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Billionaires spending a fortune to lure scientists away from universities

The wrinkle is that for decades, many drug discoveries have not just originated at colleges and universities, but also produced profits that helped fill their endowment coffers. The University of Pennsylvania, for one, has said it earned hundreds of millions of dollars for research into mRNA vaccines used against Covid-19. Under this model, any such windfall would remain private.

How to Build Tech Hubs in the American Heartland

Regions in the US interior are well-positioned to revive their manufacturing industries with new technology.

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Blocky – Startup with Montana State University ties wins $1 million to commercialize software

Following up on a first round of SBIR funding the company received in 2018, the new grant will allow Blocky to refine its software and expand the range of its applications and services, which focus on increasing throughput and decreasing costs of blockchain transactions, according to Heinecke, Blocky’s CEO.

University of Montana vaccine research expands, The UM Center for Translational Medicinesoon to conduct clinical trials

“Finding the right students and staff who are interested in working on vaccines has been great,” Evans said. “UM provides us with great students and a great environment.”

Why tech transfer brings companies ‘more than innovation’

Technology transfer is more common than you might think, in part because the government has thousands of available technologies (patents) covering markets where thousands of companies do business.

Term Sheet Recommendations for Launching University Life Science Startups

Here is a set of best practices, meant to benefit universities and VCs more broadly.

States with new university-industry partnerships & research capacity activities work to strengthen economies and talent pipelines

Research universities and their partnerships with industry, including an institution’s research capacity, are important elements to building a state’s economy

Higher education institutions need to double down on their market-led research and innovation efforts and their engagement with the commercial world or they risk irrelevance.

Limited budgets and small tightly-focused teams often generate innovative, winning approaches in research and small spin-out companies

Building Bridges for a Faster Path to Technology Transfer

There are still many promising new technologies in government and university laboratories with no clear path to commercialization.