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The state with the best education wins!

Montana Education Excellence

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Scholarships to promote volunteerism among Montana high school students

High school students who frequently volunteered throughout the last 12 months are eligible for Serve Montana’s Youth Serve Montana Scholarship.

How Steve Bullock would boost K-12 school spending and make community college free

He proposed giving tax credits to employers who help their employees pay off student debt.

Schools must cultivate skills that translate to work

Education must include practical opportunities to fail and take risks, and to gain real-world experience that develops the skills typically absent from syllabi.

“University of Montana Food Pantry Seeks Support for Crowdfunding Campaign”

The UM Food Pantry is raising funds through Thursday, Oct. 17, to participate in the national #RealCollege survey, which asks students to share their stories about basic needs insecurity.

Bozeman Business Boom: MSU the university that gives so much back to the community

“There are a lot of incentives financial incentives for Montanans to stay in Montana and attend Montana schools- Montana schools want to keep Montana students,” Covington said.

Montana State University researcher works to transform plant material into useful products

“We increasingly need alternative sources of raw materials for our fuels, plastics and other products.”

University of Montana: $730K consultation grant kicks in for rural Montana startups

A five-year, $730,000 grant will aid distressed rural and tribal communities and help them develop sustainable high-growth “entrepreneurial ecosystems,”

Payne Family Donates $5M for Montana Museum of Art and Culture

The proposed Montana Heritage Pavilion will allow the museum to transfer thousands of compelling works of art from campus storage to display.

Montana group takes aim at school privatization

The group says it opposes public school privatization, opposes public dollars being used to fund private for-profit schools, supports publicly funding public pre-kindergarten, supports recruiting and retaining educators and “adequate”  investments in public education.

Montana Receives 5-Year, $50 Million Federal Literacy Grant

The MCLSDP proposes to award approximately 30 subgrant awards ranging from the state’s largest districts to the most rural.


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