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The Answers Are Out There Sean Gerrity
Dear Family, Friends and Colleagues,
I’ve created a new podcast that I hope might interest you. It’s called The Answers Are Out There
The show focuses on people I’ve met from around the world who are leading exciting non-profit and for-profit conservation initiatives geared towards making the world a better place for nature, wildlife and people. I find them unique in that they are exceptionally good at solving problems using innovative solutions they often find sitting in plain sight. And they all are incredibly good at making positive things happen that benefit the environment and therefore, all of us.
Through these stories, my hope is to leave you with a bit more optimism and inspiration than you might get from many other news sources these days. Who knows, you might even get inspired yourself to act on a great idea that you have been carrying around for a while?
You will find the introduction to the podcast, our first episode and the line up of future shows on our website: 
You can also find this show on whichever podcast platforms you prefer. New shows post every two weeks. 
First up is Briana Warner, an entrepreneur in costal Maine who helped transform a local industry by first helping traditional lobster fishermen to think outside the box of what kind of products they might harvest from the sea. She then backed up her idea with critical resources and a partnership that helped them transition to greater economic vitality.
You can help me keep the show going by Subscribing to the podcast. Also, when you Download episodes you’ll help boost this podcast’s visibility across all platforms.
Lastly, I would love your feedback on what you like about the podcast and how we can make it better. You can reach me at [email protected] or on the contact page on my website. And, I would really appreciate it if you would forward this note on to anyone you think might be interested in checking out this podcast. 
The Answers Are Out There podcast seeks to illuminate these entrepreneurs and the amazing work that they do. I hope their stories help generate some optimism about the future at a time when so much of our news is designed to do the opposite. I also hope that, like my book, this podcast might encourage some listeners to consider pursuing something new for themselves; something that is at once meaningful and important to them, and which could make a positive impact on the world.
Thank you for giving The Answers Are Out There a listen. I look forward to hearing what you think.
Warm regards,

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