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What 631 Cities Tell Us About the Future

A record number of cities submitted proposals to Bloomberg Philanthropies’ Mayors Challenge this year. Their ideas show where urban innovation is headed.

Self-healing concrete eats CO2 to fill its own cracks in 24 hours

The idea with self-healing concrete is to intervene in this process while the cracks are still tiny, sealing up the material to prevent not just a catastrophic collapse, but expensive maintenance or a complete replacement of the structure.

China’s All-Electric Fleet Is Entering Europe. And the timing is ideal.

Time will tell whether China’s all-electric entry into the European market will justify a further expansion, into the rapidly-unfolding all-electric infrastructure of the U.S.

Are You a Female Business Leader? Please share these opportunities! – Prospera Business Network

How Women Rise: An Intimate Look at the 12 Habits That Hold Women Back in Business and Life

USDA Launches Grant Program to Help Expand Regional Economies and Create High-Wage Jobs in Distressed Rural Communities

Rural Innovation Stronger Economy (RISE) is intended to help rural communities identify and maximize local assets and connect to networks and industry clusters within their region. The new grant encourages a regional, innovation-driven approach to economic development.

Montana Department of Transportation June 2021 Newsline

Did you know? 221 active construction projects are planned across Montana this summer.

11 Fantastic Things To Do In Vibrant Kalispell, Montana

On the north bank of Flathead Lake, nestled between two national forests and located in the shadow of Glacier National Park, Kalispell is a gorgeous city in the Flathead Valley.

Of the people, by the people and for the people: Montana’s 1972 Constitutional Convention

Ten, twelve? How many lawsuits challenging laws passed during the 2021 legislative session will emerge? The Republican majority’s behavior during the session exemplified extreme partisanship, disregard for citizen input and little appreciation of Montana’s Constitution.

Upcoming Business Trainings – June and July – Great Falls Development Authority

Whether you’re just getting started, looking for new customers, wanting to grow sales through e-commerce, or focusing on workforce.
We’re here to help.

University of Montana Research: Rocky Mountain Forests Now Burning More Than Any Point in Past 2,000 Years

Following 2020’s extreme fire season, high-elevation forests in the central Rocky Mountains now are burning more than at any point in the past 2,000 years, according to a new University of Montana study recently published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Jeep® Brand and onX Offroad to Empower More Off-Road Adventures Together

Through a collaboration with onX, all Jeep owners with 2021 model-year Jeep vehicles will receive six months of Elite access to the onX Offroad App.

Think tank policy and the 67th Montana Legislature

Republican legislators this session tackled voting rights, transgender restrictions, emergency powers and free speech — issues that groups like the American Legislative Exchange Council, the Heritage Foundation and Americans for Prosperity have pushed nationwide with model policies. Many are now law in Montana and dozens of other states.

Northwestern Energy recognized for women on boards

With three women directors — Britt Ide, Linda Sullivan and Mahvash Yazdi —representing 37% of its corporate board seats, NorthWestern Energy has made a business decision aligning with independent research that demonstrates when three or more women serve on a board, profitability, productivity, and workplace engagement increase.

Not-so-remote areas with internet ‘black holes’ renew fight for broadband

Inadequate service in not-so-rural areas fuels a push for nonprofit solutions.

AT&T CEO seems confident industry can kill Biden’s municipal broadband plan

AT&T thinks 10Mbps uploads are enough

Eventgroove – How to Monetize Your Livestream Performances

Lucky for all of us, these guys are sharing their secrets to driving not only higher engagement from virtual concert attendees, but how to monetize them beyond what they even thought possible! Check out what they did and how you can apply the same strategy to your livestream music performances.

Missoula Ranks (Too) High on the List of Places People are Moving

How high on the list is Missoula, you ask? Well, of the 101 cities on the list…..there’s 99 below us. Yep, that makes us #2. The only city that had more people move their way was Sarasota, FL.

Montana had more deaths than births in 2020 for 1st time

Montana’s mortality rate increased by 14% in 2020

MapLab: The High Cost of Wide Streets – The End of Carcatecture.

“As we embark on building back better from the Covid-19 pandemic, the time has come to return urban streets to people.”

Sprawl is Not the Problem

“Let’s focus our energy on the people building the weak towns full of sprawl.”

Building Housing for Glacier Park Employees While Building Opportunities for Students

“Students leave the program with a tool belt in hand, an apprentice certificate that’s offered to them by the state and an opportunity if they want to become a carpenter or any apprentice,”

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