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Montana Economic Developers Association 2024 Spring Conference – 4/23-25 – Red Lodge

We are excited to the host the MEDA Spring Conference in Red Lodge, Montana from April 23rd – 25th.

April 22 is Earth Day

Join us to honor and celebrate our remarkable planet on this extraordinary day. Earth Day is a reminder of the importance of environmental conservation and sustainability, encouraging us to come together and take action for a healthier planet and brighter future.

‘Artificial Intelligence — A Primer for State and Local Governments’

A new book by Alan Shark offers an excellent guide and an AI road map for state and local governments. He answers basic questions that public-sector leaders are asking in 2024.   

The robot treats land with controlled burning to limit the spread of future fires

The robotic system, called RX, treats only the land that’s directly beneath it, safely burning the debris in an enclosed chamber and cooling the land as it moves to create a kind of fire break. To eliminate the chance of fire escaping, RX also uses air suction to contain any flames and embers. The technology runs on clean fuel and therefore produces much less smoke than similar methods, which release pollutants from burning petrol.

Volunteer campground hosts need at Northwest Montana state parks

Campground hosts sought for Northwest Montana state parks

Global Heating Will Cost The World Economy $38 Trillion — A Year!

There is an apocryphal story of two members of Congress who have just finished listening to a scientist explain something to their committee. When the presentation was over, one turned to the other and asked, “Did you understand any of that?” The other one said, “Nope, not a word of it.” So the information the scientist wanted to share with them never got acted on because no one understood it. To quote the Captain in the movie Cool Hand Luke, “What we have here is a failure to communicate.”

Montana is bullish on AI

In my most recent Montana 2050 Report, I found that Montana stands to benefit more from AI than other states because our low-productivity sectors, which make up most of our largest industry sectors by employment, are the most ripe for AI productivity gains.

GFDA Top Ten for 4-21-24

We had the honor of gathering together to celebrate the remarkable achievements of 31 female entrepreneurs at the annual Fire Within Awards. This event shines a spotlight on the extraordinary women who embody the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation. Since its inception 14 years ago, the Fire Within Award program has celebrated the remarkable achievements of over 100 outstanding women business owners. To each and every nominee and recipient, your passion, drive, and innovation are shaping the future of your communities and beyond. See TheElectric and KRTV.

45% of China’s urban land is rapidly sinking due to manmade development

It’s a grave warning for a nation that has rapidly urbanized like nowhere else on the planet.

CBS Sunday Morning Video – It’s About Ice. – Photographer James Balog on documenting climate change: “Adventure with a purpose”

Photographer James Balog has become one of the foremost chroniclers of human-caused climate change, as his cameras have tracked the dramatic effects – vanishing ice, rising seas, fires, and the toll climate change is taking on all living things. He tells correspondent Ben Tracy that his photos are his testimony, a record of our past and present, and a message for the future.

Movement at the top in 2024 World University Rankings & 22 Countries That Offer Free College

The rankings are designed to help prospective students find the leading schools in their field of interest, but there’s an absolute feast of relevant data for all sorts of insights into the world educational system and where we send the brightest minds of the next generation.

UM data says tourism in Montana was down in 2023

The study’s estimates shows that 12.5 million people came to the treasure state in 2022 and 2023. Last year those tourists spent around $5.4 billion dollars which is lower than in 2022, when $5.8 billion dollars was spent.

Northwestern Energy is going electric Our investments will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and will reduce fuel consumption.

We’re adding electric vehicles to our fleet and installing charging stations across our service territory.

The Obsolete Zoning Laws that Leave Downtowns Stagnant – What’s Seattle Doing?

Seattle’s mayor wants to revive the city center by opening much of it to businesses that have long been forbidden. It’s a move toward more lenient zoning that has been gathering steam in other places.

Chronic wasting disease: Death of 2 hunters in US raises fear of ‘zombie deer’

The recent report of two hunters who developed neurological diseases after eating infected deer meat has scientists concerned that ‘zombie deer disease’ could pass to humans as mad cow disease did.

Commerce Department Awards $100,000 in Grant Funding to Three Montana Main Street Communities

“Montana’s Main Streets are at the heart of our state’s values, our neighborhoods and the economy. That’s why Commerce, through the Montana Main Street Program, will continue to help foster community development efforts, revitalization projects and historic preservation for our Main Streets,” said Paul Green, Director of the Montana Department of Commerce.

Colstrip, Montana – LA Times – Red state coal towns still power the West Coast. We can’t just let them die

Even though we’re in rural southeastern Montana, more than 800 miles from the Pacific Ocean, West Coast cities are largely to blame for the destruction of this landscape.

Montana Nonprofit Association’s CATALYST has been reimagined for 2024

MNA’s Catalyst program offers a unique opportunity to reflect on your own leadership style and skill sets, set goals for the future, and build deeper relationships with other non-profit leaders across the state and sector. 

TED Talks – Want to be more creative? Go for a walk (like Steve Jobs used to do.)

When trying to come up with a new idea, we all have times when we get stuck. But according to research by behavioral and learning scientist Marily Oppezzo, getting up and going for a walk might be all it takes to get your creative juices flowing. In this fun, fast talk, she explains how walking could help you get the most out of your next brainstorm.

How to be an active citizen and spark change

What does it mean to be an active citizen? It’s about more than just voting and paying taxes, says social entrepreneur Gabriel Marmentini. He explains why we can’t rely on the state alone to solve all our problems — and presents the four key ingredients for anyone to become a change-maker and engage in solving public issues.

Cleanup and Planning Tour by the Reserve St. Bridge for Earth Day 2024 – 4/23 – Missoula

Please come out to help pickup trash and fuel your ideas for the area during this 6th Annual Earth Day Cleanup by the Reserve St. Bridge!

Livingston named Montana’s Film Community of the Year

Livingston is Montana’s 2024 Film Community of the Year, according to the Montana Office of Tourism, which selected the railroad town as the winning city from communities across Montana.

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