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As new tech threatens jobs, Silicon Valley promotes no-strings cash aid

The rise of artificial intelligence has stoked fears that such technological advances will wipe out millions of jobs. Silicon Valley entrepreneurs have thought about that too, and they’ve long pushed an idea to soften the blow: cash aid from the government, no strings attached.

$33 Million in Funding Available to Advance Smart Manufacturing Technologies to Help Accelerate a Clean Energy Economy

Smart manufacturing is the use of advanced technologies and processes—including digitalization and artificial intelligence—to improve the technical performance, productivity, quality assurance, and security of the manufacturing sector.

Bozeman, Montana-based technology company Snowflake, Inc. at the center of a massive data breach

Class-action lawsuit filed in federal court in Montana could have nationwide implications; Senate launches inquiry

Full Swing PR – Public Relations and digital marketing for women, LGBTQ+, and BIPOC leaders

Turning up the voices of those historically left out of the conversation

You’re Invited! Dorsey Labor and Employment 2024 Symposium – 8/15 – Online

Sessions are designed to help employers identify issues and implement practical solutions and will focus on practical advice for employers in these uncertain and rapidly-changing times.

Why leaders should never want to stop learning

“Hoarding what you know is a great way to shut off the flow of learning in your life, so try to do the opposite every day,”

U.S. Department of Energy Vision for the Beneficial Integration of Electric Vehicles into the Electricity Grid

The document serves as guidepost, offering direction for stakeholders as they develop products, identify opportunities for standardization, and design new policies, rates, and services, among other activities.

Small Towns Are Paying Remote Workers to Move In – Career Opportunities in Montana

Small Towns Are Paying Remote Workers to Move In

Wyoming considers limiting local authority over housing, zoning and development

As Legislature’s Regulatory Reduction Task Force eyes stripping some town and county control, two mayors call for more tools, not fewer.

How can I scale up as a startup CEO?

The transition is tough — but not impossible