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Ken Fichtler of Gaize – The fastest, safest and most affordable roadside DUI detection device

In today’s episode, I talk with Ken Fichtler, the founder of Gaize. We discuss how the company is trying to solve the DUI testing for cannabis.

More Options, Less Access: Chuck Johnson On How Montana’s Journalism Landscape Has Changed

Veteran journalist Chuck Johnson joins Sally and Gwen to talk about the good and bad changes and challenges in Montana journalism over his over 40-year career — including decreased access and increased distrust.

Adventure-Based Glamping Comes to Montana’s Flathead Valley

Off-the-grid mobile trailers offer a unique traveling experience as ROAM Beyond and Homegrown Trailers come to the Flathead Valley

Libby, Missoula, CSKT awarded grants for cleanup projects

The sites include a former elementary school in Libby, abandoned sawmills on the Flathead Reservation and multiple industrial sites in Missoula, all of which are slated for redevelopment.

Air pollution from US meat production causes 16,000 deaths annually

“We spend a lot of time thinking about how the food we consume impacts our health, but the food we eat impacts other people’s as well,” said Nina Domingo, lead author of the new study.

Montana Housing Partnership Conference to tackle availability, affordability – 5/18-19

More than 400 people from across the state are registered to take part in the conference, which is aimed toward housing authorities, developers and other professionals. The goal is to bring the various organizations together to talk about options.

Google will bring Starlink satellite connectivity to enterprises in late 2021

SpaceX has unveiled its second major cloud infrastructure deal to bring satellite-powered internet and cloud services to Earth’s farthest reaches. The Elon Musk-led company is partnering with Google Cloud, a deal that will see SpaceX’s Starlink satellites connected to ground stations located at Google datacenter sites.

Gianforte signs bills funding $500M in Montana infrastructure projects

The package of nine bills Gianforte signed into law all passed with broad bipartisan support, a departure from recent sessions marked by bitter fights over funding priorities for infrastructure.

To Kickstart a Downtown Comeback, Cities Bet on Tourism

“We’re kind of emerging after the fire has blown over the woods and forest,” he says. “Everyone is re-emerging and rebuilding. How do you plan for this, you know?”

Experts predicting wave of resignations as people return to workplaces

That’s for two reasons.