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Sarah Vowell Says My Beloved College Town (Bozeman, Montana) Has a Problem: It’s too Popular

Senator Jon Tester called this potential revision “the death knell of Montana,” and just introduced a bill to prohibit the O.M.B. from raising the metropolitan yardstick past 50,000 people.

City leaders recap another year in Missoula’s 10-year plan to end homelessness

Looking around Missoula, you can see this harsh reality play out as urban campers flock to the Poverello Center, live in tents off highway 93, or spend their days on the lawn of the courthouse.

Starlink receives nearly $73 million for more than 29,000 sites in Montana.

SpaceX won bids to provide internet across Montana, including swaths of Lincoln, Flathead and Glacier counties and small pockets along the Hi-Line at Cut Bank, Shelby and Havre. SpaceX also will serve an area east of Bigfork.

Montana Foreign Direct Investment Map

Myriad opportunities exist for FDI into Montana as part of vertical integration of supply chain or partnerships with international firms.

Master Carpenter Merrill Bradshaw Provides Escritoire Desk for Five Valleys Land Trust Auction

Take home this handcrafted, one-of-a-kind piece this weekend by bidding in our Raise the Roof online auction. Visit to register, bid and win!

Accelerate Montana’s Rural Innovation Initiative – UM Students: Check out this International Innovation and Entrepreneurship Course!

This program will teach you what is like to work with an international remote team working to crack economic inequity in rural communities using innovative, cutting-edge, lean startup tools to launch and grow sustainable businesses.

Missoula and Gallatin County, Montana Have Some of the Most Expensive Homes in America

Assuming a 20% down payment, it would take a minimum annual income of $79,181 to afford a typical home in Missoula County, in keeping with the 28% rule. For context, across the U.S. as a whole, an annual income of about $52,523 is enough to afford a typical home, assuming the same 20% down payment and 28% affordability ratio.

The Case for Letting People Work From Home Forever

Do you want happier, productive, more engaged, and more fulfilled employees and coworkers? Well, you should campaign to let them work remotely. Here’s why.

Cities Aren’t Making Climate Investments Where They Matter Most

Buildings, transport, energy and waste have the most potential to reduce emissions, according to a CDP report

Montana Just Passed a Bill Limiting Access to Sex Education

Montana’s Republican Governor, Greg Gianforte, has just signed into law two bills targeting LGBTQ youth in schools. Senate Bill 99 will require K-12 schools to notify parents of any curriculum pertaining to human sexuality and allow parents to opt their children out of said courses.

Inside Berlin’s Free Cargo-Bikeshare Program

Another huge asset to the program, Michael said, is that it’s completely free to use.

NorthWestern Energy to upgrade all the state’s electric meters over next three years

It could take three years to upgrade the state’s 590,000 electric meters.

Montana Adopts New Broadband and Business Tax Bills – What About Offering Starlink to Rural Locations?

Democrats voted against the tax proposals, saying they benefit wealthy Montanans instead of those who need financial help the most.

Bacteria converts toxic copper ions into usable forms – Hello Butte

A team of researchers at the University of Houston have discovered bacteria that naturally converts toxic copper ions into metallic copper

Scientists find new way to revive dead lithium-ion batteries

The process uses electrolysis to rejuvenate the electrodes and has been found to produce electrodes that are almost as energy efficient as brand new batteries

Missoula entrepreneur double dips in new startups, overcomes industry hurdles

“Missoula has allowed myself and my team to have a great work-life balance where we can be passionate about growing a business and making sure we are home to have dinner and take our kids fishing, bike riding, hiking, skiing,”

City Club Missoula Forum – Missoula Food Bank, community gardens saw big spike in demand during pandemic

Brock said in 2019, the number of new customers who shopped at the food bank store totaled 8,723. That number spiked to 21,626 in 2020.

Joe Biden’s Broadband Push Could Be Worth Billions To Wireless And Cable Companies

All the major carriers stand to benefit if the Biden buildout goes forward.

The Crime of the Century on HBO

The Crime of the Century is a searing indictment of Big Pharma and the political operatives and government regulations that enable over-production, reckless distribution, and mass abuse of synthetic opiates.

Guns on campus policy drafted, public comment session scheduled Wednesday

Faculty, student leaders urge Regents to challenge law

3 Ways to Build Stronger Small-Business Communities in a Post-Covid World

The economic recovery could present a new opportunity for Main Street businesses and startups nationwide–with some strategic planning.

Yellowstone County among tops in Montana for growth

Gallatin County has grown 30% since 2010 while Yellowstone County grew 10% — and is one of eight counties in the estimated 10% to 16% range in the last decade.

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