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Property Taxes in Missoula County May 2024 – Josh Slotnick Missoula County Commissioner

Impact of Tax Rate on Residential Property

The state Legislature sets the tax rate for each class of property.

DOR is required by law to notify the Legislature what the new tax
rate would need to be keep property taxes for residential properties
flat. In 2022, lawmakers declined to reduce the rate from 1.35% to

All Farm Equipment Including Tractors And Combines Will Be Electric

Anything which can electrify, will electrify.

Electric vehicles are changing how America goes camping

Trailer companies are working to make their products easier to tow while EV makers are trying to make the whole experience better, from camping to charging.

Montana State University – Mountains and Minds Magazine Spring 2024

This past year, more students than ever before walked into MSU’s classrooms. Nearly 17,000 students enrolled last fall from across the state, country and world and from all walks of life. And of all the places they could have gone, they chose Montana State. Why?

Register for the GFDA Annual Meeting

During the annual meeting, you can expect:
Networking opportunities to connect with professionals from diverse backgrounds and industries.
Presentation highlighting our achievements and milestones over the past year.
Recognition of this year’s Ally Award winners.

Hellgate Venture Network, Accelerate MT, Scaling MT and Big Sky Capital Present…State of Venture Capital in Montana – 5/29 – Missoula

Come for networking and an interesting presentation… and there will be beer.

2024 Annual Big Sky Passenger Rail Authority Conference – 6/6-7 – in beautiful Missoula

We are thrilled to share the agenda for our upcoming annual conference in Missoula, Montana, immediately following the FRA Long-Distance Service Study (Northwest Region) meeting in Missoula on June 6th. Our welcome reception begins RIGHT after the FRA meeting, and we hope you can join us for some or all of our conference. The theme is Revitalizing Communities and Building Sustainable Economies.

Missoula Food Bank & Community Center Invites Summer Volunteers

Missoula Food Bank & Community Center is ramping up summer programming! As we prepare to serve over 60,000 free kids’ meals this summer, we have some big volunteer needs. Whether it’s helping to prep and pack all the meals in the kitchen at MFB&CC, or serving lunches to kiddos at one of our meal sites, we’ve got a job for anyone who is looking to support a hunger free summer through volunteerism!

Head transplants performed by robots planned within the decade

In what sounds more like the opening scene from a B-grade sci-fi/horror flick, head transplant operations performed entirely by robotic surgeons could be coming to a hospital near you within a decade, if startup BrainBridge is to be believed.

Montana Career Opportunity – Staff Hardware Engineer – Advanced Electronic Designs, Inc. (AED)

Who We Are Advanced Electronic Designs, Inc. (AED) is an engineering product design and development firm located in Bozeman, Montana. Founded in 1994, AED thrives on solving intricate design challenges and developing innovative solutions for…

Montana’s Camp Paxson becomes the classroom at Larch Outdoor Education Program

The program is designed for students in fifth, sixth and seventh grades but can be adapted for other ages. Earlier this week, students in those grades from Potomac School, Paxson Elementary and Missoula International School filled the rustic camp, which the Civilian Conservation Corps built in 1939 and ’40 on the west side of where the Clearwater River flows into Seeley Lake. 

Bozeman allocates tax money to workforce housing project

Boundary Development is proposing a three-phase project on the site, including two four-story apartment buildings in phases one and two that would be entirely income-restricted rental units.

Video: Meet the High School Students Running a Recycling Business

Imagine a shop class that makes money and buys its own tools. At Cañon City High School, students learn about technology and business all at once.

Montana’s stubborn childcare conundrum

Childcare shortages are keeping tens of thousands of Montanans out of the workforce. Families, providers, policymakers and higher education are searching for a solution.

County Commissioners propose taxing tourists to help Montana residents with property taxes

Tourists get to enjoy all the amenities of Missoula without having to pay local taxes for them, and Missoula County Commissioner Josh Slotnick told lawmakers Wednesday he thinks they should pay their fair share.

Everyone’s Pumped About Heat Pumps

This week on Gadget Lab, we talk about the surging popularity of heat pumps, the ultra-energy-efficient heating and cooling appliances we’ve called “climate superheroes.”

County Commissioners provide Montana legislators with potential fixes to property tax system

During a Local Government Interim Committee meeting, Missoula County’s Josh Slotnick and Cascade County’s Joe Briggs told the lawmakers a study group has come up with three ideas that could lessen the burden on residential homeowners, who saw skyrocketing tax rates this year due to higher appraisals and the legislature failing to adjust the tax rate.

Don’t Panic, Wireless EV Charging Can Calm The EV Charging Station Chaos

“Wireless charging can reduce battery size and cost, extend driving range, reduce pressure on the electric grid, and enable the electrification of autonomous vehicles,” Stevens also noted.

Net-zero education: the ‘Duolingo’ of green skills

Could an AI-powered app empower the next generation of workers?

Transition: A time for intentionality – Adam Jespersen – New Executive Director, Montana Nonprofit Association

This week officially marks two weeks of me being the Executive Director of MNA.

Missoula, Montana’s Garden City Fungi – It’s much more than mushrooms.

Garden City Fungi is not merely a farm; it’s a living laboratory of mycological possibilities. We embrace the role of educators, assisting both customers and the scientific community in mycelium cultivation. Our consultations and collaborations fuel the advancement of mycology, enriching the realm of scientific discovery.

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