusses potential short- and long-term solutions: subsidies; hot spots; expanded Wi-Fi in public spaces such as parks, community centers and pedestrian areas; and public-private partnerships to help make sure that high-speed internet access is available to all.

Vermont just banned food waste in trash. Here’s how it works

Vermont officials won’t be digging through trash cans looking for lawbreakers—but they believe residents care enough about composting to make it a success.

Covid-19 Is Accelerating Human Transformation—Let’s Not Waste It

From gene editing to brain computer interfaces, our ability to engineer biological systems will redefine our species and its relation to all other species and the planet.

The Pro-Bike Van Moof Ad That’s Too Hot for French TV

It’s the bike ad the French government doesn’t want you to see.

‘One Million Jobs’ – a fascinating input from a think tank

‘Australia drank the free-trade juice and decided that off-shoring was OK. Well, that era is gone’