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MEDA Storytelling and Happy Hour – 11/6 – 11AM MST – Online

Our first event will include storytelling from those who participated in the Tell Us Something professional development training. Register (don’t forget to save the link) and join us!

MEDA Virtual Fall Conference Summary AND an invite to Happy Hour Nov 6th

Our first event will include storytelling from those who participated in the Tell Us Something professional development training. Register (don’t forget to save the link) and join us!  

How Do You Spell Resilience? B-I-L-L-I-N-G-S – Big Sky Economic Development Annual Meeting Experience and Video Premiere of “Build Beyond…”!

We’ve asked you each year to “build remarkable.” Now we are, together, called to Build Beyond, and the community and economic development possibilities for us are real and endless when we embrace that calling. Let’s build beyond!

Montana State University Outreach and Engagement Council awards six seed grants

The council awarded grants of up to $5,000 to projects that are mutually beneficial for MSU and community partners and that complement MSU’s land-grant mission. The council has awarded approximately $147,000 since the program started.

Entire state of South Australia powered solely by solar in a world first

“Never before has a jurisdiction the size of South Australia been completely run by solar power, with consumers’ rooftop solar systems contributing 77 per cent.”

CAN DO Podcast, Maureen Lonergan, Global Director of Training and Certification and Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Maureen Lonergan, Global Director of Training and Certification and Amazon Web Services, (AWS) has a lot to share about workforce training and education.  Well worth a listen.

The Bakken Boom in Montana and North Dakota Goes Bust With No Money to Clean up the Mess

The Bakken oil field appears moving toward terminal decline, with the the citizens of Montana and North Dakota forced to cover the bill to clean up the mess caused by its ill-fated boom. 

Montana election officials wrangle early ballot returns — and false rumors

Perhaps the most aggravating challenge of this election cycle, several election officials said, is the voter misinformation that staffers are forced to intercept and correct.

Big Butter, Big Tech Partner to Build Wi-Fi Access Map

Land O’Lakes and Microsoft joined forces over the summer to address, among other issues, the rural broadband gap. The two organizations, along with other partners, just released a Wi-Fi access point map.

On the Horizon: New Unique Business Clusters Will Get Funded; Billions of Dollars of New Investment

Do a candid research and tech assessment of your region. Do you have unique capacity in one or more of these areas?

Wealthy investors seem to be exploiting land-conservation tax breaks, and the Senate is taking notice

Conservation easements grant tax write-offs for the worth a bit of land loses to stay undeveloped when it would in any other case change into flats or a big-box retailer, prioritizing what has been described as “cows over condos.”

San Francisco Chronicle Editorial Board : Voter suppression already at work in 2020

The challenges to American democracy are just beginning.

‘Covid in Rural America Is a Horror Story,’ Says Head of Health Association

“It’s past time for us to worry about being alarmist,” said Morgan, CEO of the National Rural Health Association. “We’ve got to ring the bells that this is a crisis now going into flu season.”

5 Key Elements Of A Business-To-Business Dating Site

Just like personal relationships, if you are contemplating a business partnership, the first consideration should be the characteristics of the key people involved. In addition, your company engines have to synchronize, which requires changes beyond the honeymoon period. Here are five of the key elements of both:

COVID, courts and cold: Montana’s Indian Country faces challenges to get out the vote

Political organizations see time running out to corral every possible unreached or undecided voter. The search presents unique obstacles in Montana’s Indian Country.

Montana Secretary of State Corey Stapleton Charging Some Businesses Multiple Times for Filings

Some were charged twice, others several times, making it difficult to say how many businesses were affected.

‘My voice will still be heard’ – The 2020 Election

With less than two weeks from Election Day, the Missoulian asked voters what is driving them to the polls this year and not what they fear but what inspires them in 2020. You’ve heard from the candidates. Now hear from the voters.

Daycares in Finland Built a ‘Forest Floor’, And It Changed Children’s Immune Systems

Playing through the greenery and litter of a mini forest’s undergrowth for just one month may be enough to change a child’s immune system, according to a small new experiment. 

Wyoming Business Council Broadband Enhancement

Residents of rural Wyoming areas are limited by access, with an average download speed of just 17 Mbps.

Idaho Broadband Task Force

In May of 2019, Governor Brad Little created the Idaho Broadband Task Force by Executive Order, in order to improve connectivity and broadband infrastructure across Idaho. 

This is why we need to ditch the 8-hour workday for good

Working like this, it’s not unrealistic to get more done in two hours than most people do in a day.

Great Falls Economic Development Top 10 for 10-25-20

Here is our Top 10 for this week celebrating work and successes to grow and strengthen the Great Falls regional economy — Montana’s Golden Triangle. And, sharing business resources and skill-building opportunities to empower your success.

Reduction in Amtrak service worries some Havre, Montana residents

Amtrak announced in August that it would cut jobs and reduce service in rural communities on the Empire Builder line beginning in October, which includes 12 stations along the Montana Hi-Line.

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