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Please invest in the path forward for MSU’s Leadership Institute on Feb. 11 – Montana State University Giving Day 2021

With your support in reaching our $20,000 goal come Feb. 12, the Leadership Institute will be able to continue hosting phenomenal speakers and create innovative programming at little to no expense for students. Your donation on MSU Giving Day 2021 to the Leadership Institute will sustain our capacity to create meaningful programming for students and the wider community.

These are the 3 skills you need to succeed in 2021

If you’re looking to advance your career this year, the executive director of Harvard Business School Online suggests you hone your skills in these key areas.

I’m a high school sophomore. Here’s how schools can teach kids to solve real-world problems

Rather than starting with the solution, students should first be taught to research and investigate the problem.

Today’s TED Talk – 6 essential lessons for women leaders

In a rich conversation full of practical insights, former Prime Minister of Australia Julia Gillard and former Finance Minister of Nigeria Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala reflect on their experiences as women leaders in positions of global power — and share six standout lessons on what it takes to lead and build solidarity in the face of gender bias and stereotypes.

University of Montana Institute Selects First Cohort of Baucus Leaders for Montana

Students chosen for Baucus Leaders Montana will have the opportunity to make a difference as they participate in project-based learning with offices throughout the state in the summer of 2021.

The Miles City Small Business Development Center is hosting Angela Mendoza’s ‘Leading in Times of Crisis’ January 14, 2021 from 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM. 

Glen Klann, the author of Crisis Leadership, states that “During a crisis, your goal is to reduce loss and keep things operating as normal as possible.” Leading in Times of Crisis will teach you the necessary actions to prepare and respond to leading your team through this time.

Local Leadership – The Key To Vermont’s Success

As Vermont faces the challenge of responding to and recovering from Covid-19, strong local organization and action is more important than ever. Please consider joining the network today.

Ronald Reagan – The Importance of Stories

Telling a story, he made me understand, helps make your case in a way that no abstraction can: A story builds an emotional bond, and emotional bonds build trust.

4 strategies to help you learn to take constructive criticism

The most talented people in the world are always a work in progress. They leverage critical feedback from others and don’t get defensive when they get it.

How to Tell in 5 Minutes if Someone Is a Great Leader

Follow this simple technique from Google to identify the best leaders for your team.