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Can this simple application recharge an electric car while it’s in motion?

What you see in the picture is a generator that generates power that charges the batteries.
You don’t have to stop to charge the batteries at the charging stations or at night.

Montana Legislature Mid-Session Recap

Right-to-work legislation fails. “Culture war” bills are still alive. And the big budget fights loom as the Legislature marks its midpoint.

Montana Set to Raise Starting Pay for Public School Teachers

“The goal of the TEACH Act is to incentivize local schools to pay beginning teachers more so we can keep new educators in the state,” said the bill’s sponsor Rep. Llew Jones, a Republican from Conrad.

The Office of Management and Budget is considering changing the definition of metropolitan counties including Cascade (Great Falls) and Missoula (Missoula),

he Office of Management and Budget is considering changing the definition of metropolitan counties by reclassifying about 140 small metropolitan areas as nonmetropolitan.

Sustainable Missoula: Inspiring people and efforts that can scale

In this week’s column, we bring you a series of short features on multi-solvers who are taking an idea and working to scale it up.

Senate Passes Tester Bill to Restore Full Amtrak Service, Employees to Hi-Line

Senator Tester is only member of Montana’s congressional delegation to vote for the bill

Idaho Governor Little Sees way to get People Into Affordable Homes: Move to Small Towns

“As we work on our quest for more broadband and better roads, that means that growth can be dispersed out into areas that have lost a major employer, or existing employers have modernized and are using less help.”

UM Professor Justin Angle’s Podcast Illuminates Burning Questions – ‘Fireline’

Angle, who hosts his own podcast “A New Angle,” turned his innate curiosity into a new podcast on wildfires called “Fireline,” a six-part audio series from Montana Public Radio and the UM College of Business.

Big Sky Passenger Rail Authority Meeting Agenda -3/10 – 11:30AM Online

Members of the public are encouraged to join and listen in.

Ed Harris To Direct Robert Duvall, Garrett Hedlund In ‘The Ploughmen’ by Missoula author Kim Zupan in Montana

Pic is slated to begin filming in early May on location in the Missouri Breaks area of Montana, and in New Mexico.

Free Webinar – Preparing Students with Autism to Enter the Workforce Dr. Temple Grandin Professor, Author, and Autism Advocate – 3/9 – 5PM MST – Online

Temple Grandin, diagnosed with autism as a child, shares her perspective on what students with autism need to be doing while they are young to prepare themselves to enter the workforce after completing their education.

Bozeman Airport announces summer direct flights to San Diego, San Francisco

With these additions, Alaska will serve five destinations from BZN, three in California. These new destinations continue the expansion of Alaska service to BZN all along the west coast,” said airport director Brian Sprenger in a news release announcing the new flights.

How to use storytelling strategies to get your emails answered

Having a hard time cutting through the noise and standing out in someone’s inbox? Try this.

To Create More Affordable Housing, Make Zoning Hyperlocal

What if residents on a single block could make their own decision to allow denser housing? 

To Tackle Homelessness, Santa Fe Found a Better Plan

Santa Fe is one of more than 80 communities that have taken up the Built For Zero pledge, a commitment to reduce homelessness to a standard called “functional zero.”

Q&A: How to Attract Young People to a Rural Region

Concern about attracting young people will sound familiar to most rural residents, but especially to “public-lands communities.” These are populated areas – towns and small cities – that lie near large swaths of publicly owned land like national parks, Bureau of Land Management holdings, and national and state forests.

Multiple Montana dude ranches already at full occupancy for 2021 season

“My husband and I were talking and there’s probably never been a time where our business has been needed so much for people,” McDonald said. “You can just hear it in their voices when they call. They are just excited to talk about getting out, doing something in the mountains.”

Missoula Valley Internet Co-op Community Call – March 14th –

We welcome anyone to join and ask any questions they may have about our operations, service, and our plans but particularly encourage residents of the Grant Creek area to attend this call and discuss how we can best serve the area’s residents interested in a community based provider or who are otherwise cut off from adaquate broadband.

Dorsey Webinar L&E Briefing: Tips for Employment Separations in a Remote Work Environment 3/31 – Online

While saying goodbye to departing employees is always hard, in the era of Covid-19, it’s gotten harder.

Senator Tester Secures $20 Billion for Vaccine Distribution in COVID Relief Package, Millions for Montana Workers and Small Businesses

Investments will significantly ramp up production, procurement and distribution of vaccines, allow for Montana’s economy to reopen faster

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