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These 15 mind-blowing bike projects will make you hate your regular bike lane

The projects featured in the new Bicycle Architecture Biennale–from bike lanes through a pond to soaring bike bridges–highlight just how beautiful and transformative bike infrastructure can be when done right.

U.S. Escalates Online Attacks on Russia’s Power Grid

“to say to Russia, or anybody else that’s engaged in cyberoperations against us, ‘You will pay a price.’”

Maine Passes State-Level Green New Deal for Workforce Development

“The renewable energy transition can bring Maine down or it can lift us up,” Maxmin said. “That’s up to us to decide. It’s up to political bodies to decide.”

Rhode Island RFP Has Long List of Uses for Blockchain

Rhode Island officials are looking to the private sector to help them become the first state to implement blockchain technology across multiple agencies, thereby increasing government efficiency in several areas.

Rural brewers craft a niche by tapping into a new business model

“Brew me a beer I can sell more than once,” Paul told his son.

Eversource Wants to Back Up an Entire Rural Town With Batteries Large and Small

Can grid resiliency finally pay for itself?

The Largest Co-Housing Building in the World Is Coming to San Jose

The co-living startup Starcity plans to build an 800-unit, 18-story “dorm for adults” to help affordably house Silicon Valley’s booming workforce.

How to Cut 10,000 Parking Spaces Without Anyone Complaining

A new short film celebrates bike-friendly Amsterdam’s no-drama strategy for eliminating car parking: “It’s not a big deal here.”

Copenhagen Update: On-Street Auto Parking Replaced by Bike Parking

Copenhagen may have already met its bicycling goal of 50 percent of modal share for commuting, but it needs to improve the share for all trips. With less funding available, the city is pursuing low...

How the Melanzana Makerspace Has Helped Make Main Street Leadville a Colorado Destination

What up, Leadville!” shouted a bike messenger whizzing by as my husband and I were walking down the street in San Francisco a few years ago.

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