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Missoula, Montana’s Sherri Davidoff’s New Book – ‘Data Breaches: Crisis and Opportunity’

Data Breaches is indispensable for everyone involved in breach avoidance or response: executives, managers, IT staff, consultants, investigators, students, and more. Read it before a breach happens!

TechLink conducting transition analysis of Defense Department’s SBIR program

“With the results tabulated into a final report next year, policymakers will have reliable information for weighing the program’s support of national security and the defense innovation base,” said Michael Wallner, TechLink’s lead economic research specialist.

Micro-Internships Provide University of Montana Students Big Resume Building Opportunities

UM is now offering an innovative micro-internship program for students looking to get real-world job experience.

Join Dell’s Women Entrepreneur Network

Welcoming all levels of entrepreneurs, from start-ups to scale-ups. Joining will give access to women from all around the world and latest Intel­ ® technology to grow your business.

Out-of-staters buying more homes in Billings, sometimes sight unseen, sometimes with cash

The survey found that most of these prospective home buyers were eyeing Montana because they had family here or were originally from the state.

Discover Kalispell sees strong rebooking for canceled group business

Thanks to hard work, Medler said cancellations have rescheduled by 80% for this coming fall and 2021, helping offset the loss of revenue in the short term.

Has Occupational Licensing Outlived Its Usefulness?

A recent study shows that consumers do not value occupational licensing of their contractors or the higher prices they charge.

City-dwellers may relocate to less dense and more affordable locales as work from home policies become the norm.

Surveys suggest that tech workers want to leave the Bay Area altogether.

About ready to roll: American high-speed rail

Total non-stop L.A.-S.F. and S.F.-L.A. trip time must not exceed 2 hours, 40 minutes, meaning an average speed of 195 mph must be maintained.

Hunger Program’s Slow Start Leaves Millions of Children Waiting

One problem: Outdated state computers.

Missoula city, county eye agreement with NorthWestern on renewables

Missoula’s city and county governments aim to work with NorthWestern Energy towards 100% renewable energy.

Only More than Half of Montana Households Have Responded to the 2020 Census – Has Yours?

The state still lags behind the national average for responding to the once-in-a-decade count.

How Illinois Quickly Set Up Remote Work for 27K Employees

With basic telework software and a relationship with a company — Citrix — already in place, the state was able to expand remote work capacity for 10,000 employees in a week, and 27,000 to date.

7 simple ways to stand out in a crowded applicant field

Competition for jobs is stiff. Here’s how you can make yourself an A-list candidate.

Greater Capitalism – How the Pandemic is Permanently Reshaping Our Economic System for the Better

In a matter of weeks, Covid-19 spurred seismic shifts in how we work, learn and transact, and it helped usher in a new era that is smarter and fairer.

Productive remote workers do these 5 simple things every day

Working remotely could potentially provide even more effectiveness as they continue to work from home but have fewer restrictions and less uncertainty in their overall lives in coming months.

Popularity of Opportunity Zone Program Grows During the Pandemic

Over the past month, opportunity zone investors have been some of the most active players in the real estate market, closing deals and starting new projects as most traditional sources of capital stay on the sidelines.

Record-breaking fast internet could supercharge future binge-watching and more

In just one second, the system could download 1,000 high-def movies, which also happens to be about equivalent to grabbing every episode from the Doctor Who canon in HD.

Pulling Through the Pandemic: Advice for Entrepreneurs

For Karl Ulrich, vice dean of entrepreneurship and innovation at Wharton, the existential threat to small businesses struggling through the coronavirus pandemic isn’t just an academic exercise.

Why Remote Work Is So Hard—and How It Can Be Fixed

The challenges aren’t just technological. They’re managerial.

Back to school? 1 in 5 teachers are unlikely to return to reopened classrooms this fall, poll says

A separate poll of parents with at least one child in grades K-12 finds that 6in 10 say they would be likely to pursue at-home learning options instead of sending back their children this fall.

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