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Why leaders should never want to stop learning

“Hoarding what you know is a great way to shut off the flow of learning in your life, so try to do the opposite every day,”

Montana State recognized for leadership in fostering economic growth, prosperity and innovation

“Our commitment to ensuring the university has a positive impact on talent, innovation and place is exemplified by this designation. We remain focused on working with communities across the state to improve their economic well-being and contribute in meaningful ways to their economic growth.” Alison Harmon, MSU vice president for research and economic development

Intuit’s CEO Just Said AI Is the Reason He’s Laying Off 1,800 Employees. His Memo Is the Worst I’ve Seen Yet – Laying off people who are doing what you told them to is never a good look.

I’m not saying AI isn’t going to change the way people do spreadsheets and budgeting. I’m sure it will. But that doesn’t change the fact that firing a bunch of employees so you can jump on the shiny new thing is not only a bad look, it’s bad leadership.

“AI won’t take your job. It’s somebody using AI that will take your job.”

“41% of leaders (extremely familiar with AI) expect to redesign business processes from the ground up with AI.”

The Critical Computer Science Principles Every Strategic Leader Needs to Know

Technology is such an integral part of so many industries now that business executives can’t afford to leave all the digital know-how to their tech teams. Andy Wu explains the five essential principles of computer science that all leaders need to grasp to gain an edge.

Global Gauntlet – A Trivia Competition of Global Proportions – 9/27- Missoula

This MWAC “signature” fundraiser is a team trivia competition like no other. Modeled after our Academic WorldQuest competition, teams of community supporters vie to test their knowledge on global events. Funds raised from this evening event support the Council’s ongoing efforts to increase global awareness and understanding in Montana’s classrooms and communities and especially supports our Global Education Initiatives.

Welcome to the Montana World Affairs Council

MATR is proud to help support and promote the Montana World Affairs Council and it’s goal of fostering global understanding and awareness in Montana’s communities and classrooms.

International Careers Week 2/5-7 – Montana World Affairs Council – Online

Join the Montana World Affairs Council as we cover a range of different international careers opportunities. Our distinguished guest speakers will discuss with students how they got into their career path, what the career daily life entails, and more! Students will have plenty of time to ask any questions. Programs will be recorded and uploaded to our YouTube. All grade levels are encouraged to participate and are free to join!

Forget Zoom, Meet, and FaceTime: This video-chat app beats them all

Yep is free and works on any device, anywhere—no downloads, sign-ins, or data-sharing required.

Leadership development is broken. Here’s how to fix it

None of today’s commonly used options provide lasting learning at a reasonable cost and timeframe that scales to all leaders in an organization.