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Young people hold the key to creating a better future

On International Youth Day, the executive chairman and founder of the World Economic Forum urges optimism.

Marshall Goldsmith’s 3-Step Process to Becoming a Better Leader

The executive coach on why effective leadership can depend on how you respond to feedback.

Deadline Approaching: Red Ants Pants Foundation Girls Leadership Program – Applications close on August 15, 2021 so please help spread the word!

The dream of building a program to bolster leadership among high school girls in rural communities has been years in the making. And, thanks to your support, we are proudly embarking soon on our 4th year of the program!

7 Ways To Fail In Setting Up Your Board Of Directors

High-performing startups today are the ones that use every resource at their disposal.

Learning to Be a Better Leader

In his latest book, ‘The Edge,’ Wharton management professor Michael Useem profiles 10 chief executives and shares their strategies for sustained success.

Here’s what happened when this company banned meetings

“Work has to deliver joy, and we’re just trying to design the processes in such a way that is both joyful and efficient, so people can concentrate on things that they’re best at,” he says. “Once they start doing more of what they’re good at, they become happier in general.”

Focus on well-being to unlock people’s full potential at work

When people feel cared for as human beings, they will contribute to your company’s performance.

7 Keys To Asking The Right Questions To Be A Leader

Here are some key guidelines that we both offer to entrepreneurs to drive this process:

“A New Angle,” Public Radio to Broadcast UM Professor Justin Angle’s Acclaimed Podcast

Beginning July 1, MTPR will broadcast new episodes of “A New Angle” over its stations across western and central Montana. The show also will continue to be available as a podcast.

Changing Someone’s Mind: A Powerful New Approach

The Goal: To change minds, organizations, industries, and the world — stop trying to persuade, and instead, encourage people to persuade themselves.