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“AI won’t take your job. It’s somebody using AI that will take your job.”

“41% of leaders (extremely familiar with AI) expect to redesign business processes from the ground up with AI.”

Prospera Pulse – $18,000 available to help Montana’s women business owners.

Prospera is pleased to announce $18,000 will go directly to helping Montana’s women business owners. Grant funding can be used for anything that will enhance economic independence for women, job creation, or take their business to the next level of success.

Pacific Northwest Defense Coalition sets up shop in Bozeman

A nonprofit working to assist innovators attempting to acquire coveted Department of Defense contracts has set up shop in partnership with MSU’s Montana Manufacturing Extension Center.

10 Company Incubator and Accelerator Programs You Need to Know About

These established companies are boosting newcomers with resources, mentorship, and more. Here’s a list of just some of the available programs.

How to Build Tech Hubs in the American Heartland

Regions in the US interior are well-positioned to revive their manufacturing industries with new technology.

How to Apply for OpenAI’s $1 Million Investment Startup Program

The deadline to apply to Converge, OpenAI’s second annual investment and mentorship program, is January 26, 2024.

Montana State students win $10,000 in entrepreneurial contest

“Tonight featured new, innovative ideas that made sense,” Jabs told the crowd. “I like that you’re addressing current issues.” 

Here’s a novel way for contractors to pitch ideas to the Defense Department

And let’s talk about this year old effort on videos, and just to get a progress report, how many videos have been presented and what are you generally getting in from vendors and what types of products are they pitching in this manner?

Prospera Joins Montana Headwaters Consortium with Regional Tech Hub Designation

Prospera has been instrumental in building up the photonics business cluster since 2013 and is proud to be a founding member of the Montana Headwaters Consortium.

TED Talk – The secret to successfully pitching an idea

Have a great idea but sure how to sell it? Investor and teacher Mar Hershenson has you covered. Whether it’s sharing a new product with a client or vying for a promotion, these three steps will help you tell an irresistible story and get the “yes” you’re looking for.