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Gallatin County Commission advances high-speed internet project

The commission this week unanimously approved moving on to a public hearing for Bozeman Fiber’s proposal of an expansive fiber optic internet cable project. Money for the project would come from $65 million worth of bonds that the county would issue on the company’s behalf.

Rural Utah Is Training for Work from Home – Is your Montana community telling its story so people will be able to consider moving there with their remote job?

“Business recruitment is a great strategy for an urban center. But for rural, it’s broken,” said Paul Hill, Utah State University Extension associate professor. “It’s been broken for a while and a lot of traditional economic development directors, they’ve been stuck.”

Elon Musk Says Starlink Internet is Officially Leaving Beta in October

It’s a little delayed. But as they say, “space is hard” …and navigating regulations more so.

Why Every Entrepreneur Needs a Board of Advisors

A business only improves when the leader improves.

Rural Perspectives: Enhancing Education and Training Support for Rural Residents

Knowing that employment opportunities and the workforce industry will continue to shift to fields that require more technical skills, there is a need to support individuals in accessing postsecondary education and training to obtain relevant degrees and credentials.

You’re not a leader if you’re not doing this one important thing

A managing director of creative agency Eleven reflects on her career and says, “Understanding that you don’t know everything, and you can learn from someone else, opens your eyes to so many growth opportunities and ways to advance, not only professionally, but personally.”

Montana Career Opportunity – Bookkeeper – Cascadia Management Group

Cascadia Is Growing! If you find yourself to be an organized number fanatic who would thrive with the freedom of a flexible schedule, we want to hear from you!

Great Falls Economic Development Top 10 for 9-19-21

Here is our Top 18 for this week celebrating work and successes to grow and strengthen the Great Falls regional economy — Montana’s Golden Triangle. And, sharing business resources and skill-building opportunities to empower your success.

Governor Gianforte Touts Montana’s Business-Friendly Climate on Kalispell Visit

Governor promotes fewer regulations and encourages competitive business environment at Sept. 14 chamber of commerce luncheon

The Best Hiking Apps to Keep from Getting Lost

Download one of these trail-mapping apps to make sure you can always find your way in the great outdoors, even when you’re offline.

Billings homebuilder launches project to help businesses around the world

“We’re trying to go into some of the most impoverished areas of the world, and develop entrepreneurs who are trying to start businesses but they don’t have access to capital,” said Greg McCall, McCall Homes co-owner. “They have great ideas, but they just happen to live in a country that is so impoverished that they don’t have the same opportunities that we have here.”

Michelin’s airless passenger car tires get their first public outing

The advantages are pretty clear: firstly, you can never be brought to a stop by a puncture or blowout – Michelin says about 200 million tires every year hit scrapyards early thanks to these.

Landmark study presents evidence Alzheimer’s disease begins in the liver

An impressive new study is presenting robust evidence showing the toxic proteins thought to be the cause of Alzheimer’s disease may be produced in the liver and travel through the blood before landing in the brain causing neuron damage.

World-first resurfacing project mixes graphene into freshly laid UK road

Made up of a single sheet of carbon atoms arranged in a honeycomb pattern, graphene offers incredible strength and flexibility, and by incorporating it into materials like asphalt scientists hope to develop road surfaces that last far longer, and therefore cost less to maintain.

Cars Increasingly Ready for Autonomous Driving

The share of newly registered passenger cars worldwide produced without provisions for assisted driving systems has become smaller and smaller in recent years.

This collaboration aims to make dream homes for the 99%

These cheaper custom homes combine prefab, virtual reality, and the touch of an architect.

Montana Learning Center awarded $360,000 NASA grant

MLC says NASA funding has supported their efforts for years, helping provide a variety of programs that not only encourage engagement with STEM professionals but also help students develop their collaboration and communications skills and build other skills necessary for success in today’s education and work environments.

A new law in Maine requires large companies to pay for recycling packaging waste

This month, Maine passed a law that makes companies pay for the packaging waste they create, and nearly a dozen states are now on track to follow suit.

Request for Proposals 56Strong Program Facilitator Nine Month contract

The contractor will serve as the lead facilitator and coordinator for
planning and implementing this new state-wide program. The ideal candidate would be
considered warm, welcoming, and a connector.

Export trainings available from ExportMontana at the Montana Department of Commerce

As the world of international trade continues to be somewhat uncertain, perhaps you’re thinking now would be a good time to learn more about exporting, research new markets, tweak the website, etc. Below are some trainings, both live and on-demand, that can help with your needs.

A Climate Conversation featuring former U.S. Vice President Al Gore and former U.S. Senator and Ambassador Max Baucus. – 10/28 – 7PM – Online

The Baucus Institute brings global thought leaders in the areas of economic development, foreign policy and politics to Montana for public discussions about issues of critical importance to the future of our country. Thanks to the generous support of donors, Speakers Series events are free and open to the public.

Code Girls United Free Online program is open for 4th to 8th grade Montana girls (starts first week of October, Monday class and a Wednesday class)

Code Girls United’s mission is to expand the future career opportunities of 4th – 8th grade girls in Montana through hands-on experiences in coding, technology, and business. By building skills and self-confidence, we are teaching young girls to become the leaders of tomorrow.

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