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Indiana to Kick Off Rural Broadband Program Next Week

According to a press release, places with Internet speeds “of less than 25 Mbps (download) and 3 Mbps (upload)” are eligible. Those numbers correspond with the Federal Communications Commission’s definition of broadband.

Nation’s First ‘Zero-Driving Community’ Takes Shape in Tempe

Slated to open in 2022, Culdesac Tempe contractually forbids personal vehicles from parking within a quarter-mile radius of the project site.

‘Playable’ Cities Are the Next Public-Space Frontier

How everyday infrastructure and street furniture can stoke human imagination — and contribute to residents’ well being.

Norway bans gas cars in 2025. But trends point toward 100% EV sales as early as April

The downward trend in sales for gas cars has been so consistent and steep that the last new gas car sale in Norway could happen just seven months from now, in April 2022.

Wyoming plan notes Montana rail authority’s push to restore southern passenger route

Now, with a firm base of support and an infrastructure bill sitting before Congress, the rail authority’s efforts to restore passenger service are moving closer to reality. Those efforts have caught the attention of other authorities – such as the Southern Rail Commission – and other states, including Idaho and Wyoming.

The Liberation of Paris From Cars Is Working

Over the past six years, Paris has done more than almost any city in the world to take space back from cars.

S.F. is finally building tiny cabins for homeless people. One reason: it may be cheaper than tents

After years of resistance, San Francisco is finally jumping onto the trend of sheltering homeless people in tiny homes, with plans to install them on two parking lots about nine blocks away from City Hall.

Self-Guided Delivery Robots Are Getting Wider Deployments

Detroit will be one of three cities to launch autonomous delivery programs using Kiwibots. The small, electric devices will travel on city sidewalks and partner with businesses to explore automated deliveries.

Rural Nevada county details opposition to ‘Innovation Zones’

Mitchell and other county representatives oppose a proposal backed by Democratic Gov. Steve Sisolak that would allow companies that promise a $1.25 billion investment and possess at least 78 square miles (202 square kilometers) of land to apply to form the Innovation Zones.

Michigan to build nation’s first electrified road to wirelessly charge EVs, Whitmer says

Imagine being able to charge an electric vehicle without stopping to plug in.