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The Founder of Panera Bread Has a Great Recipe for Winning Over Investors

Panera Bread co-founder Ron Shaich coached Johnny Pork Roll founder John Yarusi on clearing one of entrepreneurship’s greatest hurdles: proof of concept.

CATL Creates Fast Charging Electric Car Skateboard With 1000 (620 Miles) Km Range

All a customer would need to do is mount a body on top of the skateboard to have a finished product that could be sold to retail customers.

College of Veterinary Medicine Feasibility Study Findings & Lunch Invitation

Montana doesn’t have a vet school, nor does Idaho, Utah, North Dakota, South Dakota, or Nebraska. Veterinary care for pets and stock animals is critical to our economy and way of life.

US Coal Electricity Dropped in 2022, Down to 20% of US Electricity

The decline in coal emissions last year is part of a longer-term trend. Overall, coal emissions have fallen 57% from their peak of 2,180 MMmt in 2005.

Electric Vehicles & Hybrids = 18% of US New Vehicle Market

Sales of hybrids, plug-in hybrids, and BEVs have accounted for 16.0% of all new light-duty vehicle sales in the United States so far this year, compared with 12.5% in 2022 and 9.0% in 2021,” the EIA writes.

Designed By NASA For Mars Rovers, These Airless Bike Tires Will Never Go Flat

Through NASA Startup Studio, which partners entrepreneurs directly with NASA technologies that are ready for commercialization, the SMART Tire Co. was able to pick up the ball and run with it, so to speak, and the company’s first product is a bicycle tire, which was recently the focus of a crowdfunding campaign.

C2MBeta Evening of Networking, Entrepreneurship and  Business Pitches from our Fall Cohort. 12/4 – Missoula

  Our 2023 Fall Cohort ranges from data security to Bulk materials delivery to short-term office-rentals to sustainability and more!  Join us to hear each of their pitches, and to find out if you can…

Montana West Economic Development December Business Bulletin

MWED Annual Meeting Next Week Join Montana West Economic Development for our annual membership meeting on Thursday, December 7 at 4 p.m. at Basecamp Coworking (643 Denver St.) in Whitefish.  The meeting portion will begin…

An Opportunity for Schools to Expand Personalized and Work-Based Learning

Transformational Learning Grants are available to Montana school districts to support and implement a proficiency-based education system. Montana law defines this as “an education system in which student progress is based on a student’s demonstration of competence rather than on the basis of seat time or the age or grade level of the student.”

Montana State business college to showcase first-year entrepreneurial endeavors at 8th annual venture pitch competition – 12/11

The competition is the culminating event in the college’s first-year Business and Entrepreneurship Seminar, in which students hone their creativity, innovation and critical thinking skills by brainstorming an idea for an original product, developing a prototype and writing and presenting a feasibility plan for their idea.

Hellgate Venture Network – January Meet-Up – 1/18 – Goodworks Ventures Missoula

This will be a special HVN event.

Hellgate Venture Network Holiday Party – 12/19 – Missoula – Goodworks Ventures

Come join the Holiday Fun. Catch up with acquaintances and meet new ones. Networking opportunities abound.

Senator Jon Tester Secures Nearly $30 Million for Montana’s Airports

This funding comes from Tester’s bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) and is awarded through the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) Airport Improvement Grants. Tester negotiated the IIJA with a group of five Republicans, four Democrats, and President Biden, and was the only member of Montana’s congressional delegation to support the legislation.

Electrify Everything in Your Home

We’ve been telling you why to do it. Now we’ve put together the best advice on how to do it. Electrify Everything in Your Home is a guide to replacing all of your fossil-fueled appliances with modern electric ones.

Deepmind AI tool catapults materials science 800 years into the future – 2.2 million new inorganic crystals

The GNoME tool has discovered no less than 2.2 million new inorganic crystals, and identified 380,000 of them as the most stable, giving researchers a pre-filtered list of new materials to go away and synthesize for experimental research. Some 736 of them have already been created independently in research labs around the world.

Detroit becomes first city to install wireless-charging roadway in the US

The basic idea behind the technology is, rather than drivers of electric vehicles having to factor in stops to top up batteries, inductive coils embedded under roads could wirelessly send power over a short air gap to receivers mounted under EVs and juice up the cells when vehicles are parked up or moving along.

(This is incredible – Video) – Behold The Hyundai Uni Wheel. Transportation May Never Be The Same

The Hyundai Uni Wheel is fiendishly clever. It is also fiendishly difficult to describe accurately. What it does is move the drive reduction gear and flexible driveshaft components known as constant velocity joints inside the wheel. So it’s not an in-wheel motor, as such, but functions very much like one without adding the weight of the motor to the wheel.

Arizona State, Idaho National Laboratory team to boost clean energy research

One joint project works to improve and decarbonize methods to extract critical minerals needed for renewable energy generation, energy storage and high-tech electronics. Another effort will develop solutions to electrify process heating, a major pathway to decarbonizing heavy manufacturing.

4 ways every company can win with early-career tech talent

Handshake estimates that more than 80% of students majoring in non-tech fields have at least some level of tech skills.

Consumer Reports pummels EV reliability, says hybrids have significantly fewer problems

That’s the bottom line from Consumer Reports’ eagerly anticipated annual reliability survey, which sounds like an ‘80s tribute act: the top tier, brands credited with excellent or very good reliability, is dominated by Japanese automakers, with a smattering of Europeans and a South Korean.

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