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MSU Leadership Institute & UM Global Leadership Initiative

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The Greatest Leadership Article I’ve Ever Read

Tactics That Work In The Real World

MSU Leadership Institute – Who’s Responsible for Affordable Housing? – 11/6 – Bozeman

Everyone talks about it, but why is it so hard to do anything about it?

Holocaust survivor, stepsister of Anne Frank to speak Nov. 3 at Montana State University

“As a survivor of the Holocaust – and as someone who knew Anne Frank, who provided a powerful voice for those who did not survive – she has an important and courageous story to share. It is one that must be heard.”

The Rare Sign That Will Instantly Identify Someone as a Great Leader

It’s a skill that runs counter to instant gratification, but it gets long-term results.

MSU Leadership Institute matches students with non-profits

Montana State University’s Boardroom Bobcats places upper level undergraduate and graduate students on nonprofit boards and councils to serve as non-voting members.

University of Montana Names New Cohort for Women’s Leadership Initiative

The WLI program uses a collaborative approach, network building and professional training to build a culture of support for women’s leadership training.

Leadership Traits That Transcend Gender

Ideally, all leaders should strive to arm themselves with these traits.

95% of Stanford MBAs Have Taken This Leadership Course. Now You Can, Too.

Stanford now offers non-students a version of one of its most popular business school courses.

The Fabric of Character

Can fostering character formation in these uncertain times spark meaningful change in people’s lives?

Expanded Baucus University of Montana Student Leaders Cohort Heading to D.C. for Summer Internships

The Baucus Leaders program is provided by the University’s Max Baucus Institute, which recognizes that public service experience inspires students to engage in meaningful work to benefit society.


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