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Want to Fix Urban Sprawl? Ditch the Cul-de-Sac

“The question is, can we build cities that provide travel choices that aren’t car dependent, that are sustainable and equitable?”

Adam Millard-Ball UC Santa Cruz

Hawaii governor to extend traveler quarantine past June

The pandemic has bludgeoned Hawaii’s economy, triggering what University of Hawaii economists called “the sharpest and deepest economic downturn in the state’s modern history.”

London creates massive car-free zones as the city reopens

How do you simultaneously discourage people from riding public transportation, avoid automobile gridlock and maintain social distancing?

Property Tax System in Delaware Ruled Unconstitutional- Many U.S. states including California, Washington, Massachusetts and Connecticut offer seniors the ability to defer all of their property taxes.

Some will pay more, and some will pay less as the ruling forces assessments to come in line with reality.

How Smart City Planning Could Slow Future Pandemics

Corburn recommends placing cities’ highest budget, best designed, most beautiful new projects in the poorest, most neglected areas.

Finland’s Universal Basic Income Trial Elicits Positive Results And Improved Wellbeing

The study offered an opportunity to test how getting no-strings-attached money would change recipients’ job-seeking behavior and affect their mental health.

Idaho cuts $99 million from the school budget. And another cut looms this summer.

Without the cuts, Idaho will not balance next year’s budget.

Amsterdam is now using the ‘doughnut’ model of economics. Is your city and state listening?

It’s a simple way to illustrate an economic system where the city doesn’t let anyone fall into poverty, while also living within a sustainable environmental footprint.

In Easter message, Pope Francis proposes universal basic income

He described it as an opportunity for affluent societies to “downshift” and re-evaluate patterns of consumption and exploitation.

This is How an Economy Dies

Coronavirus will finish a job that began in earnest about two decades ago: the death of the American middle class.