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Governor Bullock, Lt. Governor Cooney Release Plan for Reopening Safe and Healthy Schools for Montana

“Noting the uniqueness of every school district in Montana, our goal for this document is not to be prescriptive, but to provide effective, flexible guidelines to all schools in hopes that we can safely resume in-person instruction in the fall.”

Montana universities to reconsider mandatory face masks

Faced with a surge in coronavirus cases and public criticism, the head of Montana’s University System announced Thursday that officials will reconsider whether to require wearing face masks when some 40,000 college students return to campuses next month.

Whatever back to school looks like, it has to serve the kids without internet and tech

There’s a problem with online or hybrid learning. At least 15 million of America’s more than 50 million schoolchildren don’t have either internet access or the right tech for school

ESPN – How the Blackfeet Nation Boxing Club is fighting to save the lives of Native American women

Over time, the club became more of a refuge for young girls and women in the community. It became a place for girls like me to learn how to stand up for themselves, provide new outlets beyond the status quo and ultimately learn how to protect and defend themselves.

University of Montana Family Medicine Residency Program to Graduate 10 New Family Physicians

This year’s graduates will enter practice in Browning, Ronan, Kalispell and Missoula, as well as rural communities in Alaska and Idaho.”

University of Montana Information Technology Launches Program for Distance Learning

“It was easy to use, and many of my students used the virtual labs to complete their work in the two courses. Having a traditional computer lab available remotely through the power of virtualization was very impactful to me and my students.” Shawn Clouse

On-The-Farm Training: Gaining The Knowledge, And Confidence, To Enter Agriculture From The Ground Up

Not everyone who is interested in agriculture grows up on a farm, and without the skills and experience, finding your way into a family farm operation as a new producer is difficult.

What if Colleges Designed Gap Years? This Year, Especially, They Should

The program is aimed at students “who see the world coming apart and want to fix it,” Falik told me. “It’s a response to the moment.”

50-State Comparison: Teacher License Reciprocity – What Does Your State Allow?

Most states have policies in place to extend reciprocity for certain teachers, but few states provide full reciprocity for all fully licensed teachers from other states.

MSU launches new platform for off-campus housing options

The website allows individuals to filter properties based on their needs, such as number of rooms, rent and location, and to connect directly with landlords.