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MapLab: The High Cost of Wide Streets – The End of Carcatecture.

“As we embark on building back better from the Covid-19 pandemic, the time has come to return urban streets to people.”

What 631 Cities Tell Us About the Future

A record number of cities submitted proposals to Bloomberg Philanthropies’ Mayors Challenge this year. Their ideas show where urban innovation is headed.

Maine tries to shift the cost of recycling onto companies instead of taxpayers

“We have to face this problem and use our own ingenuity to solve it,”

Purdue University Global launches free course on remote work

The five-module, self-paced course is designed to be completed in five to seven hours. It will provide organizational employees and leaders with the knowledge and resources to effectively contribute in remote work contexts.

New Buildings Lure Tenants With Free Rent

To fill empty buildings, developers have been offering generous concessions, including up to five months of free rent.

Gallatin College MSU Photonics Students

Maryland Puts Millions Toward Expanding Its Tech Workforce

Gov. Larry Hogan has invested $6.5 million into strategic partnerships through an employment program aimed at boosting information technology, cybersecurity and green jobs training.

Wisconsin Gov Pushes for Remote Work, New Citizen Portal

The pandemic proved that letting employees work from home gets the job done, Brennan said. Now, Evers’ administration aims to build on that momentum and offer permanently remote positions to enable the state to recruit staff from anywhere in Wisconsin.

California’s snowpack is 0% of June 1 average. Here’s what that means.

It’s another sign that California is in a drought with a historic crisis looming.

In Pursuit of Equality, French Cities Adopt Gendered Budgets

The concept of a gendered budget isn’t new.

A Daring 50-Year Vision for the San Francisco Bay Area – What Does Your Community Plan Look Like?

The SPUR Regional Strategy sets a new standard for planning advocacy, not only for the depth and breadth of its vision, but for its skill in execution.