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Getting The Most from the Nation’s Investment in Rural Broadband

Joe Biden’s administration has the chance to revisit a call for the creation of a Rural Development Network. It would be a virtual toolbox helping rural communities “utilize the Internet to create economic opportunity.”

5 Predictions for America’s Small Businesses in the Biden Era

Karen Mills, the SBA administrator under President Barack Obama, says the tea leaves suggest small business will be key to Biden’s economic agenda.

Anti-Corporate Ag Conversation Moves to a Friendlier Venue: Yale University

Organizers of an online conference on agricultural monopolies hope that getting the conversation outside land-grant universities will improve the conversation.

Allegiant Air aims for pandemic vacationers with flights to 3 new cities, including Jackson Hole and Portland

Allegiant Air is expanding to three new cities as part of a 21-route expansion aimed at pandemic vacationers.

Webinar: FY 2021 Strategic Economic and Community Development (SECD) Funding Opportunity Tuesday, February 9, 2021  /  2-3 pm MST

We encourage you to join if your work supports regional community development or promotes rural economic diversity.

University of Wyoming researchers find way to convert coal to graphite using microwaves

The process uses relatively simple materials: a conventional microwave oven, copper foil and glass containers.

8 Keys To Preparing Early For Your Next New Venture

I believe the following eight steps, paraphrased from hers, are especially applicable to every startup and the entrepreneurs who create them.

Appalling: Why Is Wyoming Trying To Put My Family’s Small Broadband Company Out Of Business?

Small broadband Internet providers are being victimized by Wyoming’s fiscally wanton practices, which are unfair and need to stop to prevent irreparable harm.

President Biden’s Vision for the Power Sector

President Joe Biden brings a marked shift in U.S. energy policy priorities, with clean energy being central to his plan. The Biden Plans to “Build a Modern, Sustainable Infrastructure and an Equitable Clean Energy Future” and “Clean Energy Revolution and Environmental Justice” will launch a national effort aimed at creating millions of jobs, building modern and sustainable infrastructure, and delivering a clean energy future.

Price Transparency Rule requires hospitals to publicly post prices

This month is ushering in a new federal rule for hospitals across the nation. The new Price Transparency Rule requires hospitals to publicly post prices for every service they offer and break down those prices by component and procedure.