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NIST Unveils Plans to Modernize Tech Transfer From National Labs

“The steps outlined in this new report are strong proposals to pave the way for the competition-driven technological advances that are the cornerstone of American success.”

The Administration’s Draft ROI Report: A Promising Roadmap for Accelerating Tech Transfer

The Administration is serious about addressing a wide range of long neglected issues undermining effective technology commercialization.

Brookings report hits national labs on tech transfer

Brookings says a broad range of administrative, policy and cultural problems are blocking commercialization.

University of Wyoming Partners with Innovation Center of the Rockies to Bring Faculty Inventions to Market

The Innovation Center of the Rockies (IRC), one of the nation’s premier entrepreneurial support organizations, has entered into an agreement with the University of Wyoming to help boost commercialization of intellectual property (IP) resulting from faculty research.

Mayo Clinic Joins the Arizona Furnace Technology Transfer Accelerator

Arizona State University and Mayo Clinic announced today that Mayo will become a technology transfer participant to join Arizona Furnace, the startup accelerator that supports entrepreneurial teams using designated research discoveries and intellectual property as the basis for new companies.

University of Colorado tries new plan to keep research money flowing

"We’re actually doing something, and the potential is enormous. It’s a way to differentiate ourselves from other universities nationally."

Purdue foundation’s website helps entrepreneurs commercialize Purdue’s innovations

The Purdue Research Foundation has launched a website called "Innovation and Entrepreneurship" that offers a how-to approach to help entrepreneurs, investors, collaborators and others find information about commercializing Purdue innovations.

Bayh-Dole Technology Transfer Act – Universities Love It, But It Needs To Change

"The Bayh-Dole Act has had such far-reaching influence in both academia and American society, but it certainly is not a law that should be set in stone."

Crossing the chasm: How UW-Madison can be more open for business

"In 1992, starting a UW spinoff was like pulling teeth," Mackie said, but the culture has changed enough over time that most faculty – especially younger members – recognize how technology transfer meshes with the mission of a modern research university.

The Office of Entrepreneurship and Technology Transfer

They plan to create "venture incubator" positions to support new business ventures, as well as roles that will oversee the creation of the office’s long-term programs.